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"Even my daughter loves it!" - by Amber S.
180 days of reading is great curriculum for the homeschooled second grader! My daughter even likes it. It's enough work for the whole year.
"First grade was great, but second grade is scary" - by Beverly Clyde
First grade was great, but second grade is scary. According to former second graders, the teachers are mean and the work is really hard like having to learn Russian by Thanksgiving and invent a substitute for water. The worst part is not being in the same class with your best friend. What to do? Two former first graders realize that former second graders, even sisters, can’t always be trusted for accurate information. The problems of second grade are easily overcome for former first graders.
Cute illustrations bring a cute story to life.
"Five Stars" - by Suz
Perfect for second grade classroom!
"Cute Story" - by AnOSUgal77
This is a short chapter book for the emerging reader that wants to read chapter books but might not be quite ready. I bought this for my son to read. He enjoyed it and I thought it was a cute little story. I recommend it for a first or second grader.
"My second graders love reading about Keena Ford" - by Andrea
My second graders love reading about Keena Ford! They have all of the books in the series and told me that they wish that there were more.
"Good for seven year olds" - by Val
This is a cute book for a seven year old. It is good for reading before your child starts chapter books. I liked it a lot.
"Mom of 2 boys who enjoy math" - by Raquel (Las Vegas)
I love the 180 days workbooks. I noticed that last year my second grader had some worksheets from this exact workbook for homework at the end of the school year. So, I bought the first and second grade math workbooks for my boys to work on during summer break. I tear pages out and give out stapled worksheets to my boys to work on. My 6 year old is doing the second grade one. He loves it. My 8 year old is also doing the 2nd grade one as a refresher. I feel I cannot move on to the 3rd grade for him because they changed how math is taught. I love the books and I know teachers use it so I will continue using 180 days for my boys. Not boring. Challenging. A little expensive but worth it I suppose. It's a thick book. Also, answer key at ... full review
"Fun, entertaining and mildly educational." - by Diane Lloyd (Eastlake, OH USA)
I picked this up to read to my 5 year old over the summer. We are 2 books in and she loves it!
She's learning about chapter books, what "real" school will be like, and ways to problem solve.
I love that Katie's life isn't perfect, but she's not big on whining.
Also, for the price this set is a great value.
"Great Books" - by busy girl (Boston, MA)
I bought this set for my 5 year old daughter this past Christmas. She loves them so much, we ended up buying all of the books. We recently just finished book 10 and are awaiting book 11. I think one of the reasons she loves the books is, although she identifies with Ivy more, she sees a bit of herself in both girls. I like the books because they show that, even though the girls are so different, they can still be friends.
"We started with the 1st grade books and he can do most of the stuff quite easily. I was a little surprised at easy some ..." - by oliveforhealth
I bought these for my 5 year old grandson. We started with the 1st grade books and he can do most of the stuff quite easily. I was a little surprised at easy some of the things were. He's pretty smart overall, but if this really is following 1st grade curriculum, I'm sure he's going to skip a grade or he'll be bored. Over-all, I think the books are presented nicely and are far better than doing things on a tablet. I noticed when he was writing, tat he was having difficulty. I attribute this to the fact that the school has the kids do most of their work on a computer. They are not practicing their small muscle movements. I will definitely be having him use the book and a pencil regularly.
"Perfect item in every way." - by Kindle Customer (Monroe, NY)
Taught myself First Grade course and now moving onto Second Grade course. Good method book and I am an older person learning to play piano.
"She loved it. Parts she read herself and parts I ..." - by Grandma B who reads
I bought this book for my 7 (almost 8) year old Granddaughter. She loved it. Parts she read herself and parts I read to her. For her there were parts that were 'kinda scary' and parts that made her laugh out loud. She is thinking about passing book 1 on to a friend. I just ordered her book 2; to quote my Granddaughter, "I can't wait!".
"Our whole school district read this book in 1st-5th grades this year" - by Misha (St. Cloud, MN USA)
This was our first Humphrey book and we just loved it! I've since ordered another one for my Kindle. It's fun to read to my 2nd grade twins and also to take turns reading pages with them. Since we have a busy schedule and couldn't always fit in reading a chapter per day for school, I also put this one on my Kindle with the narration (available at a discount when you buy the Kindle version of the book) and my twins would sit at the kitchen counter and read along as they listened while I cooked or did dishes. Humphrey is lots of fun and he's one smart hamster with a lot to teach kids (and grown-ups) about happiness.
"Great book. Using it at end of school year ..." - by Joe From NC
Great book. Using it at end of school year to keep my 7 year old from forgetting what she learned. Will be ordering 3rd grade for her to work on over the summer to help prep her for next year.
"Exciting, Educational, and Easy to read aloud to kids" - by BabyWrangler (FL, USA)
I learned about this series when my 5 year old son picked up a set at Costco and another mom walked over to recommend them. I bought the set at Costco and we enjoyed it so much I quickly ordered this set from Amazon. The books are exciting, with interesting illustrations, and have been a great introduction to chapter books for our family. My kids get so into the story, I've been able to start and finish each book in one sitting (my kids aren't reading chapter books themselves yet). It takes about 30 minutes for me to read through the story out loud, stopping to peruse the pictures. These stories stick with the kids. For example, we reenacted the dinosaur scenes in our yard, with each of us playing a different part. I also took the opportunity to point out a magnolia tree in our neighborhood to them, after ... full review