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"These were perfect for packing cookbooks and gift utensil to our clients" - by Whitley
These were perfect for packing cookbooks and gift utensil to our clients. We were super pleased and will use them again for future mailings!
"Just right for my shipping needs" - by 68Eagle
I am selling books and other no longer needed collectibles over the net, along with bubble wrap these boxes fit my needs. Add good quality shipping tape and you are set to make some extra bucks to spend on Amazon! I didn't think I would use all 25, but once you have them, you look around for other items you don't use.
"Love the customizable fit." - by Deborah Lewis
The boxes are a perfect fit for my 6x9 inch trade paperback books. I can fit two in each box (my books are approx 260 pages long). I love best the ability to custom size the box to either one or two copies. They tape up well and are perfect for media shipping. I'm using these to ship books to vendors and customers, and the quality make me feel professional.
"... to my family in other states and they work great. so far I haven't had any issues with ..." - by BH
I use the boxes to ship stuff to my family in other states and they work great. so far I haven't had any issues with them. I only wish that they had some sort of adhesive to the box ends so that you don't have to engulf the box in tape once it is assembled.
"Works Great for My Print Books or Calendars" - by Patricia A. Davidson (Coos Bay, OR USA)
These fit my photography print books or calendars perfectly! They fit anywhere from one to four books. I will definitely purchase again when I need to resupply.
"Excellent! Inexpensive and very versatile" - by Voice4Hire
Excellent! Inexpensive and very versatile. I've written three children's books, and it makes shipping them so much easier and professional than making shipping boxes by hand.
"Folds easy and sturdy" - by tiffany
I use these boxes to ship different products from my shop. They are easy to fold and sturdy! Highly recommend.
"Superb!" - by tvphotog
These are excellent shipping boxes, well made, evenly cut, flat for storage.

I took a chance after reading the reviews. I'm incredulous that anyone complained that these boxes were unevenly cut. My shipment is square all around, the edges line up perfectly when closed. They're better than any boxes that I've received objects in from any vendor on the net.

And the writing on the panels? Who cares?! There is plenty of open space on all four sides to address directly, and just cover up the printing with a paste-on label.

I'm taking the time to write this, as I would like to set straight the other reviews above. Especially because all other vendors sell 25 at a time, which takes up a lot of space if you don't have a lot of storage room.
"Simple, easy, great value for small, quick moves" - by Brian Cairns
Simple, easy, and got the job done. This was perfect for my simple move across town. While perfect for a simple move where the likelihood of transit damage is low, it may not do as well in a long distance move. The walls of the boxes were relatively thin. Just something to consider if you are moving any great distance or sharing a truck with another mover's cargo.
"Great economy boxes" - by Nana's Book Cellar
The boxes are the cheapest multi-depth ones of the size we could find. Overall, they are great. It's a little difficult to get the boxes to bend on the perforations without the bend "moving" to an adjacent perforation because the cardboard isn't extremely rigid, and the perforations are a little "rough" on the outside when folded; however, these aren't big issues. We found the cardboard on other boxes to be a little sturdier, but that also meant they were heavier for shipping; the cardboard on these boxes is certainly plenty sturdy that it's not an issue. Overall, this is a great product at a great price that we would recommend and will be purchasing again.
"Great shipping boxes" - by RetiredMopRRer
I ship lots of HO model railroad freight cars and cabooses for the Missouri Pacific Historical Society and have ordered these boxes twice. They fold easily and are strong. Never a complaint on the box failing. Highly recommend
"Just what I needed" - by C. Blanchard
good product, price and service, used it to mail out my book to customers [[ASIN:1944294007 Positive Piano: History's Greatest Pianists On How To Succeed Wildly In Life]]
"Perfect for Shipping a Book!" - by Amazon Customer
Works 4Me!...especially fulfilling personal book orders on my website and your also able to request for Book Rates when sending USPS.