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"IMPRESSIVE! 😱👍👌" - by CrazyBanana4601
So, I carefully sorted and counted all of my jolly ranchers and I was impressed. (Take note that these percents are rounded)
27% Watermelon
17% Grape
18% Cherry
16% Green Apple
22% Blue Raspberry
Also, all of these were wrapped well and you can tell they are fresh. I would recommend you to buy this if you're interested. My favorite part was that it only took a few days to ship and arrive.
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"I have seen the face of God." - by Douglas Pope
I didn't feel the need to plan my weekend around 5 small gummybears. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
It began with a noticeable change in the viscosity of my saliva. Within minutes of consumption, my mouth had filled with a thick foamy slime. Though I was in a cool climate controlled room a salty sweat broke out, and I felt my heartbeat quicken as my body threw itself into fight or flight.
The animal noises broadcasting from my pelvis were an ominous warning of the violent acts that were to follow. I shouldered my way into the bathroom, clawing at my belt, moaning with pain. The smell came first. It started sweet, almost tangy. That was quickly overpowered by a cloying chemical perfume.
The first volley of feces hit the water like soda cans and nickles. The resulting splash drenching my bottom in foul brackish water, but ... full review
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"One of my all-time favorite candies, individually wrapped" - by Conrad
Overview: One of my all-time favorite candies, individually wrapped, and in a tub for mass consumption. Indulge.

Details: Great for work snacks, parties, and home. Individual wrapping works great if they are going to kick around for a while or environments where a bunch of grubby hands might otherwise contaminate the candy.

Enough to share.
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"Make Sure To Share!" - by T.T. (USA)
The taste is great at first, however, they do get old, so you better put them in a sealing container if you are eating them yourself or be sharing them with others. After having them around for a month after opening they start to not taste as good and after two months it is very obvious that they don't taste as good. I'm only saying this because the bag is big, though. The gummies themselves are not the best but very good. They have the right feeling of a gummy without too much sour. Just make sure to share!
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"Perfect for Halloween" - by L. Baltimore (New York, NY)
This was just what I wanted for Halloween! A nice big varied assortment of high-quality beloved brand chocolate. Not full-size big bars, but not the little tiny miniatures either. Any house that gets this assortment for Halloween will be a favorite house of any kid.

Updating my review a year later because I just bought this again for the following Halloween. The only danger with this fabulous assortment is ordering it too early for Halloween, and eating it all before the holiday actually arrives.
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"Old Fashioned Fun" - by A. Customer
Classic cinnamon Atomic Fire Balls candies. Super cinnamon spicy, a hard candy that has a more smooth powdered sugar pastille texture, not glassy slick like a lollipop.

Jar in photo is a Bormioli Rocco Fido Square Jar with Green Lid, 25-1/4-Ounce, which I bought here on Amazon recently as an ideal shape and size for an airtight candy jar. They come in all different colors.
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"Not melted but very small pieces." - by Shannonroz
Candy was in great condition when it arrived but please note that they are "snack size", meaning that they are a one-bite candy and too small to give out for Halloween. I'll have to give 2-3 per person to make it equal "fun size".
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"Picture is deceiving..." - by Jonathan Wells
The candy was just as expected. HOWEVER, I was hoping it was bulk, loose candy. Because I like distributing one piece at a time to our church kids. These are packaged in wrappers with two pieces in each. That's the ONLY reason for 4 stars. Took 5 people about 1 hour to unpackage 75 pounds of these.
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"I was so happy to see that when I opened my order I ..." - by Monica
I looked at the reviews on here and was a little worried about ordering these. Some people mentioned that their chocolates arrived old or melted. I was so happy to see that when I opened my order I found great chocolates inside. The box was well insulated and even had ice packs to keep the delivery cool. I'm very impressed on the quality.
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"Legit review to cut down the confusion... maybe." - by Shane B.
About Me: I have placed 391 orders containing 429 items totalling $13,040.55 on Amazon. I rarely review products unless I am weirdly surprised by quality or annoyed by the lackthereof.

The 11.25 pound box of mixed candy came in a 16" long, 7" tall, and 10" wide box filled to the top.

The candy assortment seems fair and only contains brands I am familiar with. No offbrands were in my box.

I've tried a handful to see if they were fresh and each was soft and pleasant. The 1 bag of skittles was a bit on the firm side but still ok.

I am unclear why so many people reviewed this product so poorly. Either they have quality control issues or the bad reviews are paid for by a competitor.

I will note that it would be possible to save a few bucks by buying a bunch of large mixed bags to make your ... full review
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"Perfect and Delicious" - by Amanda Wilson
I purchased from King of Sweets Candy. I paid 21.98 for a 5LB bag and it arrived in a plastic bag packed solid with tape.

Candy was fresh and delicious :). It fit just perfectly in my candy machine I use as a 'piggy bank' at home. The kids were delighted to get a different flavor tootsie roll than the original chocolates ^_^.
"Really good candy. Really fresh. Big bag." - by Z Shades
All of the candy was very fresh tasting and arrived in a box with an ice pack to keep it cool and from melting during shipping.
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"Great Mix!!" - by J. Carpenter (Mississippi)
I was pleasantly surprised. While you would not recognize the brand of candy it was all very good, better than many if not most of the generic candy mixes you purchase from most stores. We certainly heard no complaints from the trick or treaters!
"Not even 1 was broken and tastes great" - by Rora
Some candy canes are too sweet and some too pepperminty but this brand is PERFECT. I am a candy cane-aholic so I know a good candy cane and this is it. I read a lot of reviews about these being broken but for mine, not even 1 is broken so far.
"Use them as edible game pieces" - by M. Steele (Rockville, MD USA)
Personally, I don't like these, but kids love them, and Amazon is the best placeI have found to buy them cheaply in bulk to give out as classroom prizes. We use them as Bingo markers, and then when the game is done, the kids can eat their game pieces.