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"A story of heartbreak and survival. Beautifully written." - by JoLa (Alabama)
I saw this beautiful old movie on television as a kid and I never forgot it. I am so happy to discover this wonderfully written book of heartbreak and survival. I purchased this for my 13 year old granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. She explained that this book made her more aware of how blessed and fortunate she is. She cried many times throughout the story of this beautiful Native American girl and her family, but finshed with a more grateful and gracious awareness of life and courage to endure difficult times.

Book is paperback and easy to read. Fast shipping.
"My daughter loves these" - by Aaron S (Red Lion, PA, United States)
My daughter (8 years old) loves every single one of the National Geographic Kids Chapter books, she loves to share with us the stories she is reading and happily gets ready for bed so she makes sure she has time to read before it is time to sleep.
"Great for my 3rd grader!" - by goSox (Boston)
My almost 9 year old 3rd grader has been loving every graphic novel she can get her hands on. I got her this book as a surprise gift because although a traditional "chapter book" it has plenty of interesting pictures (which is why she's having a hard time moving from graphic novel to traditional chapter book). After the 1st night of reading this book she immediately asked me to add "Farm Friends Escape!" to her birthday wish list. I hope they come out with more in this series!! I know my kindergartener will be reading these next year!
"My Admiration for Dolphins Grew!" - by Beckie Weinheimer (Tenants Harbor, ME)
From the first time I spotted a dolphin in the Pacific ocean years ago I have been in love with dolphins. Ms. Donohue's My Best Friend Is A Dolphin raised my love of dolphins to adoration as I read about Kelly a trickster who stockpiles her own treasures,
JoJo who plays games like peekaboo and hide-and-seek as well as other dolphins who rescue dogs and people, and dolphins who protect each other against sharks by moving their tails together and forming a dolphin chain. This engaging book is full of wonderful stories and fun dolphin facts that will have children of all ages entertained and amazed!
"Our 3 Year Old Loves These Books" - by Nell
We started trying to get our 3 year old to sit longer before bedtime to read books (to help calm him down) and grabbed the Ice Wizard book first. Our son loved it so much that we have since purchased a number more.

Our son will soon be 4 and we are pleased that this will be among his birthday presents. These books are fun for kids, and introduce them to concepts that they might not know of. (Especially since we don't watch a lot of tv).

There are few illustrations however the story keeps kids interested. We can't wait until our son can read these on his own.
"Awesome" - by Mom
My 2-year-old loves this book! The pictures are so cute and the story is just the cutest dialogue ever. Really worthwhile to get this book for your little one!
"Nice book full of dolphin information and pictures." - by Debbie (Harrison, AR United States)
This book is about dolphins and is targeted at ages 7 to 10. It contains 100 full color photographs of different types of dolphins and dolphin relatives. The text did use some challenging words for that age group, but they included how to pronounce any challenging words and what they mean. The book talked about dolphin body parts, what is unique about dolphins, how they live (like their hunting habits and community tendencies), and listed types of ocean and river dolphins and their differences. They talked about how dolphins get around and hunt and how smart they are as well as described some animals related to dolphins (like orcas and pilot whales), some dolphin trivia, ancient tales about dolphins, and stories of dolphins helping others. The book also talked about current threats to dolphins and how to help them. Overall, I'd recommend this book to kids (or even adults) who ... full review
"6yr old reader's review" - by Window shoppa
Dolphin school is a really good book because its cool to read about dolphins doing majic and dolphins are really cool and it teaches about friendship.
"Everyone friendly" - by Zack
My kid brother loves this book. Especially after I read it to him. I loved this book when I was a kid so now we're even.
"She asked for her first Mermaid Tales book because she liked the cover" - by Reengineered
My 4 year old loves me to read these books to her. She asked for her first Mermaid Tales book because she liked the cover. I was amazed at house interested she was when I read it to her.
"Great Information" - by Gerry
I purchased this book for a seven year old. Dolphins are her favorite ocean creature. The book is very informative and the photos are nice too. She shared this with her class and her classmates really enjoyed it too. It is full of information and age appropriate.
"its entertaining and you won't get bored.." - by Karen S. Fenton
My 2 year old LOVES this book- he knows how to identify whales and dolphins of all types now and can do so even from random stickers or drawings he sees somewhere else. As a parent who has to read it everyday, its entertaining and you won't get bored...too much :-)
"An amazing book!!" - by Dad of Divas (Michigan)
Here is another excellent book for children written by Virginia McKenna.
In this story two bottle nose dolphins named Tom and Misha were captured off the coast of Turkey. They were placed in the chlorine saturated pool in a Dolphin show on the coast of turkey.

Dolphins are intelligent animals. They have feelings like humans. Tom and Misha were together but it was not a life a dolphin should have.

Born Free Foundation sounded the alarm and many people came to protest what was happening with Tom and Misha. Thanks to many people and specialists, Tom and Misha were placed in an ocean environment to rehabilitate. Because of the dedication of many, the dolphins were released into the wild once again.

Virginia McKenna supplies the reader with valuable information about dolphins and their needs. It is a story worth reading to your child. You will both enjoy the photographs included in the book.
"My six year old and I really enjoyed this book" - by Heather Franklin (Houston, TX USA)
We love books based on true stories, and knowing this story was true really added so much to the enjoyment. It's a heartwarming and exciting story to read to a child.
"A fun mystery story about developing friendships and leadership qualities" - by BT (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
I gave this book a 5-star rating because it's compelling to keep reading once you begin
In the first part of the book, the way that Maddie developed her deep friendship with Sam brought tears to my eyes. As the story evolved, I really liked the Alice in Wonderland feel and the challenges put in front of Maddie at every turn. As she overcomes her fear, Maddie meets each of the challenges, displaying leadership qualities such as confidence, empathy, and courage.. Though book was probably written for 8-12 yr olds, it's enjoyable for all age groups - because it is a story that can be enjoyed at face value (solving a mystery), but can also be enjoyed as a book about values and purpose.