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"My kids love them." - by JKT (Iowa, USA)
My first-grade son loves these books, as did his brother when he was in the first grade. It is because of these (and the Magic Treehouse series) that my son now claims to "love" chapter books. This is a real win. You can't go wrong with this set of books, good for young boys or girls equally. However, this set does come with a set of paper dolls, which admittedly is traditionally more girl-oriented.
"Excellent book" - by Rebecca Sampson (Myrtle Beach, SC)
This is an excellent book to get and read to your child before the first day of school. I am a first grade teacher and plan on using this book to read and record for my students to watch the night before.
"This is wonderful" - by Nadia Branch (Baltimore, Maryland United States)
The lessons are short enough so they aren't a struggle, but they create a sense of accomplishment in her so that she feels accomplished. Wonderful!
"Top Notch!" - by wahhm
Its an excellent supplemental addition to our homeschool regimen. The discs that came with it make it easy to grade completed work. Its a great tool for spotting areas that we need to rehash as well. Plus I will be able to use the workbooks with my younger two.

My oldest is in kindergarten are she is able to follow these workbooks really well; the questions are a excellent balance of challenging and achievable.
"Read to Kindergartener" - by read 'em (Chicago, IL)
I read this to my grandson, the first grader, and although he enjoyed it, I felt it better suited for a kindergartener going into first grade. It worked great as a discussion tool on how things are done in other schools. For instance, in his class, first graders do not receive a snack outside of lunch; they do not have a class pet; and he does not take the bus to school, but is chauffeured by his cousin--which is my personal preference.

I still rate it 5 stars and suggest buying it before child enters first grade that way it becomes a keepsake because of the anticipation it builds in the youngster.
"Great for kindergarteners!" - by ivet lozano
My son loves these so much he just pulls them out on his own. He loves that he's learning these words in class and gets excited when he is able to read them. This boosts his self-esteem and gets him excited about reading. Which is what we want! :) Cute little stories too.
"I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no ..." - by J Irvin
My 7 year old son loves this series despite himself! He picked up and read an old Junie B book that was his older sisters one day and burned through it in 1 day. It was his first chapter book that he read independently! I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no thanks - that these are for girls. I ordered a set anyway and left them in his room and sure enough, he read them! It's our little family secret. :-)
"Practice,Assess,Diagnose:180 days of Math for 1st" - by Janie Mendez
This book provides 1st students with 180 daily practice activities. Each page builds and assesses student's fluency in math especially since first is the foundation that a child needs for state to strengthen them for future testing.. Each Students gains skills through the practice and allows the teacher to quickly, diagnose students weakness and begin intervention.Kid then graph own learning and look forward to improving on skills. Great visual for both parents and kids.
"We enjoyed reading it the night before the first day of ..." - by Amazon Customer
Such a cute book for starting first grade. We enjoyed reading it the night before the first day of school.
"I read her books when I was younger and enjoy sharing them with my first graders" - by Holly Ann
Junie B Jones is a classic. I read her books when I was younger and enjoy sharing them with my first graders. She is spunky, funny, and isn't afraid to tell is like it is. I like how Junie presents herself, it allows one to teach students how not to act in school. I use these books for my higher readers in first grade.
"Exciting, Educational, and Easy to read aloud to kids" - by BabyWrangler (FL, USA)
I learned about this series when my 5 year old son picked up a set at Costco and another mom walked over to recommend them. I bought the set at Costco and we enjoyed it so much I quickly ordered this set from Amazon. The books are exciting, with interesting illustrations, and have been a great introduction to chapter books for our family. My kids get so into the story, I've been able to start and finish each book in one sitting (my kids aren't reading chapter books themselves yet). It takes about 30 minutes for me to read through the story out loud, stopping to peruse the pictures. These stories stick with the kids. For example, we reenacted the dinosaur scenes in our yard, with each of us playing a different part. I also took the opportunity to point out a magnolia tree in our neighborhood to them, after ... full review
"Looks really good I would also like these for the summer between grades" - by cc
Looks good I would also like these for the summer between grades to prevent having to catch up. First grade common core curriculum hit us like a ton of bricks.
"this is the best in my opinion" - by Richard
I'm 79 and I learned out of these books. My daughters also and now my grandchildren. Can't begin to tell you how many endless hours of pleasure learning piano has brought me throughout my life. If you're going to learn how to play, this is the best in my opinion.
"Princess Posey's First Book" - by Deidre Marie Kotz
My daughter is in first grade and has recently become an avid reader. I saw this book on a recommendation by Amazon due to some other books I had bought her. So I purchased it and gave it to her for Easter. She quickly devoured it and moved on to book 2 in the series. She liked the story line and it was an easy read for her. Highly recommend!
"Pleased with this order" - by S
Ordered for my first grade Grandson. Received quickly. Pleased with this order.