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"Great Star Wars art lacking some organisation" - by Parka (Singapore)
Star Wars Art: Concept continues the Star Wars series of large oversized hardcover artbooks from publisher Harry N. Abrams. The books before are [[ASIN:1419704303 Star Wars Art: Illustration]], [[ASIN:1419700766 Star Wars Art: Comics]] and [[ASIN:0810995891 Star Wars Art: Visions]].

I didn't know what to make of this book before buying. It's about concept art but there are already has dedicated artbooks for all their six movies.

Well, this book features a mixture of concept art in the style of fully painted pieces, such as those from Ralph McQuarrie, some comic style art with outlines and markers, the very textural grayscale scenes you see from Doug Chiang and digital paintings. You can really see the transition from using traditional to digital media for creating art somewhere in the middle of the book. I definitely prefer the traditional media art, even though the digital paintings are also good.

The ... full review
"Awesome book! Contains tons of valuable information" - by Joe Zanco
I am a freelance concept artist and just picked up my copy. Awesome book! Contains tons of valuable information. Only wish that I could have had a book like this years earlier. Excellent tool for beginners and a fresh perspective for pros.
"Worthy addition to any digital artist's library" - by Mark
Very informative book that not only showcases brilliant artists and their process, but also goes back to the fundamental basics that all artists need to master. From color theory to form and structure these artists know what a beginner character designer needs to learn in order to create something spectacular.
"A nice book for fans" - by Nicolas Hernandez Pons (Santiago, Chile)
As much as i liked the movie, i can't help to feel that the book fails to keep up to it's standard.
But don't get me wrong. The book is very complete in showing the work behind the movie, and does it neatly.

It starts with an introduction by the very same Hayao Miyazaki, and the follows with sketches, concept art, background art, character design, screenshots, and even the complete movie script.

The only critisims i could give is that the book itself feels a bit washed out. The design of the book doesn't keep up with the beautiful/folklore inpired art it is showing, plain white being the common concept from front to back cover. Maybe this isn't that important, but a preetier design would've sure make a nice adition (see Art of Okami).

That aside, a very nice book for fans of the movie.
"Perfect addition to my art / design books collection" - by Andrea Sánchez Quintana
Perfect addition to my art / design books collection. Features almost all Pixars movies and the quality of the printing is excellent. The book came in excellent quality, and wrapped in plastic. I have it as a decoration item in my art studio.
"A solid book!" - by Amazon Customer (Southern California)
I love this book. This gave me some solid basic principles that I overlooked for years.
"Fantastic Gift" - by RobinsonTribe
My husband collects the "Art of..." books. As a tribal member, he is particularly taken by the emphasis on culture in this book. Beautiful imagery.
"Beautiful Destiny" - by Parka (Singapore)
The Art of Destiny is a nice companion art book for the game. It's quite a large 216-page hardcover with a non-glossy smooth surface dust jacket. The paper and printing quality are fantastic. Note that there are two publishers for this book, Insight Editions and Titan Books, selling at different regions and prices.

There's a generous amount of sci-fi environment art in the book from the Bungie artists. So if you like the sci-fi environment art from the recent Halo artbooks, you'll enjoy this book.

The landscapes from other planets are breathtaking to look at. It's quite cool to see how artists imagine civilization on other planets, in this case collapsed civilization, abandoned cities, space metropolis and other exotic locales. Some of the places do feel grandiose, epic.

The environment art are mostly printed gorgeously big but there are also many terrific pieces printed smaller. They are ... full review
"Fantastic Resource, Worth Multiple Reads. Not just for Photoshop users." - by shiro13
I'm just getting into digital art (or illustration in general), and I loved this book. It discusses a variety of topics: composition, color theory, work flow, digital brushes, an introduction to a variety of painting styles, and advice on how to achieve a variety of specific effects (e.g. painting eyes, skin, smoke, hair, etc.). Although it only touches upon each subject, it's a fantastic resource for anyone just starting out. Once you've read this, then you'll have an idea of what you want to learn about more in depth. I just finished it, and I fully expect to go back multiple times either to reference a topic or to reread sections as a refresher.

This is not just for users of Photoshop. I use Krita, an open source software that does pretty much everything that Photoshop does, but sometimes in different ways. Whenever ... full review
"Excellent book. Well worth the price!" - by Joshua Shiflet
I got my book the other day, and I'm absolutely blown away with how beautiful this book is. All the illustrations are crisp and stunningly well done. Highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the movie. Just make sure you skip the Kindle version.

-- Old Kindle version review --
I've got the actual book on order, but that might be a while off, so I jumped at the chance to buy the kindle version to get a nice early peek at the wonderful illustrations inside. Sadly nearly all the illustrations are of a poor jpeg like quality. Some are so bad they are nearly unreadable.

I'm incredibly sad I wasted $16 on this inferior version.
"Ranks up there with Art of Monsters Inc." - by Stop Motion Maniac (Toonville)
This is one of my very favorite Art of titles...right up there with Art of Monsters Inc, and for the same reasons. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon is chock-full of concept artwork, and the only reproductions of movie stills are from a chapter appropriately titled Layout, Cinematography & 3D. So for those of you looking for concept work, this is the book for you. I would say it's as good as The Art of Monsters Inc., but the range of medium and style is not as broad in The Art of How to Train Your Dragon. An excellent title nonetheless.
"Solid behind the scenes art book" - by Maurice Mpayamaguru (Atlanta, GA)
Great book as usual, but I'm kind of disappointed that there aren't more puppet photographs included. It's mostly concept art which is great, but I'd like to see the workmanship and detail of the final puppets themselves. Also more about the mechanical functioning of some of the more complicated characters would have been nice.
"Awesome insight into the game art biz" - by Small Scale Business
I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas because she wants to become a concept artist for video games. This book not only gave her hope that there are plenty of jobs out there for artists, but also gave her practical tips on how to land them.
Thanks for writing this book, Sam!
"Love this book" - by A. Garavaglia (Detroit MI)
I'm an art teacher who teaches foundations and I've been searching for years for a book that connects the import of knowing the basics and their application to today's technology and media. This is the book. A Rembrandt on one page, a Halo still on the other. The book discusses perspective, foreshortening, atmosphere, composition, figure - all the things an artist should know but students who want to do digital work think the computer will do for them. This book is fun and really integrates the two genres (traditional and digital artwork) in a way that is useful and cohesive to the reader. Highly recommend for students and teachers alike. Not for art snobs who discriminate against the genre, but it would do them good to read. Venues that pay commercial artists and designers are just as dependent on the artful ... full review
"Gorgeous book on the concept art and design in the FB movie; not for those who want classic movie tie-in material" - by Ex-Pat Brit (Baltimore, MD)
So you, also, loved Fantastic Beasts? Great! I took a mound of Fantastic Beasts film tie-in books out of the library and I have provided a summarized review for you of each book to help you pick out the best souvenir for your needs. All books are lovely and well-produced. The books are approximately in price point order, from most expensive to least expensive.

1. Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the art of the film
This is a gorgeous book written by a concept artist that focuses on the brilliant artwork of Stuart Craig, one of the top production designers in the business. Those sets and fantastic beasts took a lot of brilliant design work, and you can really appreciate it by seeing the sketches, storyboards, and paintings for the movie. This book is for those who are interested in the art side – this is, ... full review