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"Love it, Love it. Love it." - by S. J. Eggenberger
If you like Red Beans and Rice you will love this. At least we do and so easy! 90 seconds in the microwave and ready to serve. A little pricey but oh well. However it the price goes up anymore I probably won't order again. Until recently I was able to buy it for $1 a package at a local store. Only serves 2 adults.

"Excellent flavor - mixes with grilled chicken perfectly. Compatible with a rice cooker" - by Dogs & Horses (TEXAS, United States)
I have been buying single bags of the various Vigo flavored rices as they come on sale at our local grocery store - trying each variety to see what we like. This Black Bean & Cuban Rice is really good. It is a tad high in sodium, so keep that in mind. The spices are very good overall, though if you're looking for pepper heat, you won't find it here. The ratio of black beans to rice is just right.

I put the whole bag in our fuzzy logic rice cooker with a bit of olive oil and let the machine do its thing. In the last 7 minutes of the cycle, I added two cups of cooked, cubed grilled chicken and served with a simple green salad. A nice, very simple summer meal that took almost no effort. I'll buy this from Vigo again for sure.

"This rice is awesome!!" - by Plantifullah (Space)
This rice is awesome!!!! I started buying this because the Zataran's dirty rice flavor got really disgusting and super processed! It didn't taste fresh anymore so I decided to get this. This is gooooood. It remains fresh for a long time and it's simple. You can add herbs and spices to this rice & you can eat it with almost anything! I highly recommend this! I can't wait to taste the other flavors!

"Yum!" - by Telly03
Very easy to make and is delicious... add the recommended but optional sausage and butter in the mix, and then splash with some hot sauce before eating... I just made myself very hungry writing this.

"Love Mahatma Red Brans and Rice" - by Kelly
I am currently living overseas and could not find Mahatma Red Beans and Rice anywhere. These are my favorite beans and rice and I have bought this brand for years. I tend to eat healthy and think this is probably not the "clean eating" that I aspire to, but it is my weakness ;) If I can ever find a "clean eating" copycat recipe then I might give it a try. Until then I will keep eating this.

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"Great price!" - by Sariene (Salt Lake City, Utah)
This stuff is delicious. I'm so excited that I can get the family size packs for cheaper than the regular ones in the grocery store, and as part of my big Amazon subscribe order it's an extra 15% off! I highly recommend it

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"Delicious rice and bean" - by Tony L (Chicago, IL USA)
These are amazing. Delicious and the package makes enough to feed four. Will buy again.

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"Good Dish" - by BlackhawkFan (Tucson, AZ, United States)
Good prep item. Maybe more expensive than plain beans and rice, but the spices are great. Cooks quickly, so won't take a lot of fuel.

I add some polish sausage and crushed red pepper.

Will need to be stored in a waterproof container if long term.

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"StarKist Tuna Creations Bold, Thai Chili Style" - by C. A. Luster (Richmond, VA USA)
Excellent product, StarKist Tuna Creations Bold, Thai Chili Style came in a heavy shipping box and it had a shelf box that you use in pantry for easy access. Good price and shipping. I recommend this seller.

"Not bad and quick" - by Dr D Hollingsworth
These are not the red beans and rice that one expects. But with a little hat sauce and a low fat sausages, it works and is not bad. Price is borderline give their good mixed healthy rice dishes. But for 90-seconds prep time? Fantastic buy.

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"this one is my favorite, just the right blend of spices" - by Delebird (Colorado, USA)
Of all the ready meals I've tried, this one is my favorite, just the right blend of spices, though I think it could use more rice, but then again, I love rice, so everything could use more rice. Delicious!

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"The best boxed red beans and I've ever eaten" - by Christina McBee (Illinois)
The best boxed red beans and I've ever eaten. The item is not carried in the state I moved to.

"perfectly seasoned !!!" - by rjwintl
most delicious, perfect rice (not soggy) and perfect beans (not soggy or mushy) ... grill up some bratwurst, cut it up and mix with the red beans and rice for an excellent dinner ... cornbread optional !!!

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"Love this stuff!!!" - by Meana Robinson (Flint, MI USA)
Best Red Beans and Rice ever. Can't tell you how many boxes I have purchased. Best taste, spiciness. If you haven't tired it yet, it is a must!!!

In stock on April 15, 2020.
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"Five Stars" - by Dawn K
Love this brand as it freezes well and simple to make even for one person. Very tasty