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"Excellent product" - by megan p hornby
Big success with a 31/2 year old and 5 yo grandchildren. The storage box is handy but was already being used for other games. The equipment was sturdy and easy for the kids to handle. We did have to move the 'lab' outside to deal with foaming water! Bought lab coast for them as well which helped them get int the science mode.
"Both boys love driving their boats on the lake behind our house" - by gmad
We purchased the Velocity and the Venom. The Velocity is a lot faster than the Venom; however, the controller for the Venom is easier to handle for our 10 year old. The Velocity was purchased for our 16 year old. Both boys love driving their boats on the lake behind our house. We have followed all directions from removing all batteries to wiping down the biats after each use and have not experienced any problems. The products were shipped quickly and safely. We have not had trouble with either boat flipping over even when the surf is rocky due to high winds.
"Very sturdy and the kids love it" - by Jobbi
Havr had it about a month. Very sturdy and the kids love it. My 18 mo can get in but thinks he can't get out because it rocks. It'll take some practice for him but I'm sure ge'll get the hang of it.
"It goes really fast and my 7 year old loves ..." - by Hilary G (Spring Lake, MI, US)
It goes really fast and my 7 year old loves it. We bought an extra battery to extend our playing time. I would buy it again.
"Great Product." - by Steve (Murrieta,CA)
I bought this knowing full well it wasn't made for adults. Well, I am a 45yr old with a fascination for sea life so when i took it to Mexico I had to test it out on the ocean. Works great for a 160lb guy, was extremely happy with the quality of build and materials.

Had a great time watching the fish swim below us....of course, if a shark appeared then the windowed bottom would not have been welcome :)
"Perfect for the Pooch" - by the Professor 7
We use this so our dog can join us in the pool. He loves it!
"A great marine fleet" - by trinitytown
These little guys were originally meant for the bath time for our 2 1/2 year old grandson on their visit here (Florida), but they actually lived in the pool as my grandson loved chasing them. They are sturdy and colourful and float, no matter what. Highly recommend for a bath or pool toy.
"I am really happy with this boat" - by Amazon Customer
Larger than I expected, plenty of room for both my five and three year old to climb on it and play (and big enough for my 3 year old to drag a body pillow in and nap inside). Sturdier than I expected. I am really happy with this boat.
"Excellent toy submarine." - by AAA (Las Vegas, Nevada)
I have found from experience that Green Toys make some of the best toys for little kids these days and this toy submarine is no exception. They are very durable and can withstand lots of play by kids. Our kids have played with these submarines not just in the bathtub but also in playrooms for about two years now and they are still in great shape.

The plastics used in the manufacture of these submarines is high quality and has no funny chemical smells whatsoever upon arrival. The design is great with lots of rounded edges, minimizing spots that can hurt a kid. These are well made toys that I can readily recommend. Made in USA.

(I include a small picture of this submarine next to a common half liter water bottle for relative size reference for your view).
"Great Tub Toy!" - by J. Bennett (Chicago, IL USA)
This thing is great. I bought it for my 1.5 year old as a bath toy, but I secretly wanted it. The kid loves it though.
"The game is fun, but the boat does tip really easily" - by A Sanderson
Cute game. My son loves playing with the boat and pieces. The game is fun, but the boat does tip really easily. For the price we have had a lot of fun with it though.
"The Little Tug That Could . . ." - by Ikwig (Pennsylvania)
Here is a perfect example of a simple toy of multiple uses. I first ordered this cute little tug because my 15 month old daughter didn't have many tub toys . . . or rather, almost all of her tub toys, with the exception of a trio of duckies, were from my kitchen and I was starting to need some of them back! The price was reasonable, and I really liked the fact that it was made from recycled materials and didn't contain any BPA. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by just how large it was (comparable to a kid's watering can); I knew that it had a spout so that one could pour the water from it, but now I began to get my hopes up: oh, could this possibly be the solution to the horror that is hairwashing night at our house?

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