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"Nice under the counter where I have it but is ..." - by JoeB
Nice under the counter where I have it but is free standing so can be used anywhere. Not very heavy so easy to move.
"Perfect little fridge and freezer to have at work." - by Cindy
I bought this to have in my office by my desk at work. Exactly what I was looking for. When I first plugged it in, it had a burning smell and a little noise to it. So I figured that it must have been layed down on its side at one point. I unplugged it and let it sit for 24 hours before I plugged it back in. Problem solved. Runs like a dream. So quiet now that sometimes I check it just to make sure it's still on.
"AMAZING FRIDGE/FREEZER 10 STARS" - by Betsy (Jamestown, NY)
This is the most amazing fridge/freezer. It has the separate freezer compartment & inside the fridge are bins for veggies etc. My husband was recently admitted to a skilled nursing facility for the remainder of his days. Obviously no facility can keep on hand everyone's preferences for ice cream etc. We were told we could purchase a fridge/freezer. I asked the amazon community how much the freezer held & one kind person stated that it held 1 gallon ice cream, 5 large frozen pizzas & 2 large bags of french fries & he was correct. This has a lot of storage space & everyone at the nursing home is envious of my husband.

Not only is this fridge/freezer great but it is nice looking. My husband says it is "beautiful." I was a little concerned about the noise but it runs quietly ... full review
"I love igloo, This is the second one I bought ..." - by vee gowan
I love igloo, This is the second one I bought for my 18 wheeler. This first one lasted 4 or 5 years, time got away from me
"Great fridge for the price and makes ice!" - by Landru (USA)
I was a little skeptical because this fridge is so much cheaper and actually made ice (where others didn't), but I have to admit, this is a really nice unit (I've had it for only a week though). This unit is very quiet (I have it in my bedroom due to illness) and doesn't bother me at all. Manual recommended a fridge setting of 3, but I had to up that to 5 to keep everything right at 32-34 degrees and make ice. I located it on a wrought iron table to keep from bending over so far, very hard to balance so the door stay put. Holds 6 2-liter bottles and room for more items on top shelf. So far, very pleased for the price. No damage through shipping (arrived a day late too).
"My old refrigerator did not cool evenly and had a hard time keeping the 35 ..." - by Garrett Potts (Melbourne, FL United States)
I have waited a couple weeks before writing the review. I had an under counter refrigerator that I was replacing with this one. My old refrigerator did not cool evenly and had a hard time keeping the 35 degree mark. I am usually nervous about purchasing large appliances online but I could not find what I was looking for in any of the local stores. I was looking for a undercover refrigerator that had a fan to help circulate the air evenly and keep all shelves cold and at the same temperature. I have been running the Avallon refrigerator for the past couple weeks and is by far doing an excellent job at keeping my drinks cold on all shelves. My other brand that I was using was 2.5 times the cost of this one and did not work half as well. So ... full review
"and this was just perfect! Therefore" - by Angela Huynh
I purchased this compact refrigerator to place into an 18-wheeler truck. I was looking for very specific dimensions to fit into a particular narrow space on the truck, and this was just perfect! Therefore, the higher price tag is justified because of its very unique dimensions. It is a COMPACT refrigerator, so do not expect it to be very spacious like the mini fridges that are advertised at Walmart/BestBuy/etc. The shelves, including the side shelves, are adjustable and removable, which really helps if you want to put more items into the compact refrigerator.

Before putting it into the truck, I plugged it into the outlet at home and let it cool overnight so that I could see how cold it could get. Initially, it did not get too cold, so I was hesitant to keep it. Though, after keeping it running for a few hours, it dropped down to and maintained ... full review
"Good product" - by Ryan S.
I have only installed this and had it one day but what can I say, it's a water filter. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I'm pretty sure all the people complaining about the taste and The water being foggy don't follow directions. You have to flush a lot of water through first (4 gallons). The water only looks foggy because a filter is hundreds of thousand porous holes squeezing water through and that's how it's filtered. So for the first few days you are getting all those little bubbles from the porous holes. It goes away after a couple of days. Tastes good