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"kinda cheap, but looks and works fine" - by Eric
It feels flimsy during assembly, and the towel bar seems rather thin. But it looks fine and functions properly when mounted, and that's what matters. Don't put heavy items on or inside unless you are making use of wall studs when mounting.

If you are going to hang it by yourself, my advice is to alter the assembly order. Don't do anything related to the doors until after you have mounted the cabinet to the wall. The doors will get in your way as you try to keep everything aligned while screwing it in. Alternatively, get an assistant and assemble in the order as written. (The problem is the mount brackets are _inside_ the cabinet and so the doors have to be open while mounting)

The door hinges are about 1" from the cabinet sides. Unfortunately, this means a 1" arc ... full review
"Works for me" - by Kayla Brown
After reading all the reviews, I went ahead and purchased this cabinet. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it together. Holes were predrilled. Turned out much better that I originally expected. I'm happy with it. I put a command hook on one side to hang my makeup bag!
I ordered 2 of these cabinets. At first I was a little concerned about ordering furniture online - but when they arrived I was very happy with how solid the pieces were. The knobs are not little plastic pieces they are solid, heavy, nice knobs. The color online doesn't seem accurate - at least not on my computer. It's a dark espresso - just what I wanted. The best part about his cabinet is the dimensions - this is the tallest one that I could find and it's just perfect. I put one in my livingroom and the other in my bathroom.

They were very easy to assemble. And until you put the final piece on (the back pannel) it seems so shaky - but it all comes together GREAT!

Wish I could insert a picture to show the true color.
"Love this little cabinet" - by mom243 (Pennsylvania)
Love this little cabinet. We did not install the X part of the cabinet as we wanted to use the shelf as a shelf and not for towels or whatever else you might display in the slanted areas. So if you just want to use the top middle part as a shelf you can do that.
4 stars are because there were several spots on the cabinet that had already had laminate pieces chipped off of it. Hopefully it holds up.
"Online Dimensions are Incorrect!!" - by Steve
I purchased two of these base cabinets because the dimensions listed on Amazon met my criteria - I needed a cabinet that was no more than 27 inches high. The dimensions of this product listed online were: 13 x 24 x 26. However, upon constructing the cabinet, we discovered that the actual dimensions are 13 inches deep x 26 inches wide x 34 1/4 inches HIGH. Amazon was most understanding when I informed them of the misleading online information. Hopefully the information will be corrected online?
"BUY THIS!!" - by I am a Picky Shopper!
I'm a little crazy and read ALL the reviews on items I purchase- I Desperately wanted to give 5 stars because this cabinet is gorgeous for the price!! BUT I am probably a little OCD and won't notice these small things in the future when I'm using it, it's the little things that get me...
1-of coarse the small dark marks (hopefully a magic eraser will do the trick) have to be on the areas that you will end up seeing from the front and not the back. Same on one of the door knobs...ugh annoying to see right away.
2- a little blip of something stuck under the paint so that when a scratched it off the door, off comes the paint and I have a dark spot left- literally a pen tip size but annoying.
3- I just moved so I am putting together a ton of these ... full review