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"This actually comes as a booklet which is so cool. If you're list crazy like me then you ..." - by Jewell W.
This actually comes as a booklet which is so cool. If you're list crazy like me then you can separate your lists by notepad but still have them all in one place. It's amazing because although I make electronic lists, I still feel the need to jot things down and this is perfect for a scatter brain like myself.
"The sayings are right on target" - by PhillyJaxs (Philadelphia, PA)
I gave this to a friend as a gift since she was moving to another one of our office locations. I have to admit I almost kept it for myself because the sayings are so right on. The pages are strong and laminated. My friend has placed it in her cubicle which has attracted co-workers comments.

It's a great office gift and so well priced. After writing this review I going to purchase it for myself.
"Exactly what I was looking for. I have not ..." - by Angela Landeros
Exactly what I was looking for. I have not experienced any issues and did not have to buy special staples. It's just so stinking cute and fits my desk decor perfectly.
"Fun Office Supply" - by Nicole S. (GARNETT, KS, US)
These are super cute and functional. Can't beat that! I can't wait to start circulating them around the school I teach at.
"Puuurfect for any cat lover" - by rahutsell
So I have been using my cat stickies for a bookmark, I gave a set to a friend at work (as there are 3 packs in a package) and she’s been putting them on lots of things in the office to remember to go back and look at. They’re adorable and just make me happy
"Stick better than expected!" - by Tac-P
These are super cute and their stickiness is much better than I expected. They are wide enough to write on just a little - I use them to categorize cash, so I can fit something like "$30 - dinner" easily on the sticker.
"Worth the investment" - by Cecilia Lorraine (Portland, OR)
This notepad is totally worth the investment. I am a teacher and constantly find myself making to-do lists on sticky notes. This pad helps me organize my tasks better and makes me more productive. It helps for me to visually sort what I need to get done, especially ordering it by level of need. I could just make categories on an ordinary sticky note, but as a teacher, time is precious and I have a lot going on - it's worth it to have it organized for me. Definitely recommend!
"So Cute!! Great office fun!!" - by SG (Texas)
So cute! I love them! Great office fun!!
"Funny!!!!!" - by L. P. OROURKE (AKRON, OHIO United States)
Anyone who likes dog photos will enjoy this selection of dog emoji photos. It is funny. My secretary loves this. There are some practical features too, like photos that state "at lunch" or " on break" for those busy days where communication is stretched.
"Great little foot rest!" - by Kelly (Shepherdsville, KY)
This is great for anyone that has to sit for long periods of time. I ordered the foot rest because of height issues taking a toll on my legs and back due to my chair adjustments, but this has an added bonus in that it will slide back and forth while you sit at your desk.
Foot rests I've had in the past have always broken easily but this seems to be heavy duty and I just don't see any of that happening here. It feels very secure and solid and hasn't moved around under my desk at all.
If I had any wishes at all it would be that it was possible to adjust the height of the entire foot rest but that's just my wish. I am still totally pleased with this and it's still 5 stars in my opinion because it's not in the product specs that it ... full review
"Easy Assembly - Sturdy too!" - by Linda L. Harroun (CASA GRANDE, AZ, US)
Wow! This was so easy to put together with their unique pins that snap in place. Sturdy as well. I'm using mine to hold paper plates of different sizes on top and plastic ware in the drawer below. It's perfect. I will seek this brand out when I'm in the market for something like this again, because of the quality and ease of assembly. Wonderful.
"Mr. Buzzinsky" - by notmyname (South of Andromeda)
They work reliably & they're loud enough. We use them for a classroom gameshow & students really get into it. Each buzzer takes 2 AA batteries, but you need a tiny Phillips screwdriver to open the battery case (here's one I buy: Fun to press one as people sit down.