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"I have seen the face of God." - by Douglas Pope
I didn't feel the need to plan my weekend around 5 small gummybears. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
It began with a noticeable change in the viscosity of my saliva. Within minutes of consumption, my mouth had filled with a thick foamy slime. Though I was in a cool climate controlled room a salty sweat broke out, and I felt my heartbeat quicken as my body threw itself into fight or flight.
The animal noises broadcasting from my pelvis were an ominous warning of the violent acts that were to follow. I shouldered my way into the bathroom, clawing at my belt, moaning with pain. The smell came first. It started sweet, almost tangy. That was quickly overpowered by a cloying chemical perfume.
The first volley of feces hit the water like soda cans and nickles. The resulting splash drenching my bottom in foul brackish water, but ... full review
"Fresh and flavorful" - by Dorothy J
Nice and fresh candy. I made party favor boxes and filled 48 boxes of 18 each and still had candy left over. Good buy.
"IMPRESSIVE! 😱👍👌" - by CrazyBanana4601
So, I carefully sorted and counted all of my jolly ranchers and I was impressed. (Take note that these percents are rounded)
27% Watermelon
17% Grape
18% Cherry
16% Green Apple
22% Blue Raspberry
Also, all of these were wrapped well and you can tell they are fresh. I would recommend you to buy this if you're interested. My favorite part was that it only took a few days to ship and arrive.
"Very yummy!" - by lulabell5678
This candy mix is so good. The caramel M&Ms are to die for! I told my husband it's a good thing I haven't found a big bag of them because I'd soon be buying bigger clothes. Very yummy!
"Just what I needed. Fresh. Would order again." - by Megan Webb
I ordered 3 bags of candy from 3 different places for trick or treating this year (we are supposed to get a lot of kids), and this was by far the best purchase. I got the most for my money with this bag and the candy all seems fresh and good! Nice selection as well. I would order again.
"Perfect" - by Julie Murphy
Lot of candy for a good price. Well packaged with foam pads and ice packs. Arrived quickly. Taste tested a few twix upon arrival...fresh and great quality. Can't say I'd be too sad to have some left overs after Halloween.
"The Lifesavers Gummies are the Best" - by D. Richardson (Auburn, AL US)
I'm glad this is only offered during the Halloween season. I'd be a jittery nut if they offered it every day. The only complaint, is that you never know what you'll get. They do NOT divide by 5 - you won't get 63 pieces of each type of candy. What I really like is the Lifesavers Gummies big ring. Delicious!
"Love sour patch kids, and this one is great for an office or to share!!" - by C. J. (St Louis, MO, USA)
This is not the typical sour patch kids package. If you read this carefully, It is larger candies, with each sour patch kid being about the size of 3 of the typical sour patch kids. Each is individually wrapped and the box opens to make a great counter top dispenser. This is fantastic for my office, as it has a built in portion control as they are individually wrapped and it make it sanitary to eat. Unfortunately we have one of those guys known to never wash his hands in the restroom who loves to grab food straight out of bowls with his hands.....he thinks we are all on diets as we never touch anything after he does...
"Weird bag of sweets" - by Amazon Customer
I've got 102 pieces 34 butterfinger 33 baby Ruth 21 crunch and 14 nestle. Some reason when I open the package I saw a butter finger not in wrappers and I can also see the inside of it too. Am I lucky or not.