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"Pay no attention to those One Star reviews! Easy fix to “their problem” with this game." - by H.L. McK (tampa fl)
5 Stars and here’s why...those of you complaining about some of the Questions and answers- simply pick out those cards and throw them away -still a lot of cards left -and you have a great family game! Simple. 5 minutes of reviewing each card prior to first play and toss the ones that offend you- we left a few poop and fart cards - because we are playing with KIDS and we want to laugh with them!
We have so much fun playing with the grandkids and the browns kids of all ages. So don’t let those one star reviews cause you to give up on this game. Fun -Family- Laughing A Lot -Game !
"The Reviews are all true - this game is AWESOME!" - by Ms. HRNB (East Coast, USA)
You know when you open a new card game and read the rules and it seems like it might be kind-of complicated? And that feeling of doubt creeps in where you're just sure there's no way THIS game could turn out to be as fun as all of those reviewers said it was? Were they mistaken? But you reluctantly decide to play a round and "see how it goes". This was us, and by the end of the first round... we were hooked. HOOKED!! Me, my husband, and our kids. We have played this game every night since we opened it up. And if one of us doesn't feel like playing, the other 3 will play a round but they're soon joined by the fourth. It's addicting, fast-paced, and fun. One of the best new games we've played in years, I'm so glad I gave it a try!!
"A must-have for your party game collection" - by Reviewer Insert Name Here
This is one of those games that I frankly couldn't understand what the big deal was the first time I was set to play it. I have played many party games over the course of many years and I'm generally not a fan of the "drawing" games, so I was prepared to just grin and bear it.

By the time I was done with my first game, I was crying from laughing so hard. This is a great "we're laughing with you" experience. Sure, winning is great, but honestly, everybody is a winner in this game because it's just so darn entertaining. This is a wonderful game for getting people to let their guard down a bit, and if you have kids that are focused on whether or not they are winning or losing, this is a game that will help them see you can just have ... full review
"Super fun game for the whole family." - by Eduardo Farias
We have a tradition of always getting a few new boards games over the holidays that we can enjoy with family. Double Ditto was by far the most played game by our family this holiday season. I think the age requirement is a bit high at 10 years old as I got it for my daughter who is 7 and she loves it and is able to read most of the cards herself. If a card is something we don't think everyone understands, we simply skip it. There are enough cards in the game to last us a long while. Thank you!
"Fun way to work on math skills!" - by Hillary73 (Idaho)
Got this for the grandkids. We all enjoy playing it. One of our new favorite games and tell me, how does the youngest keep winning? LOL Great for the younger grandkids in improving their math skills. Not bad for us older folks either!
"Fun for all ages" - by Kara Barth (Manchester, MD United States)
I purchased this game for my son's 14th birthday. His grandmother was fussing him about being on his phone during a game so I thought this game would be a perfect solution. We had a blast playing and my 73 year old mother was the winner!!! A fun, family game.
"DONT BUY THIS GAME!!" - by tashat
DONT BUY THIS!! It is a knock-off and it is HORRIBLE! I would give it negative reviews if I could!
"a great game for the whole family" - by Dani Girl
Hilarious! All the cards have a different question on it and all you have to do is fill out a strip of paper and give it to the reader. Once all the answers are collected the reader will read them all and the next person will have to guess whose it is. My family played this game once and let me tell you that you don't even have to have outrageous answers to get people laughing. This game is also like the game memory because we have to remember who guessed what once it's your turn. LOVE it!!
Our family LOVES this game! My kids range in age from 10 to 15 and they all like to play SPLASH. Last week, we had a family with younger children (4 and 6 yrs old) visit, and they were able to understand the game immediately and join in the fun. The kids love to "fake" like they have a match to try to get the others to grab the dolphins. The game does get a bit loud and crazy at times-I think that is part of the appeal! I would definitely recommend this game as a wonderful gift that the whole family can enjoy.
"Family game night" - by joe
Great time playing this game with the family. Played through hours and had a ton of laughs. I would recommend this for any family game nights. I would buy expansion packs.
"Nice adaptation of the PC favorite to the kitchen table!" - by Sean Collins
Great job translating the PC classic into an awesome tabletop game. I was really surprised by the pace of the game and how smoothly it moved along. Combat was a bit too simple for my tastes, but there was still plenty of strategy involved in gameplay. An earlier reviewer commented on the amount of pieces (there are A LOT), and while I solved the organization problems by sorting them into sandwich baggies, there were a lot of sandwich baggies. Hopefully this helps speed up setup, as I put the pieces for each player in it's own bag. In spite of the volume of pieces, during play they weren't encumbering in any way, which made everything a breeze. Really had a great time playing with my teenagers, and I hope you do too.
"Looks good!" - by St. P
First impression is very good! Build quality seems top notch - no defects, no screen wiggle like my old 3DS XL. The SNES decal looks great and the screen seems like a well-done TN panel. A lot of people will complain about TN rather than IPS but it does have advantages in brightness, response time and battery life.

Will update after some playtime.


After several days with the N3DS XL SNES I have a few additional thoughts to add.

Relative to a regular 3DS XL (should apply to all New 3DS units):
- the 3D face tracking is awesome. Much more effective 3D than the old units.
- the "C-stick" nub is a bit too stiff for my tastes but works fairly well and is definitely useful in games that support it.
- replacing the memory card isn't that difficult as long as you have a tiny screwdriver handy. Removing the cover is easy.
- I'm neutral ... full review
"Very fun party game" - by Candace (New York, NY)
At first, my family was apprehensive because it was a new game concept, but once we played a couple rounds it was a hit. We played it over the week of Christmas (multiple times). There are enough categories in the box (double-sided on the cards: a red side and a yellow side) that you can take out the ones you played with the previous go or flip them over. Some of the categories weren't specific enough for us, but we just made our own rules on those cards (keeping the 5-sec rule in place). You can always set your own rules as long as everyone agrees on them first 😅.
"LOVE ❤️This game!!!" - by Barbara Gillespie
I purchased this game for my family. But mostly for my 8 year old Granddaughter. I have been to 25 parks and I want to spark a love in her to travel and visit our parks. I even purchased the companion guide, we read about 1 park each time we play the game.