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"Keeps me up to date on current programming..." - by Eugene L.
Since our local newspaper stopped providing a tv guide with the Sunday edition, I have relied on this magazine to keep posted about the shows that I'd like to watch. This was a renewal for me at an attractive price.
"Cord cutters rejoice - a big fat nail in the coffin for cable TV" - by One for All (Austin, TX United States)
Amost two years ago I "took the plunge" and joined the cord-cutting ranks with a Playstation Vue subscription. I have been happy overall with Vue, but the local channels have always been the question mark. The networks that are available do not work the same as the other Vue channels (for example, in my area ABC and NBC has content that is delayed by anywhere from a day to a week; it is impossible to predict what will be on when, and has been completely frustrating). I am a big Olympics fan, so this last winter when the 2018 games were on NBC, I invested in a cheapie TV tuner and recorder that accepted an external USB drive to serve as a DVR. I had a 10-year old drive, plugged it in, and it sort of worked some of the time. The interface was ... full review
"Pretty good, not like the past." - by Szyslak
The tv tray. You hang your head down and shake it. Images of the past come back to haunt you like spirits, bad holidays, family gatherings and the clothes of the era. When that person barely bumped into it and spilled your drink and it was hysteria to get it cleaned up fast as possible before the drink soaked up into the tray and also ruined the beautiful flower mural or you got stuck with the tray that leaned on its own. That is what I was thinking. Well these have quite a bit of table top room and that is nice. I can get a standard paper plate platter ( the fine china ones ) and still have room for a soda pop, utensils and a tv remote. They do have a bit of weight to them but nothing to panic about possibly a few lbs. The legs ... full review
"It was easy to set up and I found it very satisfactory ..." - by Allen D. Glenn (TX)
At first, it seemed to not being loud enough for me hard of hearing ears, but I found the way to raise the volume so it is more than adequate even for me.
It was easy to set up and I found it very satisfactory in its performance; its performance is superior to all other TV headphones that I've used.

Allen Glenn
"No need to screw these to the wall just use the adhesive double sided tape" - by Cornell Christian
These are simple just awesome and extremely ease to use for cable management
"REAL REVIEW" - by BonBon
Love this thing! It has a thick protective plastic sewed on the inside so cleaning up spills is super easy. Plus it came with a roll of plastic garbage bags that fit perfectly inside. Heavy duty car trash bag. Very good quality. I was honestly expecting something thin and flimsy. That is not what I got at all. Holds quite a bit of trash. I'm a mother of 2 and car junk adds up really fast. So glad I bought this, it had come in handy.

I paid FULL price for this item. Didn't receive it for free or at a discount so this is a real review from an average stay at home soccer mom.
"Best streamer I currently have" - by Bullminator (Austin, Texas)
I've had it only for a day (the base version, not Pro). So far I love it's streaming apps. Netflix, Amazon, and Plex support 4K HDR, Youtube, Google Movies, Vudu and Ultraflix and a few others support 4K (no HDR for those yet, rumored to come later for Vudu, Google Movies and Youtube). The Netflix app had to be updated on the Google Play Store to get HDR support. Sadly, the Sony Ultra app (where you can own or rent Sony's 4K HDR movies) is available but is unable to play 4KHDR items.
Feels much faster and responsive than my Roku, and better than my Apple TV as that only does 1080p.
Sadly, no Google Home/Assistant support with handsfree mic yet - that apparently comes later this year, even though Nvidia has been touting it as if it's already supported. For now, you have to press a button on the remote or ... full review