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"Fingers finishing the job" - by Rockisimo
It is quite interesting that such as small and insignificant gag prop is able to provoke chuckles from friends and strangers!
My punchline is - " Sometimes I am so tire using my hands so i let my fingers finish the job".
Any way, great overall product but please notice this set only comes with the Right Hand sides - all of the mini hands are right sided. It would it be better to have the left counterpart.
Oh well..
"Fun family game for game night" - by 🌼 Daba 🌼 (Saint Cloud, FL, US)
Handimonium is a fun game in which you challenge your family to simple tasks that become very difficult when they have to perform them wearing a pair of tiny hands!

We try to have game night at least once a week! We are always on the lookout for new games that our family can play together. This game works very well because we have such a diverse group of ages, range from ages 4 to 60.

This game is brilliant to allow our children to join in on the fun! They love watching the adults get frustrated with simple tasks!

There's two different ways they recommend to play the game.

Version 1:
Teams compete to see which team can finish five tasks first.

Version 2:
Play one team member against another.

Version 3:
Play charades to give clues on which task to use.

(1) two sets of tiny hands
(2) 56 challenge cards.

All the items that are needed for ... full review
"Great Price for Trendy Clips" - by K. Coons (MARIETTA, GA, United States)
Love these neutral paci clips! I’ve seen similar clips from Instagram stores for $15-$20 a piece. I just don’t prefer to spend that much for something that is going to be chewed on, spit up on, and only be used for a limited time, so I am so glad to have found these!
"Great idea. Perfect for finger eaters." - by Devin
Our daughter constantly chewed on her hands before we got this so her hands were always chapped. This was a great solution. Her hands naturally go to her mouth anyway so she had no problem getting to her mouth. The cellophane noise keeps it more interesting for her as well. She gets excited when we pull it out to let her chew on it.

Comes with a cool little bag to machine wash it in so it doesn’t get too nasty.

One note: if you just hand it to your child as a toy be sure the Velcro strap is fastened. Our daughter chewed on the hook side of the Velcro and it made her gums bleed a little.
"Takes a lickin'" - by Foxfen
My kids absolutely love them. I'm not a huge fan of puppets (they creep me out- all puppets, not just these) but my kids have been wanting puppets to play with since they saw some puppet show at this Halloween event. I try not to let my own dislikes interfere with my kids' tastes, so I started looking for the least creepy puppets I could find. These were it- they're pretty harmless and about as uncreepy as puppets get.
The kids loved them from the moment we opened the box. Soft, about as cute as a puppet can be, and well-made. They have a slot in the head for their three middle fingers and the pinky and thumb go into the arms- no mouths to move, thankfully, so you know, they're nodding puppets. The kids have been carrying them everywhere for weeks- and putting on impromptu puppet shows, all that jazz. ... full review
"Awesome!!!" - by Nell
I have to admit, I was very reluctant to order this. Now, however, I must say I am so very glad I did. We we're pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make & how great our "hands" turned out. It was a little tricky for two adults (one with very large hands) but the end result is wonderful & the detail is simply amazing. Don't hesitate to order this. You will also be happy you did :).