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"Great for kids" - by Mt
I bought the art book, the art book for children and also the art book for children two they are all great books for kids to initiate exploring the art
by DK
"My "Go to" birthday present" - by Kikibat
This is my "go to" birthday present for 5-8 year olds. First bought this for my daughter when she turned 5, and she LOVED it. I enjoy giving books as gifts, so I ordered a bunch of these as birthday gifts. Makes it easy on me during birthday party season madness (educational, unisex, etc), and my daughter loves to share her "favorite" with her friends -- win, win!
"Excellent!" - by Sarah Parisi (Woodstock, IL)
I bought this for my 7-year-old son and I'm really pleased with it. The drawings are simple and easy to understand and copy, but the finished product looks really cool. My son really likes the book and is exciting about improving his drawing skills.
"I wanted to introduce my granddaughter to a variety of ..." - by Alaska Kate (The Great Land)
I wanted to introduce my granddaughter to a variety of artists and she enjoys it. I wish there were fewer "modern" artists and thus the 4 stars.
"Great introduction to art for children." - by Suezq02 (Plant City, FL)
I purchased this book used. It is in excellent condition. The book containes wonderful art. It is a great tool to introduce my daughter to art.
"perfect" - by M. H. (Richmond, VA USA)
My students love to read when they finish a project early and this is a great series of books for them to learn about art.
"This whole series is fantastic" - by Amazon Customer (Minnesota)
I can't say enough good about this series. It is a creative way to introduce kids to these artists. They are written to be kids stories and entertain while throwing in some information about who the artist is, to show the artists' general style and introduce some specific works by the artist. My daughter is 5. She soaks this stuff in. I think she would have been able to be as receptive to the stories at age 4 and maybe just earlier than that but it would have been pushing the envelope. I suspect she will enjoy the stories for another couple years.

It has lead us to google some of the actual artists' works. My daughter now wants to find some museums that have some of the pieces that are addressed in the books.
"BEAUTIFUL" - by dawnica
One of the most beautiful books I've ever read. My 3yo absolutely loves it and I love it even more. I was ecstatic to add it to our book collection and display it front and center on the shelf
"Cute book for kids who love to draw" - by Sunshine
I bought this as a gift for a little boy who likes to draw. I looked at it before I gave it to him and the steps may be hard for a younger child to really follow, but most of them are pretty easy to follow and understand. I would say it's most useful for ages 8+.
"probably like a lot of children) - and I learn more ..." - by Mina
I use this book (and part one) to teach my 4 year old son more about art (which he's passionate about, probably like a lot of children) - and I learn more in the process too :).
"Fantastic kid friendly art book" - by Amazon Customer
Fantastic kid friendly art book. No inappropriate/questionable pictures (realize that comes with art sometimes, however, it is nice to have a resource that I don't have to worry about using with kids), so kid friendly to have in a classroom. My students study architecture and the art from the time periods when the architecture was popular, so this book was a wonderful resource for the research that my students conduct with their projects.