Energy Resources

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"Excellent, informative read" - by ChezAndrew
The author is clearly an authority on this topic and explains complex principles in an interesting and illustrative way.
"Read it twice" - by sk13rmom
Great introductory to energy, very clear explanations of the energy industry. Easy to read with supporting photos. Loved the book!
"This detailed explanation about the pros and cons of energy ..." - by Kevin (Winston Salem, NC)
This detailed explanation about the pros and cons of energy and our dependency on it is thought provoking. Using this lecture to inform how we look at energy policy, energy companies, and sociological implications in my opinion should be taught to all people who use energy.
"Five Stars" - by david fitzgerald
responsive and accurate sale
"Glogal Scievce" - by Jeffrey B. Mccann
As always the book was in very good condition at a good price. Amazons customer service department is always very helpful and, curtious.
"Good case study usage ." - by Joe Crandall
This book is structured with different authors writing individual chapters. Examples from state and private sector actors are used. The book is a good introduction to some of the problems and opportunities presented in the transition to distributed generation and upcoming distributed storage.
"Need a textbook for how to build green? Here it is!" - by Abe J. Degnan (DeForest, WI USA)
I've loved Carl Seville as The Green Curmudgeon for some time. Oh, and besides that, how can't I love a book co-authored by someone named Abe? But beyond that, there is the wealth of knowledge in this book.

It reads somewhat like a textbook, and that is exactly how you can use it. If you are unfamiliar with green building and need a starting point, this is it. Or, if you already know a lot about it and want to know how to implement some things -- take it to the next level -- look up that specific subject, and you will find the help that you need!
"Five Stars" - by Bobbie1421305
"Some errors in the index but content is excellent." - by Cameron Brown
A broad-reaching and thorough examination of asteroids and methods for their exploitation. Some errors in the index but content is excellent.
"Basic Overview" - by Edward J. Barton (Bothell, WA )
A basic overview of the limits and opportunities presented by solar power as part of strategies to meet global energy demand. Covers biomass as well as PV and passive in a short 30 minute read.