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"Excellent projector for the price!" - by Justin Thielman
When it came time to replace my 60" plasma, I started my obsessive research on projectors. I spent weeks learning about them, comparing brands and models, and reading reviews. I finally decided on an Epson Home Cinema 1060 (note: not this projector). I was so excited and went to set it up in what I thought was our pretty average-sized living room, only to discover that I had missed something in all my research, PROJECTION DISTANCE RANGE!!! Please be sure to measure the size of your screen and the distance from the screen to where you want to place the projector and check that the projector you want will work with that range. When I mounted the HC 1060 on the shelf I installed, the projector was too far away and the image was far too large to fit on the 110" screen, even with the zoom at the smallest ... full review
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"I'm pleased with it's performance and how easy it was to ..." - by jason sparks
Honestly, I've never owned a projector, I have no experience with projectors, nor know the difference between projectors. I purchased this projector to project my business logo at my office. As a novice owner, I'm pleased with it's performance and how easy it was to adjust the image for proper wall placement. this projector is compatible with most ceiling mounts (I assume since I bought a random mount and it worked perfectly.) It has USB-A (flash drive), USB-B, Audio/Video (Red, Yellow, White), Computer Monitor Connect and HDMI. Overall I find this projector to be a great buy for the price and would recommend to anyone.
"Exceeded expectations." - by S. Louis (St. Johns, FL)
I just hooked this up and barely messed with any settings. The pictures were taken mid-day with lots of light spilling in but they appear more washed out in the photos than to the eye. Also, the image is much sharper than the photos reveal. I am very impressed... so impressed that I ordered a 2150 for the living room. The speaker is very tinny sounding and this thing gives off considerable heat. I expected the speaker to be bad so I had already ordered a nice set of speakers. The projector is currently a mere 7ish ft from the wall in the photos. I cant wait to get it all set up with the settings locked in, speakers hooked up, and the image projected onto the screen. Great buy!
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"Brilliant display even in a brightly lit room" - by bshelkey
We have had a 92" fixed screen in our living room since 2004 and I have always been a fan of DLP projectors. Our 9 year old BenQ died so the hunt was on to replace. After agonizing over reviews for 2 months and narrowing a selection down I finally chose the HC1060. I still was hesitant that an LCD system was not going to outperform what I had been used to. Boy was I wrong. This projector delivers and makes a very vivid display that has impressed me entirely. The screen we have is a 1.2 gain formula that assists mostly in producing blacks during dark scenes but also helps increase light output as we have a lot of ambient outdoor light that comes through a nearby triple slider patio door. Even in the brightest part of the day the picture is displayed like a mural on the wall. ... full review
"See it to believe it" - by Vinod M.
Value for money and excellent product. You will have to see it to believe it. I have seen demos in premier stores of the high end projectors and also a couple at my friends' house. I was a bit skeptical to purchase in the beginning because of what the product claims to do at the price, but it does it all. 2D to 3D conversion, wireless streaming, easy setup, MHL availability and most importantly - picture clarity. It's truly HD. Even in Eco mode (Cinema display) it is atleast 4x better than your regular DLPs. Works very well even in ample light - the darker the better ofcourse. The Best part of it is auto keystone, such low fan noise that you will hardly notice and a fantastic speaker. I have mine hooked to a home theater, but will not shy to use the speaker on the projector. Its an ... full review
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"Freaking sweet projector. Unreal color, great price. Highly recommended!" - by CSharpDad
First, props to Amazon for excellent customer care. I pre-ordered this product, since it was coming out Aug 22nd, 2016. I got it from Amazon Aug 23rd. I rushed home from work, ripped out my old Mitsubishi 6800HC, adjusted the ceiling mount and installed this all my own. I was so damn excited. As soon as I powered it on, i saw the Epson logo popup... then all of a sudden, the shutter closed and the temp + power light were flashing. It was for sure not hot, waited a while, tried again. I called Epson premiere support, which they give you a contact number in the box where you get an expert for these higher end systems. The guy didnt even know about the 5040UB yet. Went through the troubleshooting guide, and he determined it was a bad sensor. He told me ... full review
"This is what you need!" - by Michael W. (Akron, OH United States)
I have had the Edson 2040 for less than a week, but I can say without doubt, this is the perfect traditional TV replacement!

I had a 65" Panasonic television for nearly a decade (720p). It was a great television, but it was time for an upgrade and I was on a budget. I'm not a huge fan of 4K resolution, it's just TOO sharp for my old eyes to enjoy to the fullest, but I planned on going that direction until I found that for my money I was going to have to go with a 55" screen... Then I discovered projectors.

I studied up... for a bright room get 3000+ lums, for good dark images go DLP, so on so forth... I shopped long and hard... finally I came to the Epson 2040. 1080p. Great short focus. 3D. Interpolation. It has it ... full review
"It has the best quality picture and feature set for the price range ..." - by Brent V. (Texas, USA)
I purchased the Optoma HD142X after a ton of research and time spent looking at projectors online. It has the best quality picture and feature set for the price range I was looking for. It really does have an amazing picture. I am currently using it with a 120" motorized screen. One of the reasons I went with this model was because of the higher brightness rating. I have it in my living room which has blinds over the windows, but theres still a decent amount of ambient light in the room in the middle of the afternoon. This projector is bright enough that it looks just as good as my LCD during the day.

Another nice feature of this projector is the 12v trigger port. Alot of projectors dont include this often overlooked feature. It allows you to automate your electric screen. ... full review
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"Compared to the WOWOTO T8e, Nebula made a great set of compromises on a truly portable device" - by Eric in Florida
After comparison to the WOWOTO T8E: Bumping up one star. I wish I could settle at say, 3.75 stars. I really want a bit more ANSI lumens (200 would be solid); and 720P. But Anker/Nebula clearly balanced a lot of choices in the design here. Internal apps also need work, and we need Google Play Services stat. I also think Netflix needs a tweak to support higher resolution streaming as it seems to settle on 480p and lower bitrate than I'd like and I find connecting my phone via HDMI results in a better Netflix experience.

Overall I'm sticking with the Nebula Capsule over the T8e. My reasons being:

1) Fan noise on the T8e is way too annoying
2) T8e has a terrible internal speaker, and using a BT speaker is a huge problem because of a .5s-1s audio delay
3) No smartphone app for control - ... full review
"Good projector for the price" - by Austin Hobbs
Great projector for the money. Very clear and bright image. I didn't notice any of the white hazing around the edges of the images like a lot of other reviewers did.
The good:
- Very clear image
- Light up remote control
- Super quiet fan, especially on eco mode
- Multiple HDMI inputs
- MHL support
- Powered USB port (but if you want to use a fire stick and you turn off the projector, it will kill power to that port)
The bad:
- Picture color accuracy could be better
- They changed the sleep timer. I can't seem to cancel it if it's about to go off. It's weird because my previous optoma projector let me do this.

Overall, its a great projector. The bad took me a while to come up with and are not deal breakers to me.
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"Great reasonably priced flat panel alternative for poor light controlled rooms" - by blarbles (Michigan)
Let me get this out of the way first:
The EPSON Home Cinema 4000 does do HDR at 4k but only at 30FPS. This means no video game HDR at 4k, but this isn't a concern for me, and if you are looking at this projector it probably isn't a concern for you either. I will explain more later.

Second: This isn't true 4k, but it looks pretty amazing regardless and I would surprised if someone could tell from reasonable viewing distance that it wasn't true 4k. Real 4k projectors are expensive, or DLP based (which I avoid, you can look up the plus and minus of DLP vs. LCD projectors) so this is a good balance in terms of picture quality and cost.

This is one of the few projectors out there that is reasonably priced that can be a decent flat-screen alternative. It is incredibly bright even on Eco and easily ... full review
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"Awesome Projector, GREAT value for the money" - by J. Richards (Michigan, United States)
Awesome projector! I had the Optoma HD25-LV prior to this one, this one has better color, higher contrast level (30k vs 20k), and just an overall better picture. It has a slightly less bright picture (3200 vs 3500) according to the specs but I cannot see the difference in the brightness of the picture. The darbee "effect" is real, you can see a definite difference in sharpness in depth and sharpness when enabled. All of this for considerably less than I paid for the HD25-LV years ago or what I would pay even now. Note this is my primary television display and is shooting onto a 110 inch screen on the wall.
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"Ht 2050- don't waste your money on the rec.709 take the 280$ you save and get a nice screen" - by Dave
This is my first projector after upgrading from a plasma, the colors are 10/10 for reproduction assuming you calibrate it correctly (run a google search and you'll find the article) and used a projection screen. I built a 120" diagonal screen with Carl's projection material and black tape and it turned out awesome for 85 buck total for all materials and wood. You will need to blackout the room to experience the full effect of this great projector obviously (there is a reason movie theatres minimize ambient light, so try to mimic those conditions I used black cotton fabric 12ft by 20 ft sheets hung on all walls and ceiling). The motion detection is flawless sports games have no lag or blur which I noticed on my friends more expensive Led projector(dlp uses a single light source where as Led has multiple making motion tracking on sub $1000 LCD projectors ... full review
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"So no perfect world theatre here" - by JARHEAD2098
My wife was upset I upgraded and spent so much on this projector... That is until she saw the picture. This projector blows my 2k$ Sony BXR Bravia LCD out of the water. No special screen... Actually a free motorized screen off a job site prob 10yrs old... It is paired with a Yamaha Avantage 2060 receiver and a cheap 20$ Sony blue ray player... Just for reference. My basement is well lit and has plenty of ambient light from 3 windows behind the screen and a sliding glass door about 12 away in the front... So no perfect world theatre here... The picture still is amazing. No worries with this projector. I also used the Peerless PRG-UNV-W to mount which is solid and easy to install.This mount is exceptional for DIY'ers, it has precise adjustments so even if your mounting isn't perfectly aligned you can very easily get the ... full review
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"Great home theater and gaming projector" - by Geoff S.
I am a first-time projector owner in a new home with a large wall, so decided to save some money and buy this rather than a new 60" television. As a new user, I must say I am blown away by the device. Out of the box with no adjustments, we're projecting what must be a 120" image on a white wall and it looks incredible. The built-in speaker is fine, but I use an Apple TV with audio out to a Sonos system and it's amazing. One wall of the room we're projecting in is floor-to-ceiling windows, and we can still project easily during the day with the shades drawn. Also use for XBoxOne gaming and of course the large screen is a lot of fun for that. No complaints after first week of use.