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"Great stability, very clear camera, easy to operate" - by tracylynn (Kentucky )
Much better than expected!
This took all of 10 minutes to assemble. Super easy and really clear instructions.
I've had a tiny bit of drone experience with small ones that only last about 6 minutes in the air. This one says it will last like 15 minutes but on less than a half a charge it ran for 15 minutes.
I love that it came with two batteries and two extra motors plus the extra blades.
This drone would be great for beginners or experienced operators.
My husband got it out and was flying it with ease. Its so steady and it was a little windy and he still was able to keep good control of it even when the battery got very low.
The camera it comes with takes amazing pictures, i used my phone, once i downloaded the app and connected it to the drone, and set the pictures to 720p. I recommend buying ... full review
"Fun micro drone, excellent for beginners" - by Musicandstarlight
I got this for my teen daughter because she once crashed one of my other drones and she refused to try again. So I wanted her to have her own. What we found was a drone very easy to figure out and easy to use. The remote was less bulky that my other drones, compact and the controls far easier to reach. It requires 3 AAA batteries.

The drone easily fits in the palm of your hand and I liked that the propellers were completely encircled by plastic guards. Why? Well, I have crashed it twice and the prop guards fully protected the propellers each time. It also come with 2 USB charging cords, 3 batteries and some miscellaneous spare parts. I found that we got just over 7 minutes per full charged battery.

One of the interesting things about this drone that I ... full review
"Buy this! You wont be disappointed." - by Brandon H.
Phenomenal performance. I bought this one for a present but it wasn't going to arrive in time, went to Wal-Mart and picked one up and gave it as the present. We played with it for a bit, it was alright. Came home and this one had arrived so I charged it up, the difference is night and day, price was the same.

I've been flying rc aircraft for 8 years, so far this drone easily maxed out my skill capacity and there's still more to learn about it. BEST PART, my wife who has no experience at all can fly it and land it flawlessly.

Great design, high quality so far and perfectly clear instructions, you can tell the manual writer spoke English well! Cones with tons of spare parts, thank God. This is my first break into the drone world and im very impressed.

P.S. tried ... full review
"Highly recommend!" - by Nicole Boring Joseph Kruse
This drone surprised me! I Was suprised at how durible it was for the low price.... I can’t wait to give it to my son for his birthday! Thanks!
"6yr old niece can fly it well" - by Andrew H. (Harrison county WV)
My 6 yr old niece can fly it well. 4 yr old nephew does OK. Much safer then my husban x4 for kids, rotor guards seem durable and hides blades well.
"My son's favorite drone toy" - by angela
This drone is my son's favorite gift. This drone is very good, very light, flying fast and very well controlled. I have taken the children to the sunset park to play in the past few days. Machine, I heard them happy laughter, I feel very happy. I highly recommend this drone.
"Great Toy" - by GrammyJ (Arkadelphia, AR)
I originally wrote a negative review for this toy....I have to take it all back! This is a wonderful toy, just follow the directions. First, there are little screws holding in the toy. The screwdriver is under the toy with the charger. The directions fail to tell you this piece of information. You will break the toy if you try to remove it without removing the screws. Charging and calibrating were cake and the drone flew well afterward. Our grandson will enjoy this. My husband and I were thinking of buying another for ourselves!