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"this is seriously next level fun! "" - by Barbara J. May (Roseville, Minn)
I gave this as a gift to an 18 year old who had just graduated from high school and who will be starting school for electronics. He blew up my email all weekend telling me what a fabulous gift this was. His words were "Oh my God, this is seriously next level fun!". He keeps sending me pictures of his "inventions" with the kit. Apparently, this thing is a blast. If you really want to make an impression with a gift, I have to recommend Snap Circuits. I'm going to buy another one for my college age son today.
"It's not super engaging for a kid who isn't already super engaged ..." - by Space Kabooms
I bought this for my 9 year old daughter to try and get her more into STEM projects and it's a little bit intimidating as a first dive into the field. It's not super engaging for a kid who isn't already super engaged in this stuff. The snapboard is fantastic, and the pieces are great. The projects are interesting, but again, as much as it pains me to admit, its not gonna grab the attention of every kid.
"What a great item" - by Big Max (Washington)
Got this kit to begin explaining electricity to my 3.5 yr old granddaughter. Of course, it is capable of experiments way beyond what we'll be doing, but the simplicity, clarity, durability, and general design of this board make it fantastic for explaining how and why lights work, switches, magnets etc. I was surprised at the depth of instructional materials included. It's listed for 8 yr olds and up, and it would be great for those ages, but the design is such that it's good for much younger kids too.

I've had a lifelong relationship with electronics in the hobby universe, and I can really appreciate the forethought and work that went into designing and implementing this kit. The snap concept is great. The reversible motor with the fan/flying saucer is wonderful. Using the motor for a generator, and having a meter to see low level effects will be fun. I worked ... full review
"Fun and educational for all ages!" - by CH
What I like:
-the wide age group. I've used it with young kids and older adults...who all think it is fine!
-Different colored parts to help with assembly
-wide variety of projects
-ease of "snapping" items together
-bigger instruction manual which outlines what is occurring in the circuits.
-provides many opportunities to learn
-materials appear well-made and fairly durable
-takes 2 AA batteries (some other kits require batteries that I don't have around the house)
-easy to clean up

What I don't like: *note these are super nit-picky and very minor*
-the box does not fold together easily. The opening on the side is awkward and makes it difficult to completely close or open (if its closed all the way). I usually just leave it partially closed, because the parts are tight enough in the box they usually don't fall out (though they have fallen out once or twice) when I went to grab it for the next time.
-there are no ... full review
"Great gift!" - by Christianna R.
I actually bought 2 of these. One for my daughter and one for a close friend. Our friend loved that it was different- not one of the top 3 most gifted items for her twin boys. The boys and my daughter were very excited to get started making things and see how the circuits worked.
Great kit with real toy shelf-life. One of those toys that lasts and lasts. I am very, very impressed with how engaging it is for my five-year-old AND my three-year-old. The 5'er can work through the projects from the manual by himself because it is so well written and illustrated. The 3'er works alongside him because she still needs the assistance with translating an illustration to the creation.

As an engineer, I was worried that they might do something if left to their own devices that would damage the product and I am pleasantly surprised that this toy ENCOURAGES that type of experimentation. If you reorient the fan, the blades turn a different direction and air blows forward. If you turn the LED around it lights a different color. Hours and hours of different attempts.
"Fun and imaginative toy" - by Niki M
Another good buy for my 10 yr old girls birthday gift. About a couple different snap rovers can be created with the circuits provided. A lot of fun for boys and girls alike who like to let their imagination soar. However, batteries ( does not come with the set) are pricey and when on the go, the noise is a bit aggravating. All said, my daughter loves playing with it.
"Snap Circuits Lights" - by Dee
Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! THis is such an awesome kit, hooking things up so that the lights work or putting it together & hooking it to a music source has been so fun for our son. He loves this set, got a smaller kit last year from his Aunt & this just adds to his interests!!!
"Son's favorite "toys"" - by Amy (Raleigh, NC, United States)
My 4.5 year old son loves snap-circuits! He started working on them with his dad, and then started designing his own set-ups, which he likes to take to school for show-and-tell. Although they're most appropriate for slightly older kids, my boy has been obsessed with electronics since he could crawl, so if you have a pre-schooler who is similarly excited by electronics, I think any of the snap circuits sets would be fun. We have 3 sets so far! Now, if only snap-circuits could teach him to read....
"End less fun" - by Sheryl Eggers
I bought these pop beads for my 4 year old granddaughter. She plays with them everyday. Just bought her another set. Love them!?!
"Excellent product, but..." - by Amazon Customer
If you have the funds available I say "go big". My four year old loves this set and can obviously grow into it. For now, my husband instructs her where to put things (following the instructions book) and then he briefly explains why it works or what makes it work. I realize she is not going to retain the knowledge yet, but I share that info with you because the book does not explain the why/how. You will have to study circuits or know about them if you are using this as an educational tool.
Side note: Kills batteries quickly. Definitely get the power adapter.
"Great Mind Stimulator" - by Arbed
My grandson LOVED his birthday gift. He had no troubles following the detailed reference book and enjoyed creating his own systems. I'm thinking of getting another set to add on for Christmas.
"Better than others" - by Kate (Denver,Pa)
This is a very nice set of pop beads. I have seen other sets but they did not include rings. It was a gift for my 3 year old niece and she loved it