Creamy Pasta

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In stock on June 1, 2020.
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"Disappearing in local grocery stores" - by Avid Reader from Boston (Cambridge, MA)
Hard to believe I have to buy these online and in such bulk but hey, they seem to be disappearing locally, stores will carry
McCormack brand which contains chicken stock which I don't want. This is the tastiest Bearnaise Sauce around. I first learned of it at Bartley's Burger in Harvard Square where I once indulged in my dinner date's French Fries which came with this. I asked the waitress how they made their sauce and she leaned in and whispered "Knorr"!
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"Love this stuff!! Makes a great easy meal" - by NCX (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania United States)
Love this pasta. Ever since all the stores around me stopped carrying it, i have been looking everywhere online and just recently Amazon just added this item and I am happy to be able to find this delicious easy meal again! Simple as measuring 4 cups of water, boil then add contents from the package let boil moderately for 12-13 mins. Simple fast meal
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"Betty Crocker Suddently Pasta Salad" - by Deborah Stone (California)
I just love this Creamy Italian pasta salad. I watch my calories very
carefully and by using just half the mayo, I get a wonderful portion
of tasty pasta and can add a meat and vegetable for a balanced
meal that is satisfying.
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"It's my daughters favorite and she was having a craving for it and ..." - by valerie
It's my daughters favorite and she was having a craving for it and couldn't find it in her home town.
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"These meals are simply amazing and delicious" - by Aaron C Ercole
These meals are simply amazing and delicious. They taste great, are easy to prepare, and provide a good amount of protein. I would highly recommend trying these pasta meals.
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"Great tasting Chicken Pasta" - by Amazongal
This pasta is my son's favorite. I ordered it to be sent to him in the air force. He can't find it anywhere around his area. He was so excited to get it. He ate two boxes when it first arrived. If you love pasta, this is the best and you really can't find it in any stores anymore.
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"Enjoyed Them!" - by Dorothea Smith
Love these shells. Will purchase more. Recommend this seller. D. Smith.
"SO EASY AND SO DELICIOUS" - by Judy in the skies (Matawan NJ)
This is so easy to make, and so good! I ordered it here because my favorite supermarket no longer carries it. I have always made my own macaroni salad from a family recipe, but we like this one even better! I followed one of the suggestions on the box and added celery and scallions. Yum! I make two boxes at a time so we have extra for the week.