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"It was a fantastic book!" - by MomOfOne
Our 3rd grade teacher made this part of the required reading for her class. It has cut the drama right out of the entire year. Only a few lines from the book from one kid to the other and all is harmonious again. It was a fantastic book!
"Well written, interesting and FUN" - by AnnieB
I'm a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) professional (a bio-engineer in my particular case). A huge part of why I'm the person I am today is because of an early exposure to really engaged and involved teachers (and my parents) who continually reinforced my natural curiosity about physics and chemistry and natural sciences.

I really love seeing science books aimed at younger audiences with fun (safe!) experiments which encourage kids to explore and reason and learn while having fun. I could definitely see these experiments being used in a classroom setting or as part of a homeschooling unit.

At the beginning of the book, before the experiment sections is a general intro with safety information as well as an encouragement to keep notes in a lab notebook (and refer back to them). There is also a link for downloading the lab charts which appear in the book.

The lab experiments are ... full review
"Read this book and get smart about light and sound!" - by Marion the Librarian (Madison, NJ, USA)
Informative,visually appealing and highly interesting, this is an excellent choice for elementary school non-fication curriculum report. Includes a science activity with timeline and important people. You will learn a lot--do you know that our Sun sings?
"Informative" - by stacy (JEFFERSON CITY, TN, United States)
Good book for answering complicated questions from a 8 year old
"Lovely series" - by Mommy T
This book, along side the others of the series really helps the elementary child look for energy in the real world. Perfect book for the family who doesn’t expect to learn science from a book, but merely wants the books to ignite the ideas that build a scientist.
"Great book to inspire young minds!" - by Ella
Not that many kid friendly books available to help inspire young kids about inventors and scientists. This was a book from a limited selection and what a find!! Just finished reading through it. Love that it was inclusive of women scientists. Love the lessons on words youngins may not necessarily understand. Love how it encourages kids to think of ideas of their own. And what a nice surprise to see a relevant experiment in the back of the book. I hope this book continues to stay in print. I'm glad I stumbled upon this book.
"Good book to start the interest" - by Ginny Emerson
Start the interest for young readers. This is an interesting book for a young reader.
"Great illustrations." - by Nanciewanda (Arlington Hts-Roselle IL)
Helps a lot in understanding DNA, especially for kids. Great illustrations.
"Great book." - by Hopeful
Perfect for third grade curriculum. Easy to understand language for children of this age. Cute illustrations that help tell the story.
"Five Stars" - by Eugenia Wilson (HENDERSONVILLE, NC, US)
Excellent source for kids.