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"... this on my one year old daughters hair with excellent results. Her hair is very thick and very ..." - by Lady Yvonne (Texas, Cameron)
I use this on my one year old daughters hair with excellent results. Her hair is very thick and very “curly”. We have no breakage and no tears with this product.
"The perfect non-drying mousse" - by barbara margolies
I was introduced to this product by a co-worker and I really want to know where it has been all my life!! I have 3c/4a/4b texture and it separates my curls PERFECTLY. Before this mousse my wash and go was never really a wash and go. I would have at least 5 steps. This has cut my styling time in half (only 15 to 20 mins) and my hair lasts for at least 3 to 4 days. When I need to refresh I re-wet my hair and add more product.

I also like that it is cruelty free. It doesn't leave my hair dry and it has great hold. Amazing amazing product.
"shine and just be overall beautiful as this wonderful product" - by Bridget
Ok....I have never ever used anything from any brand that made my curls clump, shine and just be overall beautiful as this wonderful product! I will say a little goes a long way because even after 3-5 days later when I wanted to refresh at night with my water bottle....I didn't need to add more product. The smell is divine. The consistency is that of a satin like jello. It's not firm like an edge control (though it may appear that way in my pic). I would recommend this product for all hair types; I'm in the 3 b/c family and my daughter is 4 a/b. In the pic I did a twist out with the product on washed and conditioned hair but as I was applying the product my curls looked so juicy I wanted to do a wash and go.
"Wonderful for curly and wavy hair!" - by Chelsea
My hairstylist used Design Essentials products on my hair ever since I was child. When I cut off the remaining relaxed ends and went natural this past June I went on Amazon to order the detangling shampoo because I was spending 30 minutes plus just detangling my curls. Combined with the other Design products it cut that detangling time in half and I couldn't be happier. A life-long Design customer!
"Love it" - by Nicole
My all time favorite! This light spray provide so much shine without weighing down your hair. Perfect for all seasons.
"This is one of the best products I have used on my naturally curly hair" - by Margaret Law
This is one of the best products I have used on my naturally curly hair. I wear my hair natural and am ALWAYS trying something new to help with frizz, fly away and dryness making my hair look dull. Design Essentials takes care of all of that.
"A Spa for my scalp" - by JL
Excellent product. Leaves my hair thicker and moisturiser. Love the invigorating feeling to my scalp so I leave it on a lot longer than 5 minutes. Smells great. I never looked forward to washing my hair, but I do now. It makes detangleing so easy and feels like a spa day for my scalp. So now instead of washing my hair feeling like a chore, I just feel pampered
"Great Product" - by Amazon Customer
This product is AMAZING!!! After using it my hair was very manageable, soft, and healthy. I highly recommend this product for women who are transitioning or is fully natural.
"Beyond Awesome" - by Barbie85
This stuff is amazing!!! I went natural late last year and spent a few months trying to find something that would keep my hair moisturized. I love how it moisturizes my hair without leaving it greasy, and it stays moisturized for days. If you're natural, this product is a must.
"Five Stars" - by Tatiana M
LOVE this product. Since switching to this brand I have noticed less breakage & shedding. My hair is healthier, softer & more manageable
I was hesitant to buy this product due to the cost and the fact that I normally use kiddie detanglers. This product was great and I recommend it because when I used it on dry hair, it did not flake. I purchased it because I recently started using this line of products, specifically the coconut and monoi milk and gelee. The smell is amazing. I have very thick, curly mixed hair that tangles easily [mostly because I don't comb thru and tie up my hair most nights] I saturated my hair with this and waited about 15 min. I was able to brush thru my hair with a detangling brush. The product gave great moisture, no flaking, great smell and added shine. It absorbs well, which is important to me because I hate the transference onto my pillow and therefore my face. I would highly recommend this product. I ... full review
"I am SOOOO happy to have finally found something for my hair" - by Kimistry
I am SOOOO happy to have finally found something for my hair. This stuff works great. I'm black, but I have at least 4 different textures in my head. This one addresses each one. My entire family uses this now. This line of products in combo with a hair steam has turned my hair from dry and barb wire feeling to silky smooth after just 1 use. LOOOOOOVE IT!!
"Great setting lotion!" - by L.T.
Great setting lotion and it doesn't leave your hair flakey. It works well for wrapping hair. It smells nice too.
"It Works Well!" - by Eldona
This product is very good for natural black hair! It makes it curl, especially if you wear twists or twists-out. Also try their "curling cream" (the exact same title as this but remove the "stretch") for super tight curls!
"Thumbs up" - by Amazon Customer
Gets the 4c hair down just makes sure after you use it you tie down your hair with a scarf trust me it makes a difference