Education Law

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"Good and informative book" - by Katrina R. Mcnair (VA USA)
Great read and I will end up purchasing this book once I'm finished with my P.H.D program that I'm in.
"Extremely Helpful Book" - by LawStudent
This book was extremely helpful in my Law Ethics Class. It clearly outlines the information and contains interesting facts to help retain the information. Never have I read a law text book, that was so explicit. I plan on keeping this book for future references in the rest of my career.
"I am a retired special education teacher and currently an ..." - by Sidney Wesseldine
I am a retired special education teacher and currently an advocate. I get this book out to assist me with virtually every case. It is one thing to know the law, it is another to be able to cite it.
"Thorough but self explanatory" - by Dollbaby
The book is very informative and breaks down useful information which is helpful when learning about education policies and law. The information is presented in such a way that the information can be put to use immediately. Titles, laws, and related cases are also provided in the text for each case.
"Five Stars" - by Andrea Steinman
This is an excellent text. Well written, interested case studies and scenarios.
"Great basic overview." - by Kellie Powers (Corbin, Kentucky)
Great basic overview of Special Education.
"Worth the read." - by Amelia
Provides an explicit, concise review of laws, decision-making principles based on law/court decisions.
"Five Stars" - by Sandy Smith
One of the best textbooks I've ever seen. Very well laid out, clear and concise, and logical.
"This book is good with explaining how special education laws started and why ..." - by Ms. B.
This book is good with explaining how special education laws started and why they are important to students, families, and schools, etc. It also has sections in each chapter that answer commonly asked questions.
"Good Book" - by jstucky
After having read several books concerning the special education laws I love this book. It is easy to read. It makes sense of everything. Best of all it is a fast read because the chapters are not full of too much material. JS
"I would recommend this for book for administrators" - by Amazon Customer
This book provides a thorough look into the education laws of Georgia. I would recommend this for book for administrators, teachers, and even student support staff.
"Very good purchase!" - by Denise
The book arrived in a timely manner. The content is outstanding. My scholarly paper submitted on April 1, 2018 included some of the most important information from this book. Very good purchase!
"Great resource" - by Amazon Customer
Very insightful. A must-have resource for teachers.
"Must need for any Student Affairs Professional!" - by Terri Marie
First, this book is provided by NASPA. It covers the core competencies that NASPA has outlined for professionals which is a must in today's world.

The writer worked hard at breaking down the barriers of language that often happens between Student Affairs professionals and lawers. The book is also written in such a way that can help any level of previous knowledge about the subject and can also be used for later resources as one needs it. The book is very easy to read and fun. Yes, fun. The writer does have some interesting jokes especially his opening Madonna one in the preface. I don't want to spoil anything, you'll just have to read it for yourself.
"Best higher ed law book!" - by Ata (Atlanta, GA)
I am not an expert in law, but I have an interest for education law. This book makes higher ed law understandable for everyone! Its content is up-to-date and very comprehensive (I was really surprised by the breadth of topics covered), and it's a must read for all higher ed folks! I'd also recommend this book as a course textbook. Such a high quality book for such an affordable price!