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"Very happy with this!" - by Slippednfell
Metal construction and easy to use. I really like this press. I wish it held more dough than it does, but that just gives me a reason to make sure I have a variety of shapes because I can change the disc more often.
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"So easy to work with" - by Vered Mullin
Must have!! So easy to work with, perfect shape gives the cookies the perfect crunch. Love it!!
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"Super Haven't used it for meat yet" - by Robert L House (Charlotte, nc, United States)
My wife and I make German Christmas cookies. Super Haven't used it for meat yet.
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"I made beautiful cookies in no time" - by Bunny (USA)
At first I was frustrated that they wouldn't stick, but then I realized that my cookie sheet was very smooth, so I switched to a different cookie sheet with a bit rougher surface and they all stuck to it! You have to go slow. After you press the lever, wait a second and slowly tilt the press to one side. Then lift it off. I made beautiful cookies in no time.
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"Works well." - by Swingle
Got this for my wife for making christmas cookies. Thing is easy to use. My 3 year old son could even help her with it. Im not a baker but i dont understand the poor reviews. Seems like it works well and she says it works nice
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"Was looking for it for long time" - by Amazon Customer
Already bought one, I like the quality, great product.
I bought 2 more 1 to have another and the second for a friend, work perfect
Thank you
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"A must buy for people who bake. I was ..." - by Rohit
A must buy for people who bake . I was able to use it for extruding deep fry dough and other delicacies .
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"Five Stars" - by Beta Forrest
Works perfect for sealing the packages for my bath bombs and soaps
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"Great machine." - by Linda S. Wright (Chicago, IL USA)
After reading some of the reviews I was a little anxious about buying this.When I received the press, I mixed up a batch of dough and proceeded to bake them in the press. The press worked beautifully. It cooked perfectly and very quickly. I followed the instructions and sprayed the press with Pam before using it and there was no sticking, Not even a little. They popped out brown and crispy. If you want to make Pizzelles this press is what you need. Clean up is very easy. Just wipe off and you are done. Just finished another batch just to make sure. Came out great.
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"Love this product" - by Sierra Cressman
After reading the reviews I had to get it. I love all the colors it came with. It doesn't leak, you don't even need a whole lot of color pending on what you are doing
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"Overcoming a tragic loss." - by Amazon Customer (Woodland, CA)
For over 40 years I've had a "Dolce" brand pizzelle maker. It finally gave up the ghost (may it rest in peace). I bought this because in the pictures it looked most like my Dolce. Differences? No lights. The two pizzelles have the identical design (they are reversed with the "star" up on one side and down on the other, so it took awhile to notice that. After 4 dozen pizzelle, I love it. It works perfectly. The handle is sturdier than on my old one, and the latch on the handle makes for a consistent and thin cookie. I used a timer and cooked for 30 seconds, which seemed perfect. Thank you, Palmer.
In stock on June 5, 2020.
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"cookie mold" - by c.shephard
this is a good quality mold for your walnut cookies!! perfect size.
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"Great Product" - by mzjudyhuynh
I've never used an air brush machine before, but this is pretty simple. It works perfectly! I can't wait to use it for all of my baked good projects. Another great thing is the price. It's pretty affordable compared to other machines.
"Droppin' Cookies Like Droppin' Rhymes" - by Ian
Brace yourself, I'm the ace with glaze
I'm a bustin out gingerbread in your face
In any case, yo, I'm frostin' like a steeplechase
MC pastry chefs: about face
Now step off, I need room for my bake-off
My custom made biscuits are crisp
Yours are soft
I think you're stuck with misery, you gonna be history
Yo, I planned it out just like a patisserie
Snicker-doodle back up, or come a clapper
I plan to trap a Master Chef and kidnap' em
Phony, so skip the torrone
You and your cronies need to stick to macaroni
And hard rolls, cause you just a rookie
When it was time for chef school you just eatin the cookie
Best of the batch, no man can catch up
Holes in your pate choux can't be patched, a battle's a mismatch,
I flip wafers like a acrobat
And I sugar coat like a diplomat
But when it's time for nut cracks, or def snacks
It's a thrill to run my food mill for ... full review