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"Scam: lost $75" - by Review wiz 101
I bought this egift card as a gift. I received an email saying that it was redeemed by the intended person, but upon further inspection, they had never obtained the money. I tried it two more times with different email address. Once again no luck. I would not recommend this at all I lost $75 asked for a refund and couldn't get one. I was given a $10 promotional credit, but that never appeared in my email.
"The Perfect Gift!" - by Sandra
These printable cards are the best last-minute gifts! It takes a second to choose, pay for, download, then print this card. There are many designs to choose from. You can even choose a design in which you can add your own photo! And, best of all, I have never had trouble with the application! With this card, the receiver can choose the best gift. This is a wonderful gift!
"she loved it!" - by Bella (Knoxville, TN, United States)
I bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday, she loved it!!
"Gift" - by janice lensch
It was a OutBack birthday gift card request for our friend s 75th birthday surprise. He greatly appreciated it !
"Wonderful gift for a friend of family member!!!" - by Mary T. Duffy (Reading,MA USA)
I love Panera Bread and I gave these gift cards to my adult kids. It usually costs about 10 bucks for each visit to Panera so these gift cards cover about three visits there. Great gift for anyone!!!
"Always arrives quickly and easy to use!" - by Amazon Customer
The giftcard always arrives within 5 minutes if not sooner and is easily scanned at Whole Foods on my phone when I pull it up. Iv never had any issues and have ordered this giftcard over 6 or 7 times, makes a great gift for students away from home.
"I would recommend it." - by Article
The e-gift card worked perfectly. I would recommend it.
"Easy, simple, and fast πŸ‘" - by Amazon Customer
Had a little over $25 that's just been sitting in my account for many, many lil brother's Netflix was cutoff for a week or two and so was his phone. I texted his baby momma to ask about the situation and she took too long to reply. So, since my bro only had Netflix and Xbox for TV entertainment, and my nephew (who I love like he's my child) really likes the kids Netflix but is a little too young for properly navigating the Xbox. Well, I had thought it would be nice/cool of me to update payment info and add the gift card to the account which would be up-to-date for the next couple months. The process of the purchase, delivery, and use of card was a breeze...took about 5 minutes. πŸ‘πŸ‘ I haven't heard from lil bro yet...we're not that close. In the end though, we all ... full review
"Quick gift option" - by Gabriela Zago (Vancouver, WA, United Statess)
I was a little bit skeptical because of the reviews, so I sent a gift card to myself to test it out. It worked exactly as described. I received the link for the gift card about 5 minutes after placing the order. I used the code right away in an online purchase.
A tip that may be helpful for other people - if you are going to use it online, you can't just copy and paste the code. You have to remove the spaces between the numbers. The first time I just copied and pasted and it said "invalid code". The second time I removed the spaces between the numbers and it worked.
"Chipotle gift card!" - by HelloMedSchool
The gift card comes as an emailed link that takes you to the gift card, which you can either print or present on your phone. It is very easy to use, and Chipotle is delicious. It's a win win!
"Quick delivery unlike their pizza" - by G L
Panicked when I saw may take up to 24 hours for delivery seeing as how it was so late at night and that was going to be my dinner. Got it in under 5 minutes (it was about 2 mins if I remember correctly). Quick delivery, gave me no problems. Now the actual delivery from Dominos 😊 That needs a 24 hour disclaimer.
"Five Stars" - by Wonderland (WICHITA FALLS, TX, US)
it's a gift card of course it's awesome.
"Donate building materials for animal rescue" - by mharper42
Handy way to donate to an animal sanctuary that was building and repairing their pens and fencing.
"Five Stars" - by Coco
Received my giftcard very quickly.