Baby Shower Gift Card

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"The Perfect Gift!" - by Sandra
These printable cards are the best last-minute gifts! It takes a second to choose, pay for, download, then print this card. There are many designs to choose from. You can even choose a design in which you can add your own photo! And, best of all, I have never had trouble with the application! With this card, the receiver can choose the best gift. This is a wonderful gift!
"Scam: lost $75" - by Review wiz 101
I bought this egift card as a gift. I received an email saying that it was redeemed by the intended person, but upon further inspection, they had never obtained the money. I tried it two more times with different email address. Once again no luck. I would not recommend this at all I lost $75 asked for a refund and couldn't get one. I was given a $10 promotional credit, but that never appeared in my email.
"Always a crowd pleaser, but can you do $18 and $36 for bar and bat mitzvahs?" - by Ben Rothfeld (New York City)
We love giving Amazon gift cards to friends and family for their birthdays.

Small request: can you do them in multiples of $18 for bar and bat mitzvahs? Even just $18, $36 and $180 would be enough.

In Judaism, the letters in the Hebrew word for "life" have a numeric value of 18 (Hebrew letters are associated with a number, kind of like Roman numerals). So it's traditional to give gifts of $18 or $36 (a "double life," so to speak) to commemorate rites of passage.
"If you Love Amazon Deliveries & seeing that box arrive at your door" - by JMK
This review is for the Amazon Gift Card (any amount) in the Mini Amazon Shipping Box:

Do you get excited when your Amazon Shipment arrives at your door? The sight of the brown Amazon box & the excitement of getting a new delivery? If so, then you are going to LOVE the little gift box that this gift card comes in. I've ordered many of the Amazon tins, & some with the greeting cards, & this is one of my favorites! It is Super Adorable, & a great way to give a gift card for any Amazon Fan!

The little brown box is about 4.5" x 3" x 1" tall. The inside comes with a removable brown flap that holds the gift card perfectly.

Open the flap & it reveals the gift card inside. The top flaps seem like they are magnetic because when you go to reclose they snap back into ... full review
"Super Cute!" - by Jeffrey Marvin
Perfect way to handle an Amazon gift card for the new baby.
Kathy Ann, Jeff's Mom
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Save $10 on a $50 gift card? Yes, please,
"Great!!!!" - by Amazon Customer
The cards were of good quality and each card had a gift card. I actually needed the gift cards without the cards but the recipients were totally excited with amazon gift cards.
"So excited about these!" - by RainDrop
Best Pizza! Best gift!! Super easy to use. Convenient. Food is DELICIOUS!