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"NICE!!!! GET THIS!!!" - by T.J. (MEMPHIS, TN, United States)
Finally a gaming monitor for my consoles and PC. I could of went 144hz but I was on a budget so I got this! Freesync in effect, controls feels fluid with the responses, did some minor color adjusting, other than that I am very happy!!!!!!
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"Good monitor but WLED" - by Melvis
- 400 nits really make it bright and visible.
- I liked the USB ports so i can connect my wireless mouse and keyboard to the monitor and not the laptop.
- 144 Hz is really hard to fin on this monitor price range.
- Up to date HDMI and display ports.

- The buttons sounds so loud.
- The menu for settings is too basic. They could add a more friendly graphical user interface.
- They could do better with the contrast ratio so it could reproduce better dark colors.

This is a nice monitor If you don't mind not getting the best of dark scenes and want to get good feautures at a decent price. Personally i have a Nintendo Switch which games are colorful and i like to play it with his monitor. Compared with my laptop 4k IPS display. Dark wallpapers looks better on laptop but colorful ones i prefer the monitor.
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"Perfect for Me" - by Sara (Yarmouth Port, MA, US)
Image quality in pictures doesn't do this monitor justice. Very crisp.
This is my replacement, the first one had a lone dead pixel but they replaced it easily.
"An absolute steal, curved display looks fantastic" - by Corey P
This is a gorgeous 144hz monitor which is $50+ cheaper than anything you'll find elsewhere. The curved display takes some getting used to at first but now the screen looks completely natural to me. The speakers on the monitor are decently loud and are actually louder than the speakers on my last monitor. 144hz is buttery smooth and you can notice the difference just by moving the cursor across the screen. One thing of note is that when I first hooked the monitor all up the refresh rate was still at 60hz and I had to manually go into advanced display settings in Windows and set it to 144hz, so if you get this monitor and don't notice a difference right away check that it's actually set to the highest it can be.
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"Great 2K HDR Monitor at a Great Price" - by LIF3SaBEACH
I bought this BenQ monitor as an upgrade over a 27" 1080p Asus IPS display. I use this primarily for gaming, both on PC and Xbox One, as well as streaming Netflix/Hulu and normal internet browsing. I've only been using this for 6 days at the time of writing this review, but I will point out some key points of my experience thus far.

1. The curve is amazing for gaming. Took a little getting used to, but the feeling of peripheral vision it creates in FPS games makes a huge difference.

2. There are no built-in speakers, but there is an aux port so you can easily use your own speakers or headphones.

3. This is NOT an IPS panel display. I believe it is a VA panel. The blacks are not as deep/accurate as IPS but they still hold their own against many other gaming monitors I've seen from other ... full review
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"27" 75Hz; I would buy it again and recommend it." - by Amazon Customer (Converse, TX)
I ordered the 27" 75Hz monitor for around $250 and it is working great. I would buy it again and recommend it to a friend.

- The monitor is very versatile; you can tilt and rotate, or move it up and down with ease - even in the middle of game-play
- Great gaming monitor for the price; comes with FreeSync and 75hz (fps) for around $250
- I have no issues with color; everything looks beautiful
- Cable management is a snap. The piece in the back snaps out so you can route cables through it, then you just pop it back in. I have my power cable, DisplayPort cable, mouse, and keyboard all routing through the monitor's base.
- Comes with a DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA cable

- If you are looking for color accuracy for an art station, consider elsewhere.
- You have to turn on FreeSync in the monitor settings (Go to Image ... full review
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"Unbeatable" - by Amazon Customer
+ 144Hz refresh rate
+ Very low input delay and pixel response time
+ AMD Freesync
+ Great stand and VESA mountable
- Only 1920x1080 resolution
- Only 24" diagonal
- Not IPS
- No super-slim bezels

I bought 2 of these monitors after reading this review: [...]
I recommend looking through the excellent details provided in that review.

This is the ideal 24" / 1080p monitor for me. I had been looking for gaming monitors for 4 months, and this one stacked up perfectly against my criteria.

Responsiveness. This one is among the best: 3.66ms input latency and 1ms pixel response time put it above all the other options I considered. In fact, it's so good it's not even worth valuing above something with double those numbers, since the difference will be unnoticeable. This monitor is fast, period.

High Refresh ... full review
"Great Entry into Curved Monitors" - by Sharkyhmh
I have never had a Curved monitor, but after trying out this monitor I can assure you I will never go back to standard flat monitors. It looks great, and has very slight wobble. The only thing I can complain about is the glare, but if you turn down the room lighting it isn't noticeable. The Monitor speakers are awful, don't use them. Overall, I am very happy with the product and the speed of the shipping!
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"Fantastic Value Gaming Monitor" - by Snow
This is a great monitor for the price, 144 hz and lovely picture I formerly had a [[ASIN:B00B2HH7G0 ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor]] but this monitor is at least of equal quality for a good deal less cash.

The only reason I give this monitor a 4/5 instead of 5/5 is that it came with minor damage, the top of the monitor bezel wasn't clipped completely closed with some pressure i clicked it closed but there is still a minor aesthetic bump there. This had to have happened at the factory or been an oversight b/c there was no visible damage to any of the packaging and the packing material was great.

I highly recommend this monitor for anyone planning on Gaming or buying a gift for a friend who enjoys pc gaming.
"Best gaming monitor for the price" - by Thrilliam
The Asus VG248QE is THE best gaming monitor for the price due to its affordability, features, and build quality.

This monitor is, in my opinion, the perfect size to meet the needs of someone who plays multiple genres of games. I play a MOBA, an MMORPG, and various other titles of different genres off and on and the monitor is the perfect size for all of the gaming that I do. The screen itself is incredibly sharp and offers great viewing from most angles. As is the case with TN panels, you really need to be sitting in front of the monitor for the best experience. If your situation differs, you need to consider paying up for an IPS panel - the cost is significantly higher but viewing angle problems will no longer be present. As a side note... to confirm my theory that this monitor is the perfect gaming monitor ... full review
"All of the sudden it became G-Sync compatible." - by Amazon Customer
I've been using this monitor since August. It's been great so far. Amazing picture quality in games, and great framerates with the 144hz. Also looks solid on videos and internet browsing. I could write a longer review about all that, but that isn't the point of this review.

A couple of days ago (Mid January 2019) I got a graphics card update for my Nvidia gtx 1080. After the update a notification popped up that my monitor was G-Sync compatible and that I could activate it in Nvidia control panel. Sure enough it was now G-Sync compatible and even indicated in game that G-Sync was activated when I had the indicator toggled on. So this monitor is advertised as Free sync/Adaptive sync, but apparently also is now magically G-Sync compatible as well. They should probably change their product title.
"don't get oversold on marketing hype. looking for a 1080p 24" monitor? you will be very happy with this one." - by Robert M.
q: whats not to like about this monitor?
a: nothing

its a great 24" monitor for gaming and any other normal computer usage . don't get oversold on marketing hype, forget g-sync vs freesync licensing hype and premiums. if you are looking for a 1080p 144hz 1ms 24" 'gaming' monitor you will be very happy with this one.

I've owned a BENQ XL2420TE for years. a couple years ago I bought the highly praised asus rog 27" 144hz 1ms monitor and was very disappointed with it, and sold it a few months later after sending it in for warranty replacement for a common issue.

I have been keeping my eye out on ebay for another 2420tee for about a year now and they demand prices that are the same as this new monitor. I fell into reading hype on forums and other websites of people discriminating stats and reviewing ... full review
"Good so far." - by Amazon Customer
So far so good. From playing games its smooth on PC. The quality is good for watching videos and so on. Not a bad choice at all.