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"Almost the Classic but for sure not the Original" - by Liz Moser
Well great game and it is like the Classic game, but it is not the same characters and style weapons as original game of clue. The characters are not the same pictures as original characters on the cards - same names but different pictures. The weapons are a little different - again same type but different molded shapes. But if you are looking for something close to the Original this is it. The pictures of the rooms seem closer to the original but again they 'modernized it' which to me made it loose some of the "CLASSIC" feel. But the rooms are located in original locations and have the secret passages to the same rooms as original.
"Back to my childhood" - by Dawn In Houston, TX
I bought it to play with my 7 year old granddaughter...and grandparents love to walk down their childhood lanes anyway. I'm not sure why the manufacturer didn't make the cards different colors (see reviews from Buyers)...but I just wrote the correct name on the appropriate card. FUN!
"Brings me back." - by Barbara Fallica
This is the traditional SORRY game that I remember having over 50 yrs ago. I was looking for this as I dont like the new one that is out. The only thing different is that the tokens are made of plastic instead of wood and the yellow and green ones are a lighter color. Thats why I gave it 4*s. Still fun to play with many laughs.
"The Real Deal!" - by Melody Hamlin (NJ, USA)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out with this anniversary Candyland. It is the best and only one you should own! Get it while it is available. Just like the original one I grew up with. Oops, just dated myself! Highly recommend. Now my grandchildren can play the real deal! The newer versions do not hold a candle to this!
"Great game for children" - by Amy K.
I am a teacher and find this is a great game for children ages 4 and up. It helps children learn to count. As they get old it can help them understand strategy. I found that the home section can be confusing to 4 and 5 years olds. When I played with my little sister she had trouble with the understanding that you don't use those spots when you go around the board.

This game also helps 4 and 5 year olds with their small motor skills. The child must put the small piece in the hole and make sure it goes fully in.

I payed the extra money for the classic version of the game. The new version is not as nice to look at (more black and white than colorful).
"Guess Who? for The Next Generation" - by Jaynie Patricia
My 4 year old just got her tonsils out and I was on the search for activities we could do to keep her quiet and still. I found Guess Who at a local store and was disappointed that it had been altered from the original version and game play wasn't nearly as fun (or simple; what kinds of questions can you ask about food before you're repeating the same ones over and over every game?) I decided to look for the "old" version on Amazon and was THRILLED to find this brand new!! We played many games and love it so much more than the new version I found. I even had my sister over so we could play a few rounds, just like we did as children!! This will be my go-to gift for preschool-elementary kids from now on!!
"A Nice Addition to any Collection" - by NotJustMum (North East)
Fond childhood memories come back with this game. I love how well made this game is and for the price wow. The cups are large and the dice are medium size so you can see the dots easily with out needing a magnifying glass (lol) The pieces are made of wood and the colors are bold not faded like some inexpensive game boards you find.

Gather around For a Winner takes all game to the death because this game board can take it, and you will laugh all the way. A must have for anyone who loves to play game night and is a nice well made addition for any collection.
"Great game for a family game night!! ****4 player game with lots of changes from the original*******" - by Julie (Ma,)
In order to enjoy this game do not compare it to the original one. My kids (ages 6 and 9) love this game. They love a lot of the newer aspects like the different careers, the night school option to get a new career and the family path that gives more opportunities for having babies. The action cards are fun because some of them have start family conversation which is fun. One says "You started a band" (you either earn some money or have to pay for starting the band I forgot) and then it says what instruments does everyone play? Those questions just add to the fun. There are only a couple cons in my opinion. I am sad it is only 4 players and not 6. If you choose not to go to college you are probably not going to win. The ... full review
"Original design from my childhood" - by Melanie
Remember this game from my childhood. I was happy to find the original design. My kids love to play this especially when the weather is cold out. My 5 yr. old daughter loves this game and could literally play this for hours. Everybody plays video games anymore but it's nice to take a break from the devices and have a family game night the old fashioned way once in awhile.
"just like i remembered from my childhood in the early 80s" - by Jen (Atlanta, GA)
game arrived shrink wrapped as if I purchased it in person from a toy store. all game pieces were still in individual packaging and nothing appeared broken.
"Great Quality" - by ERICA M (NOWHERE, USA)
I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this product based on that good ol' saying, "you get what you pay for." Boy was I pleasantly surprised! The quality of this item is 10 times better than expected! It's going to make a great Christmas present.
"Classic game! But where's the storage?" - by Louise H
What a great classic game! The one downfall would have to be the fact that the game pegs have no pouch or place for storage. They come in a non-closable and non re-usable plastic bag so once the bag is opened that's it! We solved this problem by getting some ziploc bags and making it work. The upside? This is great game of strategy and it's a lot of fun!
"Minor Differences, Otherwise a True Classic Version" - by CallistianStar
I'm comparing this edition with the version I bought roughly in 1996. Overall, this is a great classic throwback. I bought this set mostly because I had lost 70% of the houses and hotels from the old version. Compared to the 1996 version, the chance and community chest cards, the tokens, and even the money look the same. The board might have been made out of a slightly different material, but on the surface also looks the same.

The only major difference were the houses and hotels. There is a shingle design on this new one on the roofs of both the houses and hotels, whereas the old version was just a smooth surface with the chimney. The base of the new houses and hotels is thinner than the older model as well.

Personally, I'm very satisfied with this product.
"A big thumbs up from our family" - by Lynn
I grew up playing scrabble and always loved it. Sadly my daughter recently told me that we seriously dropped the ball in her board game education. Amazon to the rescue, I ordered the game and it was delivered the very next day. I can happily say we have played many games of scrabble and she loves it just as much as I do.
The board is a little flimsy but you just have to be careful. I love the drawstring bag to keep the letters in and the plastic letter stand work just as good as the old wooden ones.
"I love that you can choose how long you play for ..." - by melissa (Barnegat, NJ)
Got this for my kids for Christmas and we've had a challenge going twice a week ever since. I didn't really know much about this game until we played it. I love that you can choose how long you play for beforehand. For example 2 months will take almost an hour, 4 months will take about an hour and a half, and so on. Love that flexibility.