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"Great Product!" - by Gothic (Philly)
Item arrived faster then expected and it works perfectly with a set of studio monitors I had accidentally thrown away not realizing the still belong to something I owned. Thanks!
"A great way to reduce your electric bill" - by J. Witmer
This is a great little energy-saving surge protector, with remote. The remote operates the 4 energy-saving outlets that are clustered together on one end. The remote is very compact and works well. The two outlets on the other end are on constantly. These outlets accommodate larger plugs. The only reason for giving this 4 stars vs. 5 is that the other four outlets are too close together to accommodate larger plugs.
"Great thick cables" - by Dragon
All I can say is that I absolutely love these cables and if you are in need of these cable types, you should definitely consider purchasing these heavy duty ones. The cable thickness is great so you won't worry about it's durability and you shouldn't need to worry too much if any at all about cables being very hot where it is plugged in. Couple that with a good price and you've got a certified win.
"Looks good, functional" - by welder314
I like this because it's a bit more compact than a full size strip. Functionally no issues. Looks good. The cord is attached to the flat plug in a fixed location as in the picture. The cord is covered in a fabric sleeve that's smooth and shiny but soft, and looks slightly less industrial than a standard cord. One thing that would be nice is a way to mount it - the back has nothing. Double-sided foam tape works, though it's not as permanent.
"6-Foot Cord is a great idea!" - by Laurie Fischer
Happy to find this extra long 6-foot cord. A 3-foot cord wasn't long enough for the two places in my home where all the equipment is plugged in. Before the electric cords were pulled so tight they barely made it. Great idea for computer and media areas that do not have an outlet right near your equipment.
"Designed with the Consumer in Mind" - by Dutchrub (Pittsburgh, PA United States)
I bought this power strip because our main first floor outlet which had become a revolving hub of USB chargers. I thought it might be nice to be able to charge more than two things at one time, especially since some of the chargers come with large irregularly shaped heads. This strip allows for all kinds of plugs, and it has changed our charging station into a very efficient "Grand Central Station" of power cords. The six foot cord length is nice but unnecessary for our situation. Comes with a velcro strip to bind the excess up, which is a nice added feature.

A well-thought-out product. Very happy with this buy.
"Does not account for prong size" - by Anthony Calvo
The product is overall exactly what it describes and is at a good price. The only reason I give 4 stars is because I wish it made it more obvious that the socket end of the cable does not handle all prongs. I was hoping to use this to connect to my lights but because one prong ( the metal part) of its cable is larger it does not fit into the socket end of this cable. So make sure whatever you connect to has prongs of the correct size. Also just in case people do not know I would just like to put a reminder that most circuit breakers are rated at 15 amps while this cable is only rated at 10 amps. In general you should be fine, but check what you will use it for because running 15 amps through 10 amp cable is a fire ... full review
"Great Surge Protector with All the Right Features" - by Todd (Gaithersburg, MD)
I learned a hard lesson recently. A power transformer, well, blew up accross the street from my house. The surge took out two tvs, two surge protectors, a cable box and one Roku box. The Belkin surge protector failed to stop the surge. Everything that was turned on and plugged into that surge protector got fried. A UPC surge protector did stop the surge. This surge protector is now trash though.

After I recovered from the shock of having to spend well over $1,000 to replace my equipment, I decided to do some research. One of the many things I learned is that surge protectors wear out over time and need to be replaced. Needless to say... I'm on a mission to replace every surge protector in my house and a few at work too!

This is the surge protector I've settled on for my ... full review
"Electricity flowed correctly" - by c.j.travis (Tennessee)
The cord fit into my device and provides sufficient electrical current for the device to function properly.
"This is the travelers best friend! Seriously an amazing product" - by idesign
This is the travelers best friend! Seriously an amazing product. I travel with a ton of electronics, and this is the most awesome travel companion I've found. You only need one adaptor plug for wherever you are in the world, and you can charge 6 devices with ease. The USB ports work flawlessly. I ran a 230W laptop with an HTC Vive setup using this, and it worked great. It's seriously light weight, and compact compared to carrying multiple USB chargers. If you use USB devices, just buy it. Some of the best cash I've spent. Oh yea, build quality is simply untouchable in the adaptor category. What are you waiting for, buy it. I don't leave many reviews-- so the fact Im leaving this one should tell you something.
"Exactly what I needed to get power into my home" - by Busy Executive (Long Island, NY)
My home has a 30A transfer switch with an exterior L14-30 120/240 volt connector, and I use this cable to connect to my portable generator. The 50 foot length gives me the flexibility of putting my generator in my driveway and is much more convenient than shorter units. The cable is well-made, very rugged and looks like it will last forever. You definitely need one of these to connect your generator to your home.

Definitely recommended.
by GE
"Buy!" - by Gabrielle P.
I first measured out how long I needed the cord to be so that I wouldn't have extra cord laying around. Then I use my wire-staple-gun to secure the cord to the wall neatly.

And last I use double-sided-sticky-Velcro and I placed it on the back of the power adapter so that it would hold in place on the wall.

Came out very clean!
"PE6U2 good surge protector (500V Protection Rating), convenient USB charging, and often on sale for ~$10 -- a great deal" - by MJ
APC 6-Outlet Surge Protector 1080 Joules with USB Charger Ports, SurgeArrest (PE6U2)
I Purchased two on 2017-11 for $9.88 each, and purchased one more on 2018-02 for a net price of $10.87 after coupon.
This has a 500 Volt Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) across all 3 pair of conductors (Line to Neutral, Line to Ground, Neutral to Ground). That's not as good as the best 400 V rating I've seen on other surge protectors, but still good (I've seen 600 and 800 V ratings also! Lower is better). There is no sticker on the back indicating it's been independently tested to comply with UL 1449, so I assume it's just designed to the 500 V level per UL 1449. On the back of the box it says "APC recommends using the let-through voltage (ANSI C62.41) to determine a surge suppressor's performance." I concur! Let-through voltage was ... full review