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"Worth the money" - by Zane
Easy to use. Doesn't have all words (Spanish or English), but gets the job done. Sometimes you have to choose a synonym in your language to find a comparable word in the other language.
"This book is jam packed with useful phrases for you to memorize" - by craig cothren
This book is jam packed with useful phrases for you to memorize. Also, the words for every items in a house are also provided. It is a must have book. The CD that comes with the book is a must to listen to. Do that and find Spanish people to talk to and you are on your way to speaking Spanish as fast as the language can be learned I think.I have no finanical interest in Berlitz but just like the way they get you talking.
"Very convenient, and includes pronunciation too!" - by Terry Kelsey (Spring Valley, CA USA)
I ordered this for my boyfriend, who works in music with a lot of Spanish-speakers. It is helping him learn, leaps and bounds, and the convenient size makes it handy for keeping in a pocket, so he can get it out while they are playing. The guys wanted to know if they could get the same thing, but for learning English!
"The only thing that worked for me in 7+ years of learning." - by nopenowaynohow
I took Spanish in high school and nearly failed. As an adult, I've been trying to learn Spanish for 7 years. I've tried Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, FSI courses, an online course at a local college. Nothing has ever worked for me until this book.

I initially purchased this book for my Kindle in 2015 and ended up buying a physical copy as well. I made it about 40% of the way through the book before life got in the way and I stopped altogether. Fast forward to 2017 where I took a trip to Mexico City with some friends. I didn't really study or prepare as I should have. I didn't practice at all. And yet I was still able to cobble together sentences thanks to what this book taught me. Not just "one beer, please" and "where is the bathroom?" I had a conversation with a lady who asked my ... full review
"works for me in terms of completeness" - by Winter
I have at least 6 different Spanish-English dictionaries and some are special purpose like ones for construction and "Costa Rica Spanish" and the hit rate on finding a word I come across in them is about 75% except for the Christopher Howard Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish where the hit rate for me has been about 25%. With this dictionary my hit rate so far has been 100% and this included the very obscure (for the dictionary editors at least) word taller that all my other dictionaries translate as an artist studio but the New World adds the usage of the word for a garage or repair shop.

Not very compact for travel but I am tempted to buy a second copy and tear it in half and take only the Spanish to English section. It is a Castilian Spanish dictionary so many words used in Mexico, Central, and South ... full review
"This dictionary is a perfect tool for the adult student I work with in ..." - by C. M. Hoffman
This dictionary is a perfect tool for the adult student I work with in the Literacy Program at our local library.
"not what I needed" - by Denise L.
I found I needed a much more "basic" Spanish/English dictionary for use on my mission trip so did not use this one, but am keeping it for future reference. I probably needed a pocket one, nut did not want super small print. Next time I will find out more specific information of my needs before ordering.
"This is a great book for those native Spanish speakers who want to ..." - by TASHA
This is a great book for those native Spanish speakers who want to learn how to speak English more. In here, you will know the most frequently used words for daily conversations. This will enable you to focus on learning the necessary words in order to know how to communicate using this foreign language. This is very suitable for travelers since knowing how to speak English can help you interact with people more and will definitely come in handy for certain situations. I highly recommend this.
"Learn Spanish with this book, Today!" - by Shawn Gray
Finally a Spanish-English dictionary that actually contains the words I am looking for. Plus, the book is small (paperback) so it travels well. If you are an English speaker who wants to learn Spanish, get this one. Best learning strategies: Watch Spanish speaking shows on youtube with the captions in Spanish as well. This will give you a better interpretation of the meanings and allow you to look up the words on your own. Also, I use this book to read news articles from Spanish speaking countries online. Very helpful!
"Excellent choice" - by gramatt (Streamwood)
Perfect dictionary for those who need to talk to one another who don't know each others language. I got this for my son's wedding because his in-laws only spoke Spanish. Really helped me. I highly recommend this dictionary.
"Quite a good reference -- we seem to find more words we ..." - by LRZW
Quite a good reference -- we seem to find more words we need here than in other reference books -- as my homeschooling daughter works on her Spanish translations.
"Review" - by M. Scott Siegel
As an acquired Spanish speaker for many years now having live in Spain during my youth, I find this a great reference for anyone looking to become a medical interpreter. However, I agree with other reviewers who have previously stated, that there are too many grammatical errors encountered throughout due to lack of proofreading or scrivener's mistakes, who can say?
"It worked great." - by Andrew Michalewicz
I needed this fast for this is the Dictionary for STAAR that is allowed. It worked great.
"Exactly what I wanted in a pocket dictionary" - by BangorBill (Bangor, ME United States)
I have four Spanish-English dictionaries, and I use this one more than all the others put together. This is my first "go to" dictionary. It has all the information that I need 97% of the time. Not only does it have the needed definitions; it also has helpful usage examples and idiomatic uses for many of the entries. In addition it has conjugation models for regular and irregular verbs--something missing from most small pocket dictionaries. This is a true pocket dictionary, small enough to fit in my shirt pocket (unlike some fat volumes marketed as "pocket" dictionaries). And this volume is beautifully made: good quality paper; print that is sharp and small but not too small; and it comes inside a rugged soft-plastic slip cover. The cover says "28,000 words and phrases--the everyday vocabulary you really need." And that is true! You ... full review