Bending Tool

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"Very happy with product and service." - by sunnysally
Excellent price and speedy delivery. Quality product. Would order from One Step Tools again.
"Works great. You need to use a little care when ..." - by Nancy Kimbel
Works great. You need to use a little care when bending so there is no kinks. When you are pulling the handle to make the bend, also pull on the tubing to hold it tight in the shoe. A little practice and it will work great for you.
"Five Stars" - by Tomas O' Grady
perfect though pretty darn small...must mount to bench and bend wire
"Handy tubing bender" - by greg lambert (tn)
This is a handy tubing bender its built nice and sturdy but still light enough to maneuver around under a vehicle ..this is perfect for fabricating brake lines , a nice addition to the shop !
"Good quality but very big" - by Samuel.KJBB (Detroit, MI)
Good quality but very big. I won’t downgrade it due to my error of not reading the discription correctly. Returned it & will get a smaller one from the hall.
"Great" - by Jonathan (New York)
What can I say? It's Klein not to bad in price at 35$ but I know there pliers will probably last my entire life or close to it. Made in the USA so you can be proud about doing work here at home with them.
"Precision Quality" - by Charlie W. (Central Coast, CA)
Fast shipping by seller, packaging is heavy duty and packed in formed closed cell foam,
Item itself is of high quality, nice fit and finish. Should last a long time if you pay attention to its limitations.
"Good simple tool." - by Richard J.
Good simple tool, requires a bit of practice and muscle. Bent lines for an entire car. Great for under car use as it can fit in much smaller areas than mandrel type benders. Best way is to make many small bends instead of trying to make one big bend, results in tighter radius. It nicked up my CopNik lines a bit, but I was happy.
"Five Stars" - by Steve Berard
These are an awesome way to bend tubing, worked better than expected. Nice quality set