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"Solid, affordable, well-made, comfortable! Great for a student or a commute to work!" - by Cameron S.
This backpack is great for a college student like myself!

The positive:
It has plenty of space, is a good, stylish size and color, and it has many pockets for pretty much anything you can need. My 15.6" laptop (which is a bigger 15.6" gaming laptop) fits snugly into the laptop pocket. The backpack is made out of a relatively durable material and looks like a "brand-name" backpack, meaning it doesn't seem cheaply made (which you may expect from the price). It is also really comfortable, even packed full of books and my laptop.

A few negatives:
Although it is described as "waterproof", it is not. It is, however, very water resistant**. Secondly, the laptop pocket/zipper is on the opposite side of the straps than the rest of the backpack pockets, which is mildly annoying as you have to adjust the straps to access the pocket.

The verdict:
This backpack is ... full review
"Good Backpack" - by Sean
The first backpack I ordered was broken (see photos), the USB port was collapsed. Amazon provided a swift and easy return and I got a new backpack from the company that works perfectly. The company itself has great customer service and was able to help me every step of the way as they ordered me a new backpack.
I got it for my brother as a graduation gift and so far he is impressed with the functionality as well as the aesthetics of it. Great backpack for the everyday commuter, company is solid as well. Glad I got the backpack. Highly recommended.
"(Female) I scoured the internet searching for the perfect backpack that I'll use on my upcoming trip to ..." - by Amazon Customer
(Female) I scoured the internet searching for the perfect backpack that I'll use on my upcoming trip to Europe. My main wish list was to have a backpack with hidden/back pockets, usb port, and shoulder support. At first I wasn't too keen on having a backpack without front pockets, but after seeing this, I think it's perfect as a carry-on piece where I don't need to worry about someone opening a front pocket and trying to steal my snacks or socks. There are plenty of hidden pockets as well as easily accessible ones while wearing it. They really made use of all available space. I love the laptop shock support as well.
"Great backpack for students" - by Amazon Customer
Best backpack ever. It is used by a 7th grader and is holding up better than any other backpack he has used. I'll buy this brand again.
"Medium and Large Backpack Review" - by Bryan Oh
I got both the Medium and Large backpack and so I will review both and compare them side by side!

I have to say that these backpacks are hands-down the most comfortable I've ever used. They are well-cushioned and fit snugly over your shoulders and on your back. Sometimes, when I am late to class or have to catch the bus I have no worries running with my backpack since it is secure to my back and doesn't jiggle like the previous backpacks I have used. The biggest plus for me is that it seems to help with my posture because the backpack sort-of forces me to open my chest and stand up straight, especially with a laptop in the bag. I definitely feel much better walking around for long periods with it on and sometimes it feels like i'm not wearing a backpack at all!
The medium fits snugly on my ... full review
"Super cute." - by Amazon Customer
Super cute... great for carrying my laptop. Perfect size. The only negative is the fabric is very smelly (chemical smell). Other than that, it’s awesome.
"Worth every penny!!!" - by Brandon and Brandy
This is such a nice backpack. I am a medical student and its hard to find backs that can hold up with all the books we carry around it holds my two biggest books and a small binder plus my laptop its a little snug but I don't usually carry all that anyway. Its I bought this and now numorus students both male and female want one. I use my battery pack to charge my phone off it it works wonderful. I plan to buy another when this one gives out but it looks to be made of good quality so hopefully I have a few years before I have to replace it.
"Great for the Money!" - by Andy Crouse (Cincinnati, Ohio)
This is a good bag, very well priced and has a lot of room. I would highly recommend this bag if you are looking to get a nice bag for not a lot of money. The zippers are loud when you’re walking
"... a clotheshorse and reformed overpacker who is trying my best at minimalist travel" - by arshley (STATE COLLEGE, PA, United States)
I'm a clotheshorse and reformed overpacker who is trying my best at minimalist travel. I brought this on a 2 week long Japan trek with my goal being no checked baggage, ease of hauling around, and room for my capsule wardobe and makeup items. It was trial by fire. My husband and I were on the go the whole time, staying in hostels, walking as much as possible, and slipping into small spaces :) I found it to be durable, secure, comfy to carry, and almost like a Mary Poppins bag with seemingly limitless storage capacity and slight stretch! Bonus points for being squishable enough to be stuffed into overhead compartments on planes and trains. I was able to fit 1 large packing cube full of clothes, 1 small packing cube of underwear and other essentials, 1 toiletry bag with makeup and skincare supplies, and still had a little room ... full review
"Holds a lot!" - by kls
I am very impressed with this bag, thus far. I have only had it about a week, so we will see how it holds up to the weight of textbooks over time. It has excellent padding on the handle, straps, and on the back of the bag. I was concerned that it would not expand to fit my books and folders, but it has not disappointed! Once I stuffed all of my gear into it, it expanded to about 8” wide. The front compartment has odds & ends in it. The middle compartment has two 3 ring binders and a LARGE textbook in it. The back compartment has my iPad, several notebooks, and a wad of pens in it. Pics of all 3 compartments included. This bag holds A LOT! I haven’t even used the smaller outer compartments, and I fit a lot more in it than I thought I ... full review
"Perfect!" - by Alyssa White (Michigan)
Fits all my gaming needs! Have the newest Alienware 17, have a gaming cool pad, gaming mouse, and gaming headset all with all cords in the bag! Love all the padding and pockets inside. Was shocked and excited to see the power cord bag that came along with it. Even has the Alienware logo on it. Deserves more than a 5 star rating!
"Great bag for overnight business travel (ladies and gents)!" - by Lisa A. Hawkins (MD)
Yes, Ladies and Gents, you can travel overnight for business using this backpack!

I've seen reviews where men say they can travel overnight, but sometimes women need more "stuff" when they travel, so I am giving this review from the standpoint of a woman traveler.

I travel frequently and give presentations at conferences. This means I need "work clothes", something to sleep in, makeup, and street clothes. I also need a laptop, possibly a tablet, chargers, and what not.

I am doing this review from the standpoint of a business traveler.

Tons of room
Tons of pockets
You can fish your earbuds through the backpack and listen on the go
Airport security ready- just unzip at security and go on your way!
Sturdy, well built
Holds everything you need for travel

It gets a little heavy if its on your back and you have a lot of walking to do- BUT well worth it to not have to ... full review