CAN Bus Adapter

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"as I expected" - by Enrico
product of good quality. easy to install. it is running good. the connectors are better than what I saw in the market. I have done a very good choice buying it
"This little scanner is a great little tool for anyone to have" - by Kindle Customer
This little scanner is a great little tool for anyone to have. I bought this to use with the Torque app on my phone, and this syncs with that perfectly. I upgraded the fuel pump in my car, and I wanted to make sure it was running at the correct pressure, and this was a very simple way to track that. It also has tons of other graphs and sensors that it tracks, so you can add a ton of gauges and dials to the ones already on the dash. Ive never had a check engine light on my car, but I used it on a friends, and this thing found the code, and what the issue was right away. Just using this for the app purposes alone makes it a very worthy tool, but having it be able to scan those codes is just an added bonus. Its very ... full review
"Ford Five Hundred and working great!" - by Kristofer R. George (Buffalo, NY)
I Installed the PAC AAI-FD4 in a 2006 Ford Five Hundred with the CD-6 radio and AUX button. PAC does not list this as a supported car/radio, but the adapter is working great. So if you're searching around like I was for something that will work with a Ford Five Hundred with the CD-6 radio, fear not and order at will!
My wife Suzuki Forenza won't be flickering anymore after I installed these warning cancellar.. 5 ***** for these items..
"no more error msgs with my LEDs" - by JC
so far so good.. I don't get error msgs on the car computer. I just installed it today so i haven't had it on for a long time.. it gets hot but I think is normal
"Confusing interface" - by Doug B
One of the most confusing and convoluted interfaces ever. Manual is even worse. Really needs a overall. I am usually good at stuff like that too, just so bad.
The weird thing is that in the end all i had to do was plug it into the outlet and it all worked automatically. Seems to work with can bus no problem on my BMW bike.
Wish it just would say good/no good, charging, etc.
Long cord if nice. Nice product overall just over thought it.
"Reasonably priced bright lights" - by GadzetLover
My review after nearly a month of usage.

I bought the Aukee H11 LED bulbs for fog light replacement. My regular halogen bulbs were not bright at all and needed a replacement. After spending a good amount of time researching, I decided to give these bulbs a try. I’m glad I did!

The contents were well packed and arrived quickly. I was impressed with the build quality. Gun metal coating was a nice touch. These bulbs were easy to replace. Twisted out the old ones and replaced with these. Took me less than 30 minutes. The light output is crystal white and impressive. These lights are brighter than my HID's and cover a good area.

Some people are not cognizant of the glare, the after market bulbs throw. Fortunately, these bulbs do not fall in that category. With winter around the corner, these are undoubtedly a good addition.

After testing these bulbs against ... full review
"Great buy!!!" - by Savannah
This product is amazing!!! Bought two one for my mom and myself because our cars are too old for aux and too new for tape/aux and this was our only cheapest option. It works perfect and it is so loud, seriously sounds awesome.
"Dead On Arrival--AMAZON DOESN'T ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THIS ITEM!" - by John G. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Arrived 11/20/17, I immediately plugged it in to charge per instructions (you must charge for 12 hours upon arrival). The unit WILL NOT HOLD A CHARGE. I logged into Amazon to start the return process only to find out Amazon WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURN OF THIS ITEM BECAUSE OF ITS WEIGHT.. Congratulations! You just gave Stanley Tool a $60 Christmas present. This item was heavily advertised for the Black Friday Deals and it's a great deal for Stanley Tools and Amazon because they just took $60 from you and you have a 25 pound paperweight. DON'T BUY THIS!!!
"just recommend the manufacturer update the design a little" - by J. Gonzalez (W. Des Moines, IA USA)
Did exactly what it was supposed to do for my 2009 VW fog lights. Just wish there was more metal material for the screw holes. I was unable to use a standard short self tapping screw because the fins on the heatsink prohibited the screw from drilling in any further. Basically if the screw holes were further away from the heatsink, I would have been able to use a standard sized screw and not have to find a smaller diameter screw that isn't necessarily up for the task of securely affixing this to a vehicle. I would certainly buy this product again, just recommend the manufacturer update the design a little.
"Super Sound Connection" - by Roy Kimball
This device is so simple all I really needed to do was plug it in, hit "connect" on my iPhone and off I went into music heaven. Totally clear sound and easy to operate dial when those annoying phone calls come in. Regardless of their annoyance, telephone conversations were as clear as putting the phone right up to my ear, maybe even better having access to the in-dash sound system to control the tone. The USB outlet is genius. Great purchase.