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In stock on June 4, 2020.
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"Things I discovered in 6 months of using these Mellanni sheets (two sets, two beds)." - by WayneChicago (Fox Valley, Illinois USA)
Here are things that you would not perhaps know unless you owned these exact sheets for six months like we have:

They are staying together well, no seams have split, no hanging threads.

They are thin, so they take up very little room in the laundry hamper and in the washer and dryer when balled up.

They are easily air dried on a rack or clothesline due to their thinness.

If one likes the feel of freshly washed, crisp sheets, these are not going to be your favorites; even washed and dried, they are never crisp, stiff, tight, or any of those kinds of words.

If one likes the feeling of soft sheets, silky, smooth, flowing, then these may be your favorites.

They seem colorfast; we bought the gray color and I cannot say they are any dingier or less vibrant than the day we bought them.

These microfiber-style, polyester sheets absolutely show oil stains more than ... full review
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"A must-have for vacation rental properties" - by N. Freeman
Wrinkle-resistant? More like wrinkle-proof. I got tired of wrinkled sheets in my vacation rental property, so I figured I'd try a set of these. They cost 1/3 of what I paid for the "high quality" sheets I bought that wrinkle like hell. The first time I pulled them out of the dryer and put them on the bed, I was completely stunned. You would have thought I had ironed them they were so smooth and crisp looking. As for the actual feel of them, they are ridiculously soft and have a luxurious hotel feel to them. I like them so much, I bought two more sets. I can't imagine using anything else in my rental properties.
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"Finally, Sheets that stay on an Ergomatic Bed!!" - by Linda Williams (TN)
I was waiting to give a review on these 600 Thread Count sheets by California Design Den until I had used them a few nights. When I opened them, I was so pleased with the softness of the cotton. They have a silky feel. I washed them and put them on my queen sized Tempur-Pedic Ergomatic mattress. This mattress is like a hospital bed, with the head and foot able to be adjusted. I have to sleep with my head elevated, sometimes a great deal, so my other sheets would "pop" off after the first night. The head and foot would stay on, but the middle of the bottom sheet would come off, showing the mattress. These new sheets by California Design Den stay on!! I haven't seen the mattress one time after nearly a week. And, they feel luxurious when ... full review
In stock on June 7, 2020.
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"Must have more!" - by Helen Griffis (Fort Collins, CO)
These are so soft, well made, and just what I was looking for. Tried the microfiber which is also soft, but not breathable. I found myself sweating. These are perfect!
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"Simply the Best!" - by Moni (Roaming Shores, Ohio)
I can't believe the hundreds of $$ that I've wasted on high thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets... when I could've been buying sheets
100X softer! These sheets are fabulous! I love the vibrant color! I accidentally bought the split king for my California split king...the fitted sheets were a lil snug but they work. I would buy a lot more if they came in full & California King sizes. They don't even sell the pillow cases in the aqua. Bummer!
These pictures were taken after having the sheets a couple months. There is no piling, no fading & they still look brand new.
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"a friend got these and said she loved them, I got them thinking I would more ..." - by Eurshla O (California, USA)
I only know 1000 Thread Count or higher sheets, a friend got these and said she loved them, I got them thinking I would more than likely be returning them and ummm NO, I Love my sheets, these are quite lovely. I'm not too hot, or too cold, if I start to get to warm, I simply move a little and the sheets just kind of cool, I don't know how to really explain it.. I like the elastic on the fitted sheet, and how it grabs the my memory foam bed. At first when I unfolded it, I thought it was cheaply made, but now I realize it's designed this way purposely, and its so easy to get on the mattress (Cal King), the top sheet is very nicely sized, the color is rich, very nice sheets.
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"False advertising" - by Rob Resendez
These are titled, on Amazon, as "1800 Thread Count Egyptian”.

This is completely misleading. The label on the received product says, "Experience the comfort and soft touch as a ... ::Huge bold letters:: 1800 thread count.."

The title also says, "Egyptian". These are not cotton. These are 100% polyester.

The sheets feel like the cheap 5 dollar sets that are usually sold as child sheets. If you're looking for quality linens, this is not what you're looking for. That there are 5 star reviews is questionable. I'm surprised Amazon allows this sort of intentionally misleading marketing
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"BUY THEM - Your HUSBAND will THANK YOU!" - by Stevizard (Ohio, USA)
Ok, guys aren't supposed to comment on things like this (bed sheets), but I've got to quietly confide in you, THESE ARE BEST SHEETS IN THE WORLD! Please, please don't tell my wife that I commented about them ... she will think I've gone soft or something. But honestly, they are truly the most comfy, cozy, softest bed sheets ever. I can't wait to crawl in between these cool white sheets at bed time. I'm out as soon as I pull them up over me and my head hits the pillow - they are just that nice.

So, if you find yourself needing new sheets, you can be pretty sure your hubby won't complain if you get these ... he is going to love them, too.
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"Buyer beware!!!" - by Renee' Haar
I first bought a set of these sheets in July 2016. They were fantastic, soft, comfortable!! I decided to order a second set. To my disappointment, the set I have most recently received are not only same sheets, they are a different color and a completely different material. Even the hems are different. The sheets aren't soft and all they are is microfiber. Even the tags are different, the little one is the original. It's false advertising to hit "buy it again" if the company does not sell the same product. In each photo the one on the left was the original purchase.
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"Those are great sheets, but honestly" - by Jo Beth H.
I hardly ever write product reviews, but I do rely on them heavily when deciding on purchases. I have an adjustable Serta iComfort mattress and base, and could NEVER get the sheets to stay on because they were not deep enough for the mattress. I would always buy extra deep, and even the clip-ons to hold the sheet down, but inevitably they would slip off from adjusting the bed up or down, or even after a few nights of just sleeping in them. I finally found a sheet called DreamFit that has the same sewn in straps to keep the sheet on, but for five times this price. Those are great sheets, but honestly, I don't know that there is a quality difference between that brand and these. I plan on buying a few more sets to rotate through when I wash the bedding...and why not for this price?!
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"Again thanks for making our life comfortable again. Linda from Sardis" - by Amazon Customer
At first I didn't even know sort of comfort we needed in sheets, but the moment we got ready for bed and layed on our new 'Egyptian' sheets well let me just say COMFORT is the magical word...
Thanks for making our not so sleepy nights into wanting to stay in bed or to bed early night.

Again thanks for making our life comfortable again.

Linda from Sardis, Ga
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"Best sheets! Best sheets for the price on the planet!" - by Jennandmacie
This is my first purchase that I have ever reviewed on Amazon. I read them a lot to help me make purchasing decisions but I never leave feed back one way or the other. I'm busy, a new mom, and little time. I buy high end, high quality things most the time. I don't mind paying extra money to get higher quality and longer lasting items. Sheets and towels always confound me. I've spent lots of money on high thread count brand name sheets only available in fine retailers, I've bought high thread count in regular big box stores, I've bought low thread count, brushed cotton, combed cotton, turkish cotton, egyption cotton, etc. You name it, I've bought it. None have ever been al that spectacular especially when you factor in the price. In fact,, the best sheets to me are my ... full review
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"The best ever!" - by Frank Burdette
Recently my wife and I purchased a new King size bed and after having a queen size we needed new sheets. I didn't know there were so many types and styles of sheets on the market. However, I did my research and learned a lot. With that being said, we chose the Thread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets with a 1000 thread count and I can say they are the best and most comfortable sheets we have ever had. I highly recommend these sheets and, as needed, we'll purchase them again.