Fancy Nuts

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"Look No Further" - by Ken (Two locations)
The are the best nuts bar none, except possibly the finest of the fine gourmet nuts. But these are superb.
"Good Nuts" - by Cole Crawford (RIO RANCHO, NM United States)
These have a good fresh taste. Each of the nuts have distinct tastes. I don't miss the salt at all. To me, it seems to bring out the natural sweetness of the nuts. I am definitely going to buy these again
"Fresh tasting nuts" - by A. England
Fresh,tasting peanut free nuts. Excellent energy buster.
"Very Pleasantly Surprised" - by D Smitty
These are absolutely the best I have tasted! They nuts taste as if they came right from the roasting process, packaged, and then delivered to your door. Just the absolute best!
"Flavorful mix" - by Goat girl
Wish it had fewer Brazil nuts and more pistachios, but then, I'm a huge fan of pistachios. And Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium so I will eat a few here and there. The nuts taste fresh and are generally salty enough for me. Good munching if I'm hungry after dinner because the protein and good fats are satisfying.
"Wonderful" - by Samuelle B. Goulds
This tray of nuts is the best ever, it has every nut I like. Since many people have their favorite nuts, this tray worked great at a party where there was a nut for everyone. I'll buy these many more times for parties or personal snacking.
"Fantastic time" - by Alnimer
A very enjoyable moment we spend having delicious thing such as these fantasy nuts.
"Fresh & Yummy" - by kimberly m.
We ordered the round assortment, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, honey roasted peanuts and candied pecans. They were all really good, fresh, crunchy and came in a nice box. It has a sturdy plastic container with a secure lid, so you can keep them fresh longer. Pleasantly surprised :)
"Good" - by Packer Backer (Green Bay WI)
The best mix with the pistacios but they stopped putting pistacios in this mix .Their new mix is still good with big cashews and always fresh but I love pistacios and miss them in it.
"Not full of peanuts!" - by GeezerWench - MizzRick (southeastern PA, USA)
I like this brand of mixed nuts because it's not full of peanuts! According to my husband, there are too many almonds, but he usually picks out the cashews anyway. Of course, there's a lot of almonds.

I think it could use a touch more salt, but that's just my personal preference.
"My favorite mixed nuts and hope that Costco get them back ..." - by patty nikolewski (La Habra, CA United States)
My favorite mixed nuts and hope that Costco get them back in the store at the store price. It is my "go-to" snack
"Great to have this mixture of nuts for a healthy ..." - by Amazon Customer
Great to have this mixture of nuts for a healthy snack. The nuts were flavorful and did not smell old like many packaged nuts I get from grocery store.