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"Amazing quality!" - by jcunatco
LOVE this doll. Purchased for my daughter for Christmas to go with a new doll cradle. Was a little hesitant since it’s not a cheap doll but well worth it! This doll is played with and slept with daily and still looks amazing!!
"it is perfect in every way" - by Tracy (SACRAMENTO, CA)
My 11 month old grandaughter loves this doll, it is perfect in every way!
"Adorable for older babies/toddlers/kids" - by Hannah
This is adorable but my 8 month old likes to chew/suck on the doll's feet. They choke her bc they fit perfectly in her mouth/throat. I'll definitely save this for her to play with when she's older, but it isn't a good first doll like I hoped. Completely an oversight on my part.
"Perfect for little doll lovers and babies first baby" - by Brittany
I bought this for my 2 month old daughter as a gift from "Santa" so my 2 older kids wouldn't think she was forgotten. I went with this doll because its smaller than the traditional dolls and soft. It arrived exactly when it said it was and although it doesn't look 100% like the picture, it is so cute and I know that once shes a little older she will love it. As for now, since she loves having something against her when she sleeps, I let her hold it while napping (supervised). When she's a little bit older I will buy the boy one too!
"but my grandbaby loved it!" - by Felicia
The doll had a string that was loose in the neck, but my grandbaby loved it!
"I'm a big fan of the Melissa and Doug toy ..." - by Nikki M.
I'm a big fan of the Melissa and Doug toy line. We have a lot of their products because they hold up well. Mariana is a very cute doll. My niece loves putting her in a shopping cart and taking her to the "store."
"Definitely a must have for little girls" - by A2Z
I purchased this doll for my niece. It was one of a few gifts we got forcher on Christmas.. Well she absolutely loved the doll, coincidentally my niece had on PJ's almost identical to what the doll was wearing, and that doll now pretty much lives in my niece's arms.
"Sweet and Snuggly" - by Anders Nana
I wanted to buy a first baby doll for my 11 month old grandson and this has proven to be the best. He takes the doll out of the pea pod and points to the eye, mouth, hands and hair. He loves to feel the softness of the fabric in the pod. He puts the baby back into the pod and hugs it. His favorite toys are trucks and cars and books but this little toy has become one of his favorites also. This is the best baby doll for a little boy. Thanks!!!
"Very light complexion" - by San (Atlanta)
The doll is very pretty but I ended up returning her because of her complexion. I wanted an African American doll but this doll is very light. She looks more mixed race.
"So cute!" - by MaineMama
This doll is adorable! She's perfectly styled, my kiddo instantly knew she was baby Moana, and she just adores the doll. It's holding up very well to lots of toddler affection and still looks great a few months later!
"Five Stars" - by connie
Absolutely beautiful, my daughter is so happy with this doll..