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"Serious problem!! But resolved." - by Meyer A. Rothberg (Saugerties, NY)
The "bar adjust locking knob" won't move. I spent 38 min on phone waiting for Black & Decker support to answer until I hung up. That alone should discourage you from buying this product.
Update: I finally got thru and got the help I needed. Also their response was to acknowledge my difficulty and send a gift/second battery as compensation. So, I am satisfied and the saw works well.
"Workhorse chainsaw - looking forward to cutting some more trees" - by Jeffrey Hubler
Exceptional chain saw. Replacing an old store brand saw I bought years ago. Far more powerful. Strong torque, well balanced and exceptional cutting ability.
"Mighty Mite" - by Barry (Western USA)
So far just what I expected with a DeWalt product. An Excellent product This 12” blade took down this small tree with a 10” diameter. Obviously a bigger and beefer chain saw would make shorter work of this tree. But I was amazed this little guy could hang with the big saws.
"This saw is amazing. I cut down a huge maple tree and ..." - by BMC
This saw is amazing. I cut down a huge maple tree and it was so nice to have a saw this nice. I have had many chainsaws, but none like this one.
"GREAT SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!" - by mark w. reeves
Great product. I cant even begin to explain how impressed I am with this product. I spend a lot of time off road riding a Canan SxS. I do a lot of trail maintenance. This saw acts much bigger than it is. and it is is very light weight and easy to carry on my SxS. The battery life is great. On numerous occasions I have cut down and cut into firewood trees that are 10 to 12 inches at the base on a single fully charged battery. The chain does turn slower than a gasoline powered chain saw, but this actually has an advantage to it. It is much easier on chains and bars because it does not build as much heat, which will drastically reduce chain and bar life. I've been using it several months now. I would estimate I've ... full review
"Great Saw" - by Jack Camplain
I have been looking for a good saw for a while. I bought a poulan 18 inch and it was not a good saw. I looked at an echo and they are way over priced. I did some research and found the Blue Max and it truly is a great saw. I have cut down several trees and the saw cuts great. it starts after a pull or two every time. I would recommend this saw to my best friend. This is my first time to rate anything. I also know that when reading a review you wonder how true it is but I love this saw. If you want you can email me for more inf and no I do not work for the company. I am a teacher/coach in Texas.
"I highly recommend this saw." - by R. Dokas (Ann Arbor)
This is a very well-made pole saw. Assembly was very easy. The pole itself is quite beefy and very easy to extend plus the lock is one of the best features as it's easy to lock and unlock and stays adjusted.
I was surprised to see that the cutting guide was made of metal. The oil reservoir has a window so it is easy to see the level of oil. The best part of the saw is that it's the lightest one on the market in this price range So you don't have to be a guerrilla to use it. The motor is more than adequate to get the job done. It comes with a good manual, has a two year warranty, and a single metal tool that is all that is needed to assemble as well to keep the chain property adjusted.
I highly recommend ... full review
"Very powerful better than gas" - by Jalebi (Sunnyvale, CA)
Very powerful better than gas, light weight and easy bar and chain removal. Packaging was very poor, and the battery was out of its box moving freely inside original manufacturers box. The item will be clearly marked and pictured.