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"Nice product" - by Maria N.
Nice product. The quality is better than what i think. It is really cute. There are a lot of options and ways to get creative. Waiting for my pictures and pens...Happy...This anniversary will be different.
"4x4 photo prints fit perfectly on the inside flaps." - by kikilolli
This product is awesome and so fun to decorate. The box itself is put together. You just add stickers and embellishments (included) and photos.
"Cute memory box, Easy to use" - by RyanTT
These boxes are really cool, even if you aren’t the most creative person. I Purchased one for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and put pictures and cheesy little items In it. It looked great and it was a hit! Something different and a nice keepsake for memories.
"Great converter with coaxial/component/HDMI output that allows recording of OTA programs to a flash drive!" - by Daniel Lewis (Troy, NY United States)
I just needed an antennae and converter box for an old analog TV when my cable service went all-digital, which this device handles, but I was very impressed with all the built-in features. Even though I'm using it in a basement room, the small antennae pulls in most of the local channels -- as many as a much more expensive antennae I'm using upstairs. Of course, my analog TV doesn't have HDMI input, but it's nice that this can be connected that way as well as by component or coaxial cables. It can play TV and movie video files and even record an OTA broadcast on a flash drive!