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"Good product" - by reeseh68
The wheel looks brand new, fit perfectly, unfortunately it was a little bent, but still is much better than my bent one it replaced. That being said I would still recommend this, good product and very fast shipping I got mine in 3 days.
"Perfect replacement." - by Mariam
The wheels arrived packed very nicely in double boxes and packing materials. Looking over the wheels, they match perfectly to the originals. Color match is perfect. After mount and balancing they turn true and ride completely smooth. I would definitely buy them again if I need another replacement.
"Excellent shipping Will use them" - by Amazon Customer
Essentially a new rim with very minimal defect-would have not been perceptible if not marked, Excellent shipping Will use them again
"Ford dealer says these are far better than the original lug nuts which can separate" - by Thomas F. Boyd (Littleton, CO, US)
Ford dealer says these are far better than the original lug nuts which can separate. Plus Ford charges an arm and a leg for replace with inferior lug nuts.
"If it matters, remember to buy some chevy logos ..." - by Rick Hankins (Celina, TX)
If it matters, remember to buy some chevy logos for the center if you want these to match the factory ones.
"These are pretty good!" - by R. taran
These are not too bad, better than the bare wheels that my E-350 had when I bought it. They are a little flimsy and I did glue the chrome plastic center cap on as others stated that it may fall off.They installed with no problem and seem to fit well too. Not too sure how they will do on the front wheels after there are several cycles of wheels heating up from braking, time will tell.
"Spare Tire" - by BT (STAFFORD, VA, US)
This was exactly what I was looking for. I feel more secure to have a real spare vice that flat fix it kit that originally came with the vehicle.
"very pleased.. last cap i bought for my van ..." - by steven mccarty
all 4 caps i ordered came promptly, and fit snug... very pleased.. last cap i bought for my van was from the ford dealer, and it was $90 for one!... plus, after a couple years, the spring tension gave up, and i lost it on the road somewheres... grrrrrr
"Fit 2007 Saturn Aura XE" - by Mitch Scherer
I ordered these to replace a damaged original. They fit my 2007 Saturn Aura XE. The original GM wheel covers were more than $100 EACH. The style isn't exactly like the original but I like the chrome finish more than the original silver. They don't have the Saturn logo. They are thinner than the GM wheel covers but not much. I had to push them against the wheels to engage the nuts. I tightened them just enough to engage the bump locks on the plastic nuts against the bumps on the wheel covers, enough so I couldn't turn them by hand. I didn't want to strip the plastic threads.