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"The 5 Star Stand" - by Cathy Healey (hawaii)
Been looking a long time for just the right TV stand.... Found it. Got it in the driftwood color...beautiful. It's a sturdy piece, and was easy to put together. It's not real wood, but it's textured to feel like it, and no one will tell the difference. Got a 55" on it with pleanty of room to spare. Great looking piece, would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade from those standard black TV stands we all had, or for the larger flatscreens 55"-60". This ones a 5 star for sure.
"Perfect!" - by Dude
It's very difficult to find a well-accomidating entertainment unit under 17" tall that's still big enough for everything. This was only one of two that I found that I actually liked.
The assembly instructions were very easy to follow, it slid right in place on the back brace with ease, and ended up being very easy to make sure it's level and flush thanks to the length of the bar.
I was worried that the receiver would not fit, but it actually fits perfectly flush! It's like they had that in mind when they designed the thing. That's 17.25" wide if anyone is wondering.
Not to mention it looks very sleek! Perfect addition to the home theater while de cluttering all those cables.
Oh, and I ordered mine used from Amazon Warehouse. Perfect condition, no scuffs, all tools included. Even if there were scuffs South Shore will replace those pieces if you contact them ... full review
"Gets the job done, mostly." - by Shizuru
I actually bought this to store my paperbacks, because the stuff out there billed as "bookshelves" are way too deep for most of my books. Plus, having doors means less dusting shelves.

+ No need to nail anything. The back board slides cleanly into the slots along the side boards.
+ Very slick handle-less doors. There's a spring/magnet mechanism that gets the doors open and you can play with it all day if that's your thing.
+ Oh, and I just love how the doors slide in. No hinges to deal with. None!
+ The shelf dividers (5 included) are a nice touch. They prevent stuff on unfilled shelves from falling over.

- As the other reviewers have pointed out, if you're using it to store anything bigger than CDs, you will only be able to use 4 shelves (2 fixed, 2 adjustable) and be left with 2 adjustable shelves sitting around.
- Doesn't come with ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Assembly was a bit challenging but cery sturdy and offers great storage!
"Lol 😬 Oops 😬 I love this piece and hope it holds up for many ..." - by Amazon Customer
This console was delivered, we started unpacking the pieces to put it together and there were two boards inside that were bent and cracked. Reluctantly, I thought I was going to return the piece but I was really hoping they could just ship out the two broken pieces. However, once we were deep into the directions & putting it together, I realized that the two pieces were put in the box to prevent damage to the actual console. No damage to the console itself ... Lol 😬 Oops 😬
I love this piece and hope it holds up for many years.
"I LOVE THIS UNIT" - by Chica (USA)
I LOVE THIS UNIT. Exactly as appears in the photo. As a single female, it took me two days to assemble. You MUST have a power drill, an electric screwdriver will NOT work. The wood is solid, vs. veneer over chit board. A note though, make sure to look at all your shelves BEFORE you install them as I had one that the grain was burled (circles) vs. traditional (lines). Would've been fine if I had noticed and used that one on the top, above eye level. Otherwise it is a gorgeous unit that I have gotten nothing but compliments on.

Also, someone here posted about a flaw with regards to "bore holes"... Upon examination of the wood elements, that's PART OF THE DESIGN, not a flaw. In addition, the metal is a deep java with some 'gold strips' on some of the ... full review
"but this turned out to be very sturdy and it looks great" - by sadams1011
My daughter saw a fireplace TV stand in a furniture store that cost double what this one did. I was very nervous about purchasing this because MDF/laminate/particle board furniture is often a cheap and disappointing venture, but this turned out to be very sturdy and it looks great. The "wood" is textured, not smooth like a lot of this type of furniture so it looks more realistic. It took a long time to assemble but it is very sturdy and it's holding a very large and heavy 50" TV. The fireplace has 2 settings (heat and no heat) and my daughter loves falling asleep watching the flames at night. I wasn't sure how it would look in her bedroom but it looks great, and now my husband wants one for our bedroom.