California Rice

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"Terrific rice, very good price." - by Cruzr Guy (Shenandoah Valley of Virginia)
For most recipes, short grained brown rice is my favorite rice. I love the taste and texture, and the 'brown' is, in my opinion, both tastier and more healthful. This Lundberg Eco-Frmed is fabulous. We are thoroughly enjoying it, and the Amazon pricing is the best I've found. However many stars anyone puts into their rating scale, my vote for this product will always be the top star.
"Best rice- Lowest arsenic content" - by L. Fonseca
I just wanted to add that Consumer Reports did a study on arsenic in rice which was very disturbing ( Nov. 2012 ) Of the 31 or so different types and brands of rice they tested, Lundberg California White Basmati rice had the lowest amount of arsenic in it by a fair amount. This rice has 64.3 - 75.5 ppb of arsenic. Compare that to something like Carolina Whole Grain Brown rice which has 277-318 ppb and you can see how over a lifetime the difference in arsenic levels is significant. Check the list from Consumer Reports and see how the rice you are eating rates on their tests. I had no idea... just buy this rice and save yourself some time.It's very expensive at the supermarket if you can even find it- Amazon has some great deals on this rice and it is by far the best place to ... full review
"Excellent Quality Rice!" - by K. benford
This is the cleanest rice and cooks up beautifully. My husband remarked about the quality of this rice. Had to tell him that it was very expensive, but well worth the price.
"I love to make this healthy treats for my nieces and ..." - by Aldomagnus (Florida)
ONIGIRI FAN !! : Onigiri, also known as Japanese rice ball, is a Japanese comfort food made from rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and usually wrapped in nori (seaweed). I love to make this healthy treats for my nieces and nephews and the rest of the gang. They Loooove it !! I also make just white rice and it comes perfect every time. I have tried other brands of this type of rice and so far this is the very best I have tried. Make sure you have a good rice cooker for the perfect cooked sticky rice.
"Wonderful taste and packaging!" - by Autumn
This rice is delicious! I can't believe I ate it so quickly! Also, I can't remember if it's in the description or not, but the bag has a great resealing feature made of a plastic Velcro! Definitely a re-buy!
"100% whole grain." - by LC (Rhode Island)
12/5/2017 Correction: I apologize for my previous review and would like to clarify that the grain does sprout after all. It just took a lot longer than usual, but it did sprout. It is possible that the length of time sprouting may be caused by other factors and have nothing to do with the grain itself. So, I amended my rating accordingly as this is indeed a good grain. Again, my apologies for the previous comments.

12/3/2017 Review: I would expect an organically grown grain that is sold with the claim of being 100% whole grain to be able to sprout, and the rice we purchase elsewhere will sprout very well. This one, however, will not sprout at all, showing that is has been a bit polished or altered in some way.
"Excellent rice" - by Amazon Customer (United States)
Excellent rice, one of my two favorite brands. Once you eat quality sushi rice like this you'll never go back to that cheap long grain rice most people in the USA eat.