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"The lights are awesome and the effects are great" - by Robert Komorowski
The lights are awesome and the effects are great! Easy to setup and worth the purchase. I do recommend maybe using a stronger adhesive for customers in hotter regions like Phoenix though. After 1 day in the sun only 1 of my 4 light strips actually stayed where I adhered it. The other 3 fell onto the floor so I am going to try a little bit of putty (safe for car interiors and fabrics) and see if the result is optimal. Overall, I do like the product and am happy with my purchase.
"Very pleased" - by Andrew
Was very impressed with the speed of delivery. It was shipped via USPS and was double sealed. However, the ones i received are not as bright as they are in the picture, but are bright none the less. Easy to install. They install just like any other bulbs you would use to replace the current ones. I really don't have a complaint about these. I would definitely order from them again in the future. Or if i were asked, i would point them to LED parts now.
"This is a perfect replacement and very good quality" - by Patrick Leo Hijduk
This is a perfect replacement and very good quality. Found great installation video online. I'm not sure why I lived with a broken one for so long.
"Perfect Fit" - by Steve Velazquez
This little cover works great. I keep a lot of little items down in the storage area and covering them up adds a cleaner appearance to my console.
"Great upgrade at a great price!" - by Amazon Customer
I bought these for my 2008 Silverado and had them installed in about 1/2 hour. Would have been done sooner but took my time because it's very cold out and I didn't want to damage any of the light covers while prying them off. It's a nice clean, white light that really makes the interior look great. The map and dome lights DO dim slowly (as they are supposed to) once the door is closed which was what I was most curious about, since I wasn't sure how "dimmable" the LED's would be compared to the regular bulbs. The only issue I had was that on one of the license plate lights, only 1 of the tiny little squares lit up. I called customer service and they informed me the bulbs had a 1 yr. warranty and said they would ship me another one today. ... full review
"Lifechanger!" - by Amazon Customer (Minnesota)
I bought my 2009 Suburban used and the middle console has just been one, VERY LARGE, compartment since I bought it. I finally bought one of these (2 years later) and am already regretting not doing it sooner. This thing is a life changer when it comes to keeping your vehicle organized and clutter-free. Which is a necessity with a suburban and 3 boys!
"Perfect" - by Amazon Customer
Nice heavy duty cover. Perfect and a better price than dealer. Very easy to install or take down..
"Overall nice-not complete kit for Denali" - by crossleym (Overland Park, KS USA)
Overall impressed with the kit. All were good quality bulbs, not a single dud. I purchased this for a 2002 Yukon Denali. I'm a few bulbs short with this particular kit from doing a full LED conversion for the interior (includes icense plate/and mirror puddle lights outside). After installing all the bulbs, I still need need 3 more t10 wedge lights (two door lights/rear center console light), and two 42mm lights for the mirror puddle lights) I'm guessing the Denali has some additional lights the Tahoe doesn't.

Overall nice. A few things would have been helpful: 1) a list in the description of what exactly is included, every bulb and what size they are. 2) some sort of guide of where they go (I just guessed, but for the most part it is obvious)
"Everything fits fine" - by Holgar Walwood
Some people have complained about the door lights, as of 3/15/2017 they send you thin "chip" style wedge bulbs that fit perfectly with plenty of room to get in. All others fit and function very well. Very bright too!
"Great fit" - by jarrett smith
Great fit, fast shipping. Overall I like Husky products. Second set I have purchased. Some complain about these covering the Z71 emblem on the exit trim and that personal preference. Doesn't bother me. I'm a bit clumsy at times when I get out, so it's a bonus for me. I will buy Husky again always a great value and never have an issue with them. BTW 2017 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71 LTZ Midnight Edition
"Work in 2016/17 Subarus" - by J. N. Sanders (North Pole, AK)
Used them for the trunk, driving lights, puddle lights (bottom of doors), and reverse lights in our 2016 Subaru Outback and 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. These are SUPER bright, and after about two weeks are holding up well!
"custom made for my 2013 silverado" - by Viet
I used all of the provided screws. Didn't have to remove wheels, only had to drill the bottom hole going from underneath for these front ones. I followed the instructions and they are on tight and look great. You can turn your wheels to make room for drill.
"2016 Silverado" - by TeamsterGene
Fits my '16 Silverado perfectly! Inside dimensions; Deep compartment- 5.25" long X 4.75" wide X 4" deep (2" with divider in place). Shallow compartment- 5.25" long X 5" wide X 2" deep. Coin holder capacity is 10 quarters, 16 dimes & 10 nickels. Approximately 5.75" of depth between the bottom of console and bottom of organizer.