Calcium Powder

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"You get what you expect" - by Joshua J. Patterson (Acworth, Georgia United States)
This product is pretty basic (which is exactly what I wanted) and you can expect to get what you see. My wife and I try to avoid harsh chemicals in our household and make our own cleaning supplies as well as true natural hygiene products to use for ourselves and new baby. After reading about homemade toothpaste on I decide to give it a shot and purchased this calcium carbonate. I am very familiar with NOW Foods and have always been satisfied with their products; no exception here. Hope this helps anyone on-the-fence or not sure about this product.
"Great product from a great company!" - by jnm93 (Twin Cities, MN)
I ordered calcium citrate and a few other supplements from bulk supplements to start adding into my morning protein shakes. I'm not a fan of pills and had liked the gummy varieties, but came to realize the added sugar and calories were not worth the yumminess. This is the answer for me! Mixes in great! And also a great company with great communication. My order arrived (fullfilled through amazon) with punctures in the calcium pouch. Powder was on everything. The return process went smoothly with amazon, but they can't replace the product so I emailed bulk supplements about what happened and they got right back to me to say they would send a new package to me for free! Prices are great and there are so many servings! Like others mention... it is chalky if mixed only in water (I tried it too) but in my shake I don't ... full review
"Excellent!" - by Tesla104g
The calcium carbonate is very high quality and the package works well, opening and closing easily. The calcium helps with muscle cramps. Thank you!
"I use it for my chickens." - by Carley
I mix this with my chicken feed. Hens have to eat it because it is a powder. Sneaky way to up their calcium.
"Must have calcium and magnesium supplement" - by Sandy Ordonez (clearwater, florida United States)
Great calcium and magnesium supplement! I take every night, it really makes a difference in the amount of rest I get. I would highly recommend.
"Good for low carb diets, relaxation/sleep" - by WCKC MOM (Washington, DC)
I bought this to go along with my low carb diet. It tastes ok mixed into water by itself, but usually I'll make a low carb electrolyte "lemonade" to make it more palatable. Two packets of True Lemon (crystallized lemon), 5-10 drops of stevia or 1-2 tsp of stevia, and 1.25 tsp of the cal/mag powder, and maybe some lite salt, like 1/4 tsp. Easy to drink then! And does the job.
"Nutritional Values" - by Tim G. (Indianapolis, IN USA)
I thought other potential customers may find this information helpful.

Daily Values of Nutritional Content
Serving Size: 1/2 teaspoon (2.8g)
Servings Per Container: About 162

Calcium (as dibasic calcium phosphate): 825mg = 83%
Phophorus (as dibasic calcium phosphate) 637mg = 64%

Otherwise, there's not much else to say about this kind of supplement. No negative factors come to mind, and the price seems fair, so I think I'll order from them again. If you're on the fence, I'd say go for it.
"Coral Calcium Powder" - by Barbara W.
I'm using it as an ingredient for a toothpaste powder.
"Very tart, add some stevia." - by astraycat (San Diego, CA United States)
Was told this was a good kind of calcium to take, I mix it up in water with some other powdered vitamins. It's very tart! So I add stevia to tone it down a bit. Also it's very powdery like fine flour, so it will get all over the place if you're not careful. I use the enclosed tiny scoop but move slowly so as to not raise a lot of dust.
"As a cancer survivor with osteopenia this supplement is remarkable ..." - by Justmealicia (St. James, NY United States)
As a cancer survivor with osteopenia this supplement is remarkable and is helping keep my bones strong. Plant based calcium is a must to keep your arteries clear of build up. I have been using this for years.
"Good for making alkaline water" - by Anthony Saladino
Good for making alkaline water. Make sure you only add to a glass, or drink it within 24 hrs or else it will lose it's ions and return to neutral ph. mix with baking soda and 1/2 squeezed lemon juice.
"Greatly reduced afterbirth pains" - by serendipity
I heard that calcium taken in a liquid form can help ease afterbirth pains. I tried it with my third baby. I brought this powder to the hospital with me. I took it regularly throughout the day mixed in juice. I had almost no pain at all. I think I can say this is what helped, because I had pretty bad afterbirth pains after baby #2, and afterbirth pains are supposed to increase with each succesive birth.
"Works just as good, if not better than" - by Lauren Brennan
Works just as good, if not better than, our tube of earth paste we have at home. I got this so we could take it in our carry on during our plane trip. Really feels like it gets the teeth clean, no bad taste, and no glycerine to preven our teethe from remineralizing. I would definitely buy this again when we run out. Though that will probably not be for a long time as it is a hefty container that should last us 2 quite a while.
"I am very happy with the results" - by Carmen Alicia Lopez
This product reversed my osteopenia and my osteoporosis. When I had my dexa scan done 45 days ago my hip had increased to 33% and my femur to 1%. I am very happy with the results. 😊