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"Great Rotors!" - by Matt B
Great rotors! I installed these fronts with Hawk HPS pads on my 2010 Rav4 v6, flushed with Motul RBF 600 brake fluid AFTER bedding them in...I have my braking feeling BETTER than new! Tremendous braking power performance! And the e-coating looks great, and all metallurgy processes were followed with this grade (compared against the basic-level centric rotors).

If you have Prime, then Amazon has the best price, otherwise, there are better places with comparable prices if you have to pay shipping. This gets 4 stars because after all the research I did on trying to buy American made rotors from an American company, I find out after receipt they were, well, one was made in China and the other was made in Taiwan. So far there is no way of telling that they are made in different foreign factories, and I hope it stays that way.
"Good quality rotors" - by lloyd
Good quality rotors, better than the ACDelco regular rotors. It might even be better than factory rotors.
Fits 2007 Camry with not problems. The front right factory rotor warped at 65K miles, which I can't believe.
Only time will tell how these rotors will last.
"Almost perfect kit for 2010 Toyota Camry" - by Dominic Nguyen
Came with almost everything I needed to replace the brake pads and rotors on my wife's 2010 Toyota Camry(except for the M8x1.25x25 mm bolts required for me to get the rotors off. Had to bang it a few times with a hammer afterwards to loosen them. Got them at a local Autozone). The metal clips for the front brake pads that are included wouldn't fit when putting the pads back into the caliper bracket. Ended up using the OEM clips and that seemed to fit better. For the rears, the included metal clips worked fine. It came with enough lubricant so you won't need to buy any additional. They look neat and my wife no longer has vibration when braking at high speeds.
"Great product stopped the steering shakes competely" - by Anthony A Steed
These came to me in great shape. They mounted perfectly. I had no issues with the fit. I coupled this with a new set of pads and my car is stopping quietly and without any of the shaking I was getting before when braking at high speeds. My old rotors looked fine but weren't.
"These are a great set of rotors and pads" - by NJRoadie
These are a great set of rotors and pads. I've installed Callahan rotors/pad kits on 2 different vehicles and have been pleased with the results each time. Installation was straightforward. They run quiet and stop well. The highest compliment I can give is that after an easy installation you just forget about them because they are doing their job well.
"Great Brakes! Would buy again! Read rest of review." - by eblman
These are great! I bought them for my Toyota Camry 2003 LE. I will say please do watch a ChrisFix YouTube video or two on how to replace these before you start the processes. One thing to be aware of, is if your brakes (old ones) had a small metal clip on the caliper housing - DONT THROW IT AWAY. I did, and had to dig through the trash to find it, clean it off and reinstall it. This doesn't come with the the little metal clips that hold the brake pads in place. Otherwise everything went very well.

The instructions direct you to drive to different speeds and brake hard several times to remove the protective black covering on the metal of the brake pads. Just be aware that this is probably not only important, it is essential to the brakes working properly after ... full review
"Unbelievable quality and performance for the price, better than OEM." - by Paul
Order arrived at my home in 6 days, Canada to Tampa Florida. 2 weeks early. Project was super easy, and quick, minor tools required. Pads do not come with slide pin grease, make sure you grease these, on toyota and lexus, these stick and will cause rotors to warp. These products are excellent ! rotors were sanded, both directions at the factory, circular motion, nice touch. Rotors are coated and will need to be cleaned prior to install. Pads, which were upgraded by the seller at no charge !! are Carbon metallic !! dark black composition and already had shims installed on them ! ...The entire install took 30 min in my garage with no large jack, or power tools. (2010 Lexus ES350) You will need a pry bar or something to slip over a socket wrench to loosen the main caliper bolts, very tight. I use a 18 ... full review
"Fixed my brake problem" - by CSWolfe
These brake rotors helped cure the pulsation in the brake pedal of my vehicle and the black finish was a match for the OE rotors they replaced. The rotor surface does need to be cleaned of oil, prior to install, but other then that they are great.
"Excellent product, excellent value" - by mm633c
Installed these on my 2014 Camry LE. It has been a few weeks now and no concern here.

For first timers, please make sure you buy brake lubricant. It really cuts down on any squeaking.
"Get them" - by Jonathan Jones
Good look stops on a dime no brake dust on wheels
"2011 Camry Front Brakes - easily done" - by L. Bassett
The rotors and pads for the front wheels of my Toyota Camry were easily installed. It was a plus to find the packet of brake grease to keep the pads from chattering. They were quick to respond to my email when I asked if there was a right and left rotor because of the design of the rotor but right and left don't matter. Very happy with the finished job.