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"What an entrance!" - by Jennifer McMahon
Easy to assemble, quality product. It’s the perfect size to make a statement! It made for a grand entrance at our school’s first dance. LOTS of compliments! I’m now looking for any reason to use it again. Lost a tooth? Definitely worthy of a balloon arch! I’d highly recommend purchasing the electric blower sold separately when blowing up this many balloons.
"Extreme Time Saver" - by Adams
Wow talk about a time saver. I just so happen to just find this, looking for birthday decor items.
I blew up over 200 balloons for my kids 1st + 4th double birthday party. Let's just say I'm one of those over overachiever moms lol.
I did everything myself including the arch - I also got balloon rings off here (yueton Pack of 50 Balloon Rings)
"Balloon Table Decoration" - by Lucia
These balloon kits are awesome. Easy to put together. Used them for events in my HOA. Perfect table decoration and looks great!
"Perfect for beginners" - by Trape
Perfect set, the dvd wasn’t working in my system but the videos are on youtube also, and they’re very easy to follow. The balloons are high quality and perfect for beginners.
"I loved everything that came in this package" - by sami lin
I loved everything that came in this package! Everything was so easy to use and put together. My family was impressed by the columns of balloons. I think the hardest part was inflating all the balloons, which was a bit easier with the help of the manual inflator that came in the box. I would highly recommend these products, and you can't beat the price. I'd buy again.
"Great Product!!" - by Julie
This product worked great and given the worldwide helium shortage -- it is helping to save our environment too!
"Very pretty!" - by Maribel
The kit is beautiful! I would recommend adding weight to the base so they stand the entire time of your event. Great customer service.
"A little tricky, but pretty when finished" - by Debra V (Virginia Beach, VA United States)
This balloon arch kit was a little tricky to assemble, but because I read the other reviews I went straight to duct taping to add support to the arch connectors. It looks very professional and we set it up for my daughter's birthday and will re-use it for her graduation with different colored balloons.
"Came out great!!" - by BluMethal (Connecticut )
Purchased this because I am in the process of becoming event decorator. The assembly was behind easy to put together. Used for the first time last weekend for the first lady of the church birthday party. I was very nervous but it came out great. I use 12 inch balloons since I was asked to do this two days before the event, and didn't but have a chance to but 5in in the colors they needed. I also forgot to count how many balloons in total I used. I pumped each balloon 17 times with a hand pump. I do agreed that 5 inch balloons would work best and probably be easier to handle. One thing I did find with using 12in balloons was that because the balloons were relatively bigger in size there were some gaps where the pole showed. I would suggest going with the 5 ... full review