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"Wonderful or Terrible Card!" - by Amazon Customer (Pennsylvania, US)
The card itself is great, in theory, assuming it arrives with no manufacturing issues or shipping damage.
The first one I received was obviously low quality, and arrived with a noticeable inward protrusion, as if someone unsuccessfully tried to stab through it with a plastic stylus. When I asked for a replacement, the company very quickly shipped (1 business-day) a new one that arrived in perfect condition. The difference in quality between the two cards I received was rather staggering, but it's a great card if you pull a good draw! (or keep nagging them until you get what you want!)
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"Just right for all of the birthday parties" - by Spartan (NorCal)
i estimate this will save me about $60.00 vs buying cards individually at the drugstore. i wish i had thought of it years ago. perhaps i would be presently retired by now.
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"which is great for me" - by Mary (California)
36 birthday cards have officially lasted me...who wants to guess? FOUR YEARS!

Yes, these cards have moved with me to 4 different apartments. They have started, and graduated college with me. They have been handed out to 20+ sorority sisters, mailed to countless cousins and aunts and uncles, and I still have 1 or 2 left.

They're gender neutral, and blank, which is great for me, because I tend to write. A loooooot.

Can't wait to reorder a new set this time!
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"Great, Fast & I Love It!" - by Pablo Valero (Texas, USA & Nuevo León, Mexico.)
I love getting Amazon Gift Cards. If someone's birthday is coming up and you are unsure on what to give them, this is a great option. I received Amazon's email in less than 10 minutes from the time I ordered it. This is great for situations when you are in a hurry.

Be aware that the person who will receive the email is the one you insert in "To". Sometimes the email may appear in your "Junk Email" box so be careful when cleaning that bad boy up!
I've bought several E-mail Delivery Gift Cards and I can say that this is great and very efficient. The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the way it may be delivered at times in your "Junk" box. If you want to surprise someone with a Gift Card and this person cleans up their junk ... full review
In stock on June 6, 2020.
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"Great Buy!" - by Andrea
This was such a great buy! It really covers all situations very well, sympathy, birthday, congrats, weddings, etc! I love not spending $5 on a card, I just reach in to my trusty collection whenever I need it and am fully prepared. I highly recommend and look forward to ordering a new pack once this one is out.
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"Cards are nice, just wish they had more" - by Granny # 2
Cards are nice , just wish they had more cards that pertain to older folks that need the hospital stays or sympathy cards , if you ever get a bigger selection please let us know , we are the ones that send the most cards as we age and are friends need cards to cheer them up in one way or the other. younger generation only texts , we like to receive something through the mail lol !
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"Perfect! Came in a nice plain white envelope" - by Mom of 6, eBay seller
Perfect! Came in a nice plain white envelope. But watch out! I ordered this with another Christmas present on the same day, and when I saw the other present, I immediately wrapped it up and put it under the tree (not even seeing or thinking about the gift card) ! Not until a week later did I start wondering about the gift card and realize what I had done. Had to unwrap the gift, and there it was. OOPS!!
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"Beautiful. Gave it to an elderly friend and she ..." - by Jane K
Beautiful. Gave it to an elderly friend and she was blown away. She showed it to all of her friends as they visited her. Definitely would recommend it.
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"I am so happy with these cards" - by Abi Fasciano (NC)
I am so happy with these cards. I needed to buy a good amount of them to write thank you notes for Christmas presents as well as for a baby shower that is being thrown for me soon. There are several really cute designs in this set, and I am so happy to get 48 cards for such an affordable price. Ordering it through prime made it easier on me and more affordable to buy cards then it would to run out in the store And buy them. I would absolutely recommend these and would purchase again.
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"It's great to have a stash during those last minute "oh ..." - by Jennifer
Why didn't I think of pre-stocking birthday cards before?! It's great to have a stash during those last minute "oh shoot, it's his/her birthday" moments and these cards are so cute (they definitely have the hand-made feel to them and it's better than buying store bought generic cards IMO).
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"Great for office birthday cards..." - by MerryAnn (MD)
I purchased these for office birthday cards. They'll definitely serve that purpose.

The cardstock is heavy
The photographs on the covers are nice.

The inside of the cards look a little cheap to me.

If you're looking for general birthday cards for co-workers, etc. These will be useful.