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"Very fun party game" - by Candace (New York, NY)
At first, my family was apprehensive because it was a new game concept, but once we played a couple rounds it was a hit. We played it over the week of Christmas (multiple times). There are enough categories in the box (double-sided on the cards: a red side and a yellow side) that you can take out the ones you played with the previous go or flip them over. Some of the categories weren't specific enough for us, but we just made our own rules on those cards (keeping the 5-sec rule in place). You can always set your own rules as long as everyone agrees on them first πŸ˜….
"Fun and highly recommended" - by AZ girl
Lots of fun. They are right you can usually get through 3 things but 5 takes some thinking. This is highly fun and recommended and came quickly. Love it.
"Fast-moving fun game" - by Beth M
This is a fabulous card game, it's like rummy, but with 5 suits of cards instead of four. The rules of the game are simple, and it's easy to pick up, yet the game is challenging, as each hand has a different wild card. Starting with only 3 cards dealt, and 3's are wild, you play rounds up through kings (13 cards, kings are wild), and jokers are always wild. The game moves quickly, and is addictive. A person can be behind all game but still win in the final round. This game was recommended to us and we are really glad we tried it.
"Fun game, Squandered license opportunity" - by Amazon Customer (Huntington Beach, CA United States)
I played and quite enjoyed 5-Minute Dungeon at a friend's house. I bought 5-Minute Marvel and thought the license would be well worth the price of admission. Instead, I cannot help but feel like it could have been so much better.

Bottom line: fun game, but I wish I would have looked at the cards included more carefully.

Includes some well-known fan favorites: Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Rocket and Groot

Missing heroes: Thor, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch (Wanda), Ant-Man, Gamora, Dr. Strange. Heck, I would've even liked to see Hawkeye or Vision over some of the unknowns that did get included.
Mysteriously *included* heroes: Medusa, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel and the best/worst: Squirrel Girl!?
"simple but fun" - by Sarah J. (Iowa)
This is a very simple game, but the kids have a lot of fun with it. It scares us every time. Very simple to put together and play. A good choice for younger fans of FNAF
"Got 5 minutes to spare?" - by Saintshields (Lisle, IL, United States)
Finally!!! I've been waiting months for this game come out to stores. I regret backing it on kickstarter last year. As I expected, it was loads of fun and easy for beginners to join while also refreshing for board game old timers like myself.

If I had to be picky about it, I guess that the box sold in stores is awkwardly shaped and the cards get messy and disorganized on the table the closer you get to the end. There are also some very "broken" combinations of classes that make this game too easy, which you can just avoid all together for a better challenge.

Also, I did notice that there are less cards and bosses compared to the kickstarter version. I hope that those are available as an expansion soon.

Overall, an easy game to learn, a quick game to play, and fun for new and experienced gamers
"Fun for everyone!" - by Brenda Wilson
I got this to help me with the "car game" I play with my grandkids. I can never think of enough questions to ask them, so these cards will help immensely. I may or may not introduce it to them as a board game, they love answering the questions while we ride in the car.
"Great family game" - by Ben K.
A great game and a variance on 5 second rule. Played at family reunion. Very fun.
"Check your edition of original catan game" - by Friendly redwood (Bellingham, Washington)
Product is exactly what I expected however check what version of the original game you have. I have the Mayfair edition so the cardstock material is a bit thicker on these than my edition and the designs are different. Doesn't negate from the playing experience however just makes explaining harder than it already is haha. Very happy I bought this! Fun to use even if less than 5 people
"Five Stars" - by sandra danielle brelaz
So amazing game my daughter love it we play a lot
"My Students LOVED This Game" - by Traci πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ‘œ (Florida)
At the time of this review I taught "regular" first grade students. My students were on various levels (Pre-K through 2nd) when it came to reading. One of the most difficult tasks of teaching can be making learning fun. I found this game on Amazon and thought it might be a good addition to my small group teaching time (after a structured lesson). The result? ALL of my students fell in love with this game. They would often ask to play it during their small group reading time if we had time left at the end of the lesson. There are two sides to each card; however, even my students who were below grade level could use the "harder" side of the card. The key part of this is to have the students read the word (or try to read the word) ... full review
"20% strategy, 20% economics and 10% luck and 50% addictive." - by Amazon Customer
1. Perfect to introduce yourself or other to gaming.
2. Not that long.
3. Simple rules.
4. Luck based
5. I recommend to buy the expansion immediately
"It is easy to teach to newcomers and has so many different ..." - by Ashley Stephens
My husband and I have really been enjoying this game. The artwork is really well done and the sheer number of components is insane.
In this game, you are using meeples to move across a grid of tiles mancala-style, trying to capture a number of meeples of the same color. The different colors represent the different abilities of the meeples (red are assassins and can remove a meeple off the board or from a player's hand, white are elders and can score points or help pay for Djinn cards, etc). If you are able to remove the last meeple from a tile, you get to claim it and it scores you points at the end of the game.
It is easy to teach to newcomers and has so many different strategy angles that it hasn't gotten old yet.
"but the adult game is too advanced and not exactly my favorite game. Jr Monopoly surprised me in how much ..." - by Brenda Lang
My 6 year old grandson loves Monopoly, but the adult game is too advanced and not exactly my favorite game. Jr Monopoly surprised me in how much more fun it was to play, the game moves along quickly and he could could easily be banker and understand how to play the game. It does lay the foundation for playing the adult game very well. Even other family members who do not enjoy Monopoly, enjoyed playing Jr Monopoly and seeing how much fun a 6 year old had playing it too. An excellent learning tool as I am always looking for fun educating games for my grandchildren.