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""Just Corn"" - by DONE
"Just Corn",
I have always enjoy eating corn may it be corn on the cob, canned corn and creamed corn. So I had to try freeze dried corn
and I am adding guess what another style of corn to diet. They are sweet but not to sweet not overly crunchy either can be addicting but a full bag of corn is better for you than a full bag of salty fatty chips. So this a great snacking alternative nothing added "Just Corn".

I will buy again and again.
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"Be advised: This is cracked hominy NOT whole hominy" - by TD (USA)
Buyer be aware that this is NOT whole dried hominy; it is not a fault of the product. This is cracked hominy. It is supposed to be cracked as it cooks faster (it is used for example to make cachupa/munchupa). If you want whole kernels you have to find a package that says whole hominy corn or giant hominy corn or whole posole.
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"Five Stars" - by RT Kendall
Great for Panamanian Tamales
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"Really yummy~" - by Marly (Florida)
I love the flavor...the corn is super sweet...I love that it's non-GMO because it's very difficult to trust most corn
that is out there. I tasted it dry right out of the bag...and it was delicious...I then thought I'd try it rehydrated...so I put boiling water on it and let it sit for awhile...It rehydrates very well...But I think I'd add the kernels to other
foods...soups, maybe in a vegetable casserole...I put the opened bag in the freezer to keep it dry and fresh...Great as a snack... better than popcorn which is impossible to find non-GMO anyway...Corn is high in lysine which is anti viral...so I enjoy eating corn and sometimes I actually crave it..Happy for this purchase...Only negative is that the package arrived with a lot of "dust" in the bag...perhaps where the corn had gotten mashed and powdered a bit in shipping...but still most of the kernels were whole and ... full review
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"Excellent for cornbread freshly ground" - by Breaker Morant (California)
Using a Krups GVX1 which is currently quite inexpensive at a big box store it grinds a bit finer than standard cornmeal but it makes an excellent cornbread with a wonderful aroma using the below recipe. Also makes a great hot breakfast cereal: milk:cornmeal 4:1 with a tablespoon of brown sugar per quarter cup of cornmeal - whisk in when the milk is warm to just hot and then bring to a boil stirring constantly; it's done when it boils, just let it sit for about 2 minutes covered.

REAL CORNBREAD (modified from Shuck Beans, Stack Cakes, and Honest Fried Chicken, The Heart and Soul of Southern Country Kitchens)


4 tablespoons of butter
2 cups of coarsely ground yellow cornmeal (best if freshly stone ground)
1 teaspoon salt (optional)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
1 1/2 cup milk or buttermilk (best with buttermilk)

1. Heat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
2. In ... full review
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"Greatest Stuff Ever! Not Just A Side Dish!" - by Shirley M. Baff (Philadelphia, PA USA)
Don't think of this as only a side dish...soak in water or milk overnight and add to stew, soup or cornbread. When adding to cornbread I cook it first. If you like adventure don't follow the package recipe all the time. Cook it on the stovetop and add real butter, sugar, brown sugar, ground cloves. cinnamon, oregano, basil, pre-cooked onions or peppers or garlic or all, and different flavored peppers. In other words dried corn is a great food base for creating other incredible side dish foods. Once the incredients are cooked fairly well, add more butter, stir and simmer all day. I much prefer stove top cooking rather than baking because the deep rich nut-like flavors are much more intense. Always have dried corn on the holidays and don't hesitate to add it to stuffing for the bird.
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"Five Stars" - by Andrea Lopez
Fast service two years in a row. Would definitely order again.
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"Belmont vs "Inca's Feeod" brands" - by binary (Alaska)
Compared to "Inca's Food" brand, these kernels are more plump. The pericardium (pointy end) on these is darker as well, suggesting a completely different type of corn.

Roasted up, these have a more neutral flavor. They are somewhat chalky compared to the Inca's brand - Not normally a desirable taste, but worth a try in my opinion if only to compare to the two brands.
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"Excellent product and excellent value!!" - by Glamisman
We received this item in the expected time frame and it was well packaged. The expiration date on the bags is 2016 and the product is of excellent quality. These are much fresher than anything we would buy in the little Latino market near our house and with free delivery, we are saving $1.50 or more per bag. My wife is from Colombia and she uses this to make her arepas. It is basically a thick corn tortilla and it is a common staple in Colombia. This is like having a little piece of Colombia in our home in California at all times. I will definately be buying this again when we get close to running out.
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"Awesome" - by RHL
My hubby used to live in Peru and had them down there. Glad we could find them. Perfect great appetizer for a crowd!!
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"Works great for making arepas from scratch" - by M. Prieto (Florida)
Worked GREAT for making Arepas. Leave soaking overnight then simmer the next day for 3 hours till soft. Grind this corn in a meat grinder and then maybe add a tiny amount of water if it's slightly dry. Make the patties and grill them slightly on a grill pad. I freeze the arepas and toast them on an arepa grill over our stove so both sides get toasty. They are delicious.
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"Great spicy peanut snack "These spicy" - by Luke.W
Great spicy peanut snack "These spicy, crisp peanuts are very very good! I really enjoy the flavor of these peanuts.
Try it, you will not forget it! Trust me.
The Szechuan peppercorns combined with red chilis and makes crispy peanuts irresistible.
So amazed, the Shelf Life is 6 monthes and the peanuts are sotraged in a plastic can.

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"Four Stars" - by Linda B (Fairfield, Ca United States)
I really loved it, but the price was way too HIGH!
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"I like Melissa's dried tomatoes" - by PitaKid (Phoenix, AZ)
I like Melissa's dried tomatoes, I have a recipe that doesn't come out well unless I use these, the grocery store stopped carrying them, so I ordered a case through amazon. Fantastic!!!
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"Best seasoning for a rib-eye I've ever used" - by Dg
Best seasoning for a rib-eye I've ever used, a restaurant in my old town uses it and calls it "The Ugly Steak" because it chars the steak. I use a generous amount on both sides and pat it in, let it sit for 15 minutes and then grill, pan sear, or broil my steak. - I buy the Original Hickory