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"Hold up well" - by Rockster (Illinois)
We play Hand & Foot and Sevens from Heck in a card group here at the lake. Our cards are always wearing out. These are a good buy for replacement decks as they wear out. They have held up well and I like to keep several decks in the cupboard when we need them. You can go to the dollar store and get decks of cards, but they are thin and don't hold up. These are better quality and last a lot longer.
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"but they a good set. My grandkids play a lot of card ..." - by Flossy (Kentucky)
I'm not going to get to excited about playing cards, but they a good set. My grandkids play a lot of card games that require multiple decks so this was great for them and the price was very reasonable. Also work great in an automatic card shuffler.
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"Really good cards for the money, but don't expect them to be the best you've ever handled." - by Stephen Mahanes (Hyattsville, MD)
Decent quality inexpensive playing cards. Perfect for a nice Texas Hold 'Em or Blackjack set.

-lots of decks so you can rotate them out as the cards wear.
-precisely enough for 2 shoes of blackjack.

-not quite as high quality as some competitors. Cards are plastic-coated. but I wouldn't subject them to a bend test.
"66 year old eyes need Jumbos" - by S. Meyer (Coeur d'Alene, ID USA)
I love the JUMBO cards. My 66 year old eyes can't do the STANDARD cards anymore. We play a lot of Hand-and-Foot which takes 7 decks. I have to get them in quantity because a single deck is so expensive.
"I love these cards" - by Lynda Forbes (Denmark, TN United States)
I love these cards. They are thicker than most cards and they last longer. I go though an average of 12 decks a years. There are about 50 people in our group that play Hand and Foot, so I refer all of those people to your site to purchase their cards and shufflers also. So I know we go through at least 36 decks total per year. I would love to have a 12 pack set of your Medussa Elite Black and Gray Cards, but you just never have them in Jumbo Index, which I must have.
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"Great cards but overrated........" - by cache76
I definitely am not a card expert but sure am a card enthusiast. Bought a few cards recently from Amazon and would like to leave my feedback. I bought Fournier EPT plastic cards, Copag plastic cards, KEM Arrow plastic cards and Bicycle Prestige cards. Off all of them i like the Fournier's best. They have a substantial feel, very thick and you can feel the quality. Dont know why KEM's are considered the best but these, to me atleast, are better. The KEM's are very thin in comparison. Also the cards are slippery but not on your hands. They have a very rough texture so holding them is very comfortable but the cards glide over each other effortlessly. These are made in Spain. The KEM's i found are similar in thickness and texture to the Copag's. The Copag's have the best packaging, very neat. They are made in Brazil. The ... full review
"Fantastic cards" - by Dale Ross M.D.
The cards are very well constructed and hold up well over vigorous use. My cards have been shuffled and bridged 1,000's of times already and show no signs of weakness or problematic edges. They are quite slick as compared to a paper-based deck, but use and familiarity for a new user can quickly adapt to ensure these are a comfortable and enjoyable product that will be expected to last. Fully support and recommend these cards.
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"Great Cards That Don’t Chip!" - by Narada M.Burks
I have a weekly poker game with some guys who are pretty rough with cards. Bending them and such. Past cards I’ve had would always eventually chip or break very often actually. But these have held up pretty good. Still going strong after a couple weeks. I’ll be ordering a few more packs very soon.
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"perfect single or limited use cards" - by Giovanni Nocturna (Gulf Coast Florida)
These cards are smaller and less durable than 'official' size cards. But also much less expensive than high quality playing cards, and perfect for one use cards, such as 'poker run' cards - they fit in #3 coin envelopes perfectly. I have used them for years for this purpose, while they would not stand up to serval hands of cards, they are perfectly adequate for situations where a durable card is not necessary. Highly recommended.
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"good" - by PZ
The quality of playing cards is very high, and friends like it very much.
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"Great product" - by Lauryn Grace Spell
I love these cards. They look really cool. They are really good quality. No defects. If you want a deck of cards you should definitely get these.
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"Great for classroom math game use!" - by Shannon
I'm using these for a math game in my classroom. Take out all face cards, and split the remaining 40 cards evenly between 2 students. Each flips a card onto the table, numbers up at the same time. The first that answer the sum/product correctly first gets to keep the two cards in their stack. Person with the biggest stack at the end wins the game!

The cards are holding up to heavy use by 6th graders. The jumbo numbers make it easier for them too.
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"strong, durable cards!!" - by hunter bailey
sorry about the poor video quality and my shakiness :( first video review so I was pretty nervous but a video was the best way to demonstrate how the deck works :)

bought these for practice in use of card flourishing (cardistry). I cant tell you how they work for playing card games though lol. ill go through the pros and cons of this purchase.
- light weight
- water proof
- stock is 100% plastic
- extremely durable
- they dont come with a single case for transportation, so you have to take the cards together or just leave them without a case*
- the case they come with doesn't lock or anything it just kinda sits on top*
*both of these aren't really a big deal but it would just be nice to have
I bought these because the price was right and I had heard that plastic cards are good to practice card flourishes with, ... full review
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"Best cards ever!" - by Oma Becker
Best playing cards made. I remember when we had to "dust" cards with talcum powder so they wouldn't stick together when dealing. Not so with the surface on these cards! They are easy to read for young and old players.